Valerius Athelstan

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Valerius Athelstan
Lord of Copper Run
Marital Status Widowed
Offspring Corvinus Athelstan
Full Name Valerius Quade Athelstan
Born August 23 469 (469-08-23) (age 49)
Copper Run
Occupation Armorsmith
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 345 lbs
Eye Color Grey
Hair n/a


Valerius is a renowned Master-level Armorsmith. His works with Armor are well known on Guardian and across the Isles like the Stavros family is known for the blades they craft.

Valerius is the fourth child of the Athelstan family of nobles in Copper Run. His family came from Dun Artan generations ago and currently holds mining rights in Smithfield. As a noble child not in line to inherit, become a Military Officer, become a Priest, be married off, or any such duties as the elder sons and daughters of nobility tend to have...Valerius had plenty of free time after all his studies were finished. Thus he discovered the joy of Metalsmithing and was apprenticed to a Smith of some renown.

He continued his training in the Arts of the Smith, until it came time for him to serve his term in the military. He served his 6 month term, signed on for 3 years, and then joined the auxiliary legion...all the while continuing to learn/develop his craft. During this time he courted his childhood sweetheart and they married during the last year of his 3 year term. His son, Corvinus, was born a year later. 5 years after Corvinus's birth, Valerius's wife died in a tragic accident.

From then till now, he raised his son, continued his trade, served his Journeyman period at various forges, joined the Smithing Guild, and eventually earned the rank of Master Smith in his chosen specialty... Armorcraft. While he forges excellent blades...his name is known in Guardian and the Isles for the armor he forges. His family has hopes that they will soon become known much like the Stavros family is known for the blades they forge.

As Valerius grew up, his enormous size tended to intimidate those around him. But he never used it unless necessary and was always calm and steady in the face of adversity. His size and habit of taking his time to ponder a problem left some people thinking him dimwitted and slow, but he is far from such. The Smithing Guild came to realize his talent for smithing was not all Valerius possessed. After helping solve various situations in and out of the Guild, when it came time to choose a representative for the Appointed Council following Baron Smithfield's death, the guild chose Valerius. His concern for the people of Smithfield, his slow, careful, thoughtful problem solving, his calm and friendly demeanor, his lack of temper, his integrity, his high standing in the Guild, his knowledge of the various trades of Smithfield, his family's lack of ties to the Barcas and Conways, these all made him an excellent choice for the Council. There was even talk of appointing him Baron until Philip's coup on Guardian put those rumors to rest and another was chosen.

7 years ago, his nephew Crispin came under his tutelage and became his apprentice. Though young Crispin's training has been interrupted with his inheritance of the Lordship of Copper Run.

With his nephew attending to his new duties and after the unfortunate events of Rayder Pass and his older brother's resulting execution...there has been little to keep Valerius on Guardian. Thus Valerius has left his home and come to Gateway to start a new forge on Gateway where he hopes to immerse himself in his Armorcraft, continue Crispin's education, and offer his services to the Knights, the Nobility, and perhaps even the Emperor himself.

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