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"The female of the species is more deadly than the male."
Rudyard Kipling

As the youngest full sister of Trahearn Conway, Wilhelmina Annora Conway was perfectly content to live and one day give her life in service to the legions of Guardians. Enlisted at the age of fifteen and assured that succession was never to be her fate, Mina adopted the legions as her mother and loved them just as dearly. While some women fell away to do womanly things, she hungrily pursued new lessons in war and tactics and promotion followed. There was no lover who could devour her heart more hungrily, or woo it with songs more sweet, than her military career. Through distinction and honor, she ascended the ranks. The day she was promoted to the rank of general, however, was her finest. Life was clean. Simple. She would live by the sword and one day — if fortune favored her — find her Good Death and be buried along her ancestors in Trebachas as a hero.

She, alongside several of her fellow generals, leaned on the side of the Barcas in the civil war. While never disobeying orders that came down from her nephew, Eadric, and never officially declaring a side, she certainly found enough slack in the proverbial rope to do as she saw fit. During her time as general, she earned for herself several smaller, but notable victories. But once the war was over and the dust settled with Aaric Barca in control of the isle, she promptly swore her allegiance to the new ducal crown. The transition to the marginally less complicated peacetime handling of the legions given her by the Duke of Guardians proved far less interesting than wartime exercises, but she paid them the attention they were due. When Aaric Barca ordered her to march three legions into the beleaguered barony of Trebachas -- her late brother's barony -- in the wake of the Morien Massacre, she did not hesitate.

After the death of Jenoch Morien, dark-skinned failure that he was, Wilhelmina reestablished order and peace. With the aid of Lady Tel Girade, Mina settled the tribal populations and stabilized the capital of Tel Girade. And then Aaric Barca had to go and ask her to be baroness, upsetting all of her plans to die at a respectably young age. She accepted for duty's sake alone and accepted her honorable discharge from the legions.

Fortunately, it is Trebachas, a barony known for the short lifespans of its nobility in recent years. She could find that Good Death yet.

IC Timeline

October 30, 471. Wilhelmina Annora Conway is born.

February 15, 486. Wilhelmina enlists in the Legions of Guardians.

December 499. Wilhelmina is promoted to General of the Legions.

October 25, 506. Wilhelmina marches three peace-keeping legions into Trebachas after the demise of Jenoch Morien and his wife, Siobhan Conway (Wilhelmina's niece), Vivane Triloch, and Jamilah Morien.

December 28, 506. Duke Aaric Barca requests that Wilhelmina take residence in the capital.

January 11, 507. Wilhelmina leaves Guardians after establishing the means to command her men from Gateway. Several of her closest staff, including Praefectus Selkirk Mowbray, are entrusted with the day-to-day management of those men.

March 28, 507. Wilhelmina is formally elevated to Baroness Trebachas and, after twenty years, is honorably discharged from the legions.

May 1, 507 — June 7, 507. Wilhelmina is charged with procuring the missing Lord Twisted Forge and her former trainer in the Legions, Mardaeus Aureli, and presenting him at court. She readily accepts, and spends over a month scouring the lands surrounding Twisted Forge. When at last she finds him, gravely wounded and held captive by bandits, she enlists the aid of several former legionnaires to slaughter the group to the man and return Mardaeus to his manor to recover. After ensuring his safety (and help mount bandit heads on pikes in front of the manor), Wilhelmina returns to her own barony to attend to a few matters and proceeding to the capital a few days later.

July 8, 507. Wilhelmina returns to Trebachas to prepare for the annual ducal procession.

July 17, 507. Whispers abound after the Trebachan fealty swearing ceremony, where Wilhelmina dispenses with the prescribed oaths and her substituted wording fails to include the name of the duchess, Shayne Barca.

November 11, 507. Wilhelmina appoints Selkirk Mowbray, formerly of her general staff, as her baronial chamberlain.

July 19, 508. With three legions in tow, the recently-reinstated General Conway marches into Caer Cathartha to see to the delivery of Aaric Barca's demands to the Nitesci. Tribune Lorric Kincade is among those under her command. When they refuse to acquiesce to his demands, she launches a three week campaign to annihilate them. She leaves no survivors, save one captive.

September 13, 508. General Conway presents her captive -- Algar, Chieftain of the Nitesci -- to Duke Aaric Barca at the Ovation he holds in Gwencalon to celebrate the victory. She receives a wreath of myrtle leaves and an honorary by his hand, 'The Nitescian', as a mark of her triumph over them.

October 23, 508. Wilhelmina has the pleasure of killing a demon in defense of Aaric Barca when their hunting party is attacked in Caerdach as part of the aftermath of the Great Schism. She also loses a borrowed horse to a stray arrow from Charlotte Noir during the battle, leading to the start of a beautiful grudge.

October 23-30, 508. After receiving disturbing news from her tribune stationed in southern Trebachas at the time, Wilhelmina Conway makes a grueling ride to the encampment with Lady Venator Cynara Dhaval at her side. It is once she arrives that she learns that an entire cohort has been lost in the swamps of Fen March after hearing rumors of those swamps giving birth to monsters and swallowing whole villages whole. She calls for the immediate evacuation of Fen March and Whispering Reeds, losing the southern half of her barony in all but name to whatever monstrosities took to roaming it.

June 3-6, 511. After a wedding battle held in the capital of Tel Girade, Wilhelmina's wedding party moves south to Castle Trebachas. There the woman was wedded to her husband in a private ceremony conducted by Duke Aaric Barca with very few present. The wedding reception, after number enough had dined, seemed to devolve into a reenactment of the wedding battle of Tel Girade. Gwyneth Dukane in particular was seen encouraging and leading the fray.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil
for I am the meanest son of a bitch in the valley.

Joel Rosenburg

  • Wilhelmina's war mantle is decorated with two wolf pelts, a head sitting upon each shoulder. A variety of rumours abound as to how she came by them, ranging from the mundane to the elaborately and patently ridiculous.
  • Wilhelmina is sometimes quietly referred to as the Butcher of Caer Cathartha by the people of Dun Artan, especially those with tribal sympathies, for her slaughter campaign against the Nitesci people.
  • Wilhelmina does not like boats. While not frightened by them, she certainly does avoid traveling by them whenever possible.
  • Wilhelmina is sometimes called ol' Blood and Thunder by her Legion buddies. This amuses her.
  • Idiots do not amuse Wilhelmina. The world is full of idiots, morons, incompetent oafs, fools, and a hundred other synonyms that all mean 'stupid people'. Unfortunately, this means that she is rarely amused.
  • All people can be categorized into one of the following groups: 'Useless Idiot', 'Useful Idiot', or 'Not Idiot'.
  • There are whispers that Wilhelmina purchases puppies for the sole purpose of punting them off the ramparts of Castle Trebachas whenever she gets frustrated. This is a story that changes depending on the teller. Sometimes, it's stewed kittens.

Nobility of Guardians
Preceded by
Siobhan Conway
Baroness Trebachas
507 – Present
Wilhelmina Conway of Guardian
General of the Legions
Baroness Trebachas
Rule March 507 – present
Investiture 28 March 507
Predecessor Baroness Siobhan Conway
Heir Presumptive Lady Caroline Conway
Spouse Sion Conway
Offspring None
Full Name Wilhelmina Annora Conway
Titles and Styles Her Excellency, Baroness Trebachas
General Conway of the Legions
The Nitescian
Household House Conway
Born October 30 471 (471-10-30) (age 46)
Tel Girade, Trebachas, Guardian
Occupation Baroness of Trebachas
War General
Biographical Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Weight 140 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Roleplaying Logs

507-11-11 Welcome to Hell

508-09-13 Hail the Conquering Hero

510-09-19 You Don't Mess With The Conway Woman

511-07-03 Banquets, Brides, and Baronies


I will be here when you are gone
So I have the right to a power gorge
And I will be good at making bad
And I'll light the way for the fucking mad
I will defeat what I'm heading for
And I will be here for evermore
And I am the way of your empty shell
I want more than I am

'Cause I was made to fly
'Cause I was made to fly and you were made to die
But I was made to fly

I will survive 'cause I want more
And I will create a bigger war
And I will rule over and give you hell
And then you will do as I command
'Cause I will be here when you are gone
Yeah, I'll still be here when you are gone
I'll fill you with fear of a holy sun
I want all that I am

'Cause I was made to fly
Yeah, I was made to fly
And you were made to die.
Power Struggle by Sunna

Headstrong. What's wrong?
I've already heard this song before.
You've arrived but now it's time
to kiss your ass good-bye.
Dragging me down. Why are you around? So useless.
Ain't my Bitch by Metallica

Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums by A Perfect Circle

Duel by Bond

Do you ever get to the point
where you're going to blow up,
and you're afraid that if you blow up,
you're going to blow away
all your friends and all your co-workers?
I Want a Cookie
by Evolutionary Control Committee

Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me.
Guess I'll go eat worms!
Long, thin, slimy ones. Big, fat, juicy ones.
Ooh, how they wiggle and squirm!
Nobody Likes Me
from the How to Eat Fried Worms Soundtrack

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