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Wiki Resources

The Crossroads MUSH Wiki is a collaboration between the Staff and the Players to document the virtual world we share. Our In-Character world is a dynamic and evolving place, and only with everyone working on the project can we hope to capture the wealth of information our community creates. Players are encouraged to create a page for their characters and to help keep the world pages up to date. Some pages are protected to ensure staff review of information, but players are encouraged to propose changes with the use of +wikirequest. If you have a question that you don't see here, feel free to contact Arachne in game.

Wiki Policy

The following policies apply to all users of the Wiki:

  • The intent of this Wiki is to document the In-Character world of Crossroads, not to provide a platform for expressing opinions or harassing other players. Any modification of content deemed by staff to be hurtful or posted with the intent to harass may result in immediate removal of editing privileges.
  • Do not use the Wiki for information unrelated to Crossroads MUSH, with the following exceptions:
  1. Link Page: May be used direct readers to MUSH or general Roleplay resources
  2. OOC Community pages: There for having fun, do not have to relate to the IC world, but generally should contribute to the game playing community
  • Do not post Copyrighted material without permission of the copyright holder. Players assume responsibility for the content on their character pages.
  • Permission from ALL persons participating in a logged RP session must give consent to its publication PRIOR to the log being posted.
  • In-Game Admins will be responsible for any and all disciplinary actions. Wiki Maintainers only deal with Wiki content and helping Users on the site.

Important Guidelines!

Image Sizes: We ask that all players keep the size of their images (be they character, landscape, or other) to 150KB and below. The wiki does not have unlimited space and there is no reason for the majority of the pictures on the wiki to be larger than that. Yes, the uploader page says that it can accept a max of 2MB for files, please don't upload images that large. If you upload an image larger than 150KB, you will get a warning message stating that it should be smaller. While it is possible to upload larger images, if you get this warning, please reduce the size of your image.

If you do not have the ability to shrink or crop an image, contact Arachne and she'll help you out. We reserve the right to scale down images that are too large. There will be a few rare exceptions to the size rule, such as for game maps.

Image Types: Please use JPG extensions for your pictures. PNG files take up a lot more space and for the majority of pictures, they are not needed. The only time you should use a PNG file is if you have an image that requires a clear background, such as house crests. If you are uncertain about a file type or what to use, contact Arachne.

Character Galleries: We all enjoy putting up pictures of our characters and at this time we are not enforcing a limit on number of pictures, but please don't go overboard. Galleries should be limited to current PCs. Please do not create galleries for an NPC, a picture or two for them is fine. Staff also reserves the right to clear out the wikis of dead characters and those that have disappeared and been purged from the game. If you leave the game or your character dies and you want to keep the pictures, please save copies, they will not be left on your character page forever.

Unlinked Images: Images that are not linked to any wiki page will eventually be deleted. Please do not expect to use the wiki to store character pictures that you might use, or used to use. All unlinked images can be found on the Unused Files page. We will delete these files as is necessary. If you have uploaded a picture you do not want anymore and would like it deleted immediately, speak with Arachne.

Editing Requirements: Do not make substantial changes to pages in Category:Game Information without Admin or Wiki Maintainer permission. Corrections to typographical or grammatical errors are acceptable; adding or removing information or making significant layout changes are not.

If you make a change, and it is backed out do NOT re-apply the change. Note who reversed the change and talk to them or a Wiki Maintainer about it.

Set Up Information

Please see Howto: Create Character Pages to learn how to add your Characters to the Directory!

If you are the visual sort, we have provided a pre-made template page you can just cut and paste into your page, inserting the proper information. Template Wikipage. This is a great option for beginners.

For those who want it, there is a bare bones template available in a different style, but one used by a number of players. This one is customizable, but not for the beginner. As with the above template, cut and paste the code onto your page and edit the colors and whatnot as you like. You can find it here: Advanced Wiki Template.

We also have a template for those that wish to make up a page for your family or house. You can find it here: Household Template

Please break your content up into readable sections and paragraphs. Feel free to make use of Subpages when appropriate. View the source of existing pages for examples.

Add Category tags to the bottom of your pages!

Wiki FAQ

  • Q: I see something inaccurate. Can I change it?
A: Yes! If it's on a page that users can edit, please help us keep the site accurate. (The courteous exception to this rule is, of course, pages owned by other players. Remember to ask first!) If it's on a staff-protected page, let us know by submitting a +wikirequest.
  • Q: How do I submit a +wikirequest?
A: Type the following in game: +wikirequest <subject>=<request>. Please be as specific as possible in what you need.
  • Q: I'm really bad at doing this, will someone make my wiki page for me?
A: Creating a wiki page can feel a little overwhelming if you've never done anything like it before, but we've tried to make it easy. Read the how to files linked in the above section. We provide easy-to-use templates and we encourage players to branch out from that, if they want something more customized.
If you are having trouble, even after reading the help files, contact Arachne and she'll help you where you might be stuck. She is more than happy to offer assistance in an area you might be stuck, but she will not do all the work for you.
  • Q: I found an image I want to use, but it's too big or I need it cropped. I don't have the means to do so, can someone help?
A: Sure. Contact Arachne and she'll be happy to shrink down an image for you or crop it. She will not, however, keep a copy of it for you, so once it is uploaded, make sure you grab a copy for yourself if you want to make sure you have it saved.
  • Q: Can I add a link to another website?
A: You may add to our Links page if your linked site is of general interest to roleplaying games or MUSHing, or provides an alternative OOC venue for players to gather. Advertising for specific sites is not permitted from the links page.
You may link to personal websites of interest, including other games you play, from an OOC section of your character's page. Staff reserves the right to remove offensive links.

Wiki Formatting Help

The Wiki markup language is far more simple then HTML, which is not that complex. Below are some links to Wiki resources, please remember that it is always best to start simple and work your way up. You can also look at the pages on this site to see how things were accomplished, even protected pages allow users to view the source.

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