Ysora Kilgannon

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Ysora Kilgannon
Baroness Crucible
Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter
Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter
Spouse Eamonn Kilgannon
Offspring Asha Kilgannon, Lady Baronet of Crucible
Full Name Ysora Evain Maritus Kilgannon
Titles and Styles Baroness Ysora Kilgannon of Crucible, of the Isle of Guardians
House House Maritus
Father Lord Ambrose Maritus
Mother Lady Justina Soranus
Born February 1 480 (480-02-01) (age 38)
Gwencalon, Caerdach, Guardians
Occupation Baroness Crucible
Purist: Path of the Mother
Biographical Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Eye Color Pale blue
Hair Black

Ysora Maritus arrived on Gateway in the fall of 504, seeking to acquaint herself with court life and make connections, in hopes of being made her father's heir to the lordship of Gwencalon on the Isle of Guardian. She succeeded in quickly becoming a well-known face around Gateway, making many friends among nobles and commoners alike, and acquiring not a few admirers. Among them, Eamonn Kilgannon, Baron of Crucible. The two married in mid-June, 505. Around the court, Ysora is known as a cheerful and friendly lady, with a ready smile and an easy wit. She is also cousin to the stern Soranus family from Ethos, on Draught, though whether or not she shares their Purist leanings is a matter of debate.



The second of four children to a long line of Marines and traders on one side and a rigid mother raised as a Lady of Ethos from Draught, Ysora was a spirited child determined to follow the military example set by her Lord father's people. She was briefly derailed by the death of her mother and some time spent on Draught, but in the end it only reenforced her desire for all things clattery and violent, with a side of alcohol. Guardian was home, and she was all too happy to return there.

It was all going according to plan until the matter of the bloody weresharks. Ysora did not so much walk away from the incident as cling desperately with her good arm to a plank and managed not to drown. Even a return to Draught was too late to giver her back full mobility - her left arm is a twisted wreck and she still walks with a limp. But the Soranuses did at least force her to seek out a return to a productive path.

That path has led her to Gateway in order to try out a new career journey. Master the more elusive elements of trade. Her original intention to become Lady Gwencalon never did quite come to fruition, though, when she instead became Baroness Crucible.


Immediate Family

Eamonn Kilgannon, Baron Crucible, husband.

Asha Justine Rosemarie Kilgannon, Baronet Crucible, born May 19 506, daughter

Hugh Kilgannon, Lord of Crucible, born May 508, son

Ambrose Maritus (deceased), Lord Gwencalon, father - died May 506

Justina Evain Soranus (deceased), mother.

Grear Maritus, elder brother.

Portia Maritus, younger sister

Leon Barca (deceased), younger brother, called Little Bear. Sniffle.

Linette Barca, Baroness Caerdach, sister-in-law

Extended Family

Athar Soranus (missing), Baron Ethos, cousin.

Ravelle Soranus (deceased), Lady Baronet of Ethos, technically cousin, but more like a sister.

Helena Soranus, Lady of Ethos, cousin.

Karyleine Codex, Lady Codex, cousin.

Bastion Soranus, Lord of Ethos, cousin.

Tiege Soranus (deceased), a cousin of her mother's family

Joshua Dhaval, Lord Meritas, another cousin of her mother's family.



Why so Cheerful, Ys?


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