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Storytelling is not a task that is reserved for staff. We are very committed to empowering players to write stories that become part of the grand picture. Players should feel comfortable telling stories and running events for each other.
Keep in mind, however that ALL TPs SHOULD BE APPROVED BY STAFF. Even if it's just a short page conversation, let staff know before you start anything that they might have to answer questions about, or help complete should a player not be able to see something through for any reason.
To help better empower and reward players as storytellers, staff has put the following supports for player-run stories in place.

TP Levels

There are four defined levels of plots that take place on the grid.
  • Anyone can run levels 1-2.
  • Staff and the Storyteller Faction are here to help with player-run stories. Use them.
  • Try and keep stories centered on the grid.
  • Staff will help you develop your TPs.
  • Players may consult staff during any level of TP. The TP will halt until the questions or concerns are addressed.
If you are in doubt of what type of TP qualifies for what level, do not hesitate to contact a staffer or submit a +ticket.

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