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Alastor Rashaverak Thanthalteresco Vindarten Zecht


For most individuals in the Gateway Empire and beyond, little information is readily available pertaining to Alastor Zecht. One might wonder whether this is because he has no great claim to greatness .. or whether there is a darker reason for all this secrecy. Perhaps one wouldn't even bother to dwell on such a quandry, though. Regardless, there are a few bits of information those on Gateway, and elsewhere, might be privy to. Mr. Zecht is at least known to be a Master Mage (of at least the Illusion Sphere), and he is currently staying in Crossroads with two Beginner Mages, namely, Addison and Fairfax Brandivere. His work, his philosophies, his allegiances; again, all these matters are either not controversial or famed enough to discuss, or simply well-guarded secrets.

Or at least .. that was the case, until September 503 A.G. One way or another, Alastor's alternate persona, Vox, was captured and put into the Crossroads city jail. Soon after wanted posters sprung up across the city with both Alastor's wizened, stoic countenance and Vox' smooth, macabre visage both. Suffice it to say, most were shocked by the revelation that these two disparate men were one in the same.

Most. For after all, who's to say whether or not your neighbor, your lover, your employer .. could be a follower of the Lord? Only Providence knows, surely.

Alastor Zecht and his alter-ego Vox were finally brought down on November 3, 504 A.G., in the Ainsley Wood.

"Teasing you is far too much fun. I'll even tell dear Fairfax to get in on it, maybe. Our combined verbal assaults will certainly make sure you suffer no more of these little mishaps."



Messiah. Maniac. Murderer. Ascetic. Abyssal Keeper of Precepts. An ageless, illusory creature that is quite often more real than its host, the anomaly dubbed 'Vox' is everything that Alastor Zecht isn't. Coarse, loud, flashy, homicidal, decadent, conniving (want to add your own adjective? This space for rent, courtesy of the Liberi aum Abyssus), this bombastic man-thing is anything but bland. A specter borne from a ghostly, hermetic man, the grisly alter-ego called Vox managed to bill himself as your run-of-the-mill creepy but kind-hearted monk of Providence for many months after having arrived on Gateway. The rest, as they say, is history, and now just about everyone the Empire over knows that Alastor Zecht and Vox are one and the same, quite likely.

His hobbies include evisceration, kidnapping, disembowelment, sharpening his many bladed instruments, devouring his Children and the unwashed heretics of Providence alike, and long walks on the beach. Just be careful when YOU want to go for a long walk on the Beach in Crossroads .. rumor has it people can disappear quite handily when they wander alone in secluded places.

He is also known to be quite fond of cuddly bunnies, disco balls, and cocktail weenies. The jury is still out on whether he is more insane than his player.

Vox (and by extension, Alastor) was brought down on November 3, 504 A.G., in the Ainsley Wood that he frequently haunted.

"I am but an instrument, Sir Fernwick, forged and tuned through my Lord's whims. I am but a vessel, bending and dancing to the tyranny of that which I am bound to. And neither your lapdogs, nor you, nor your Keeper of Sin can thwart what we have set into motion."


The Precepts of the Children of the Abyss

Called the 'Viazastra Bahjinus Domva'ku' in the common demonic tongue, this is one version of the Children's beliefs and commands, handed down from Vox since the creation of the cult.

The Mark of the Abyss

Do you really wanna' know?

The Children's Crusade: Logs

The death of the Anti-Keeper

Random Cultishness


The above is the first work in what will inevitably be an epic fanart contest. Show your love for Vox today! We accept all major credit cards, @mail, pages and blood of human babies.

Ever been curious about Children who have died in the line of duty?! Well, allow me to give you a partial list of my glorious NPCs who have given their lives for Lord and Keeper: Visum, Veritas, Viator, Verbum, Xiphia, Gratia, Lautus, Lentus, Portia, Subsilio, Vestatio, Ventus.

Krelian had been OOCly rumored to be in Vox' employ as well.

On November 13, 504 A.G. -- a little over a week after Vox/Alastor was finally destroyed -- the Emperor gave a short public address in which he granted amnesty to any Children who came forward to repent within a reasonable span of time.

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