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"Solphin, you have done everything wrong you possibly could.
...but it was,
in the end...

...for all the right reasons."

-Sage Coibran, 513

Solphin Acaran
Stirrer of the Pot
Cut and Dry
Full Name Solphin "Phinn" Fenton Acaran II
Title Mistress/Master
Occupation Co-Manager of the Fire Pit
Adventurer Scamp??
Achievements Unlocked Community Figure
Apprentice Healer
Dead? Again?
Irony, lawl
Friend to the End
Nemesis: Found
Crossdressing 101
Formerly Imperial Minister of Justice
Imperial Justiciar of Gateway
Professor of Astronomy
Chamberlain Miller's Isle
Chamberlain Destine
Lady Moria
Proprietor of the Book Shop
Proprietor of Coibran's Chandlery
Nicknames Phinn, Phinny, Nammie, SolFish, SnailPhin, Scamp, Phinnish, Acaran, Lady of Whiskey and Raucous Intoxicated Recitations, Husband, Tin Kitten, SFA, Mine, Clarance (only on sundays before dinner)
Father Fenton Acaran
Mother Solphin Desre (d)
Wards Aishe and Oriana, Laike,
DoB November 1 481 (481-11-01) (age 36)
Moria, Destine, Draught
Height 5'5" (1.65m)
Body Type Athletic/Androgyne
Hair Brown (Curly if it grows)
Eyes Brown
Marital Status Widow
Stubbornly Unattainable
Prime Examples
Cousins on the Beach: Solphin takes her gypsy cousin, Gitana, down to the beach where Gigi ends up giving out fortunes to Lord Memnoch Crowley and Princess Anna. And fend off some Smooth Talk from the rogue, Leo.
Remembrance Night: Isolde throws a Remembrance Night at the Isle of Ale on the anniversary of Prince Vincente's death. A night of Jokes, Poems, Songs and Stories. Solphin accidentally ruins the mood with a story she finds uplifting that just doesn't seem to cross the gypsy-citizen threshold well.
Skeleton Showdown: Solphin wanders into the Isle of Ale to celebrate the tail end of 100th day. Only to find a demonstration in why you shouldn't screw with a necromancer. Especially after he's been socked in the face by a Mad Hatter.
Solphin Dodges Andre: PROOF! PROOF, I SAY! Solphin and Andre's infamous meeting on the evening after her birthday. And so it begins...
Spring Tourny, Round I: Solphin defeats Baroness Linette in a fight that ends in grappling in the dirt of the coliseum as the stands undergo their own kind of assault.
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Solphin rushes young Chandler to the infirmary after an ugly and unfortunate run in with a Knight.
Spring Tourny, Semi-Final: Solphin defeats Adventurer and Novelist, Niamh in a fight that ends in a pause, a drunken collapse and forfeit.
Spring Tourny, Finals: Solphin defeats Merc Cain Sothen regardless of some disturbance up in the stands. She chooses the Ring of Sustenance as her prize.
Prayer For A Lady: After her vanishing act for a month, Solphin is laid up in the infirmary near to death. Her friend, Joshua, comes to her bedside and offers a prayer for her recovery.
Body Shop Re-Opens: Mya invites her down to her Grand Re-Opening with a somewhat rag-tag group of folks.
Rattlesnakes, Cakes & Whiskey: Nick and Phinn share a drunken lamenting song to cheer the man and lend an ear. The night expands to include cake, whiskey, brawls and all around great night in the Isle of Ale Tavern.

The name "Solphin Acaran" became known in the city in the year 503 A.G. with a bang and since then has only spread its notoriety (infamy) throughout the whole of Crossroads City and, indeed, some might say the Empire. Called out through the city streets, cheered and booed in taverns, called out at public events to speak and written on many declarations across the city and Empire, it isn't unusual to know the name, though Solphin takes a certain amount of pleasure in those who don't. She came as a scampish citizen with a smile and a laugh for anyone who greeted her, eager to help and even more eager to seek out her own (mis)fortune, these days some would say her voice has not lost any volume, but it may have gained some sharpness as disillusionment set in over the years.

Phinn's life has taken on many facets and taught her many lessons, not all of which she has yet learned fully or chooses to listen to, but she continues to push on--in what direction she may not even know. The scamp has been a member of the noble class, twice, a chamberlain three times, an outlaw on the run from the crown, a traitor, the imperial Justice, a guardian, a teacher, a warrior, a victim of circumstances, an antagonist, a protagonist, a mischief maker, an unrelenting shrew, a loving heart, a warm friend and so many, many things in between--often joking that she is a raging success as a failure. She has spoken against citizens and emperors alike, won hearts with the same fluidity that she alienates them and likes to think of herself as a guardian of the empire and her people she wants to hold such belief in, regardless of the well-known historical separation between her adopted family, the gypsies, and the citizens of the empire.

Not infrequently sought out as a source of information, how she comes by some of it is anyone's guess and whether or not she parts with it all is up to anyone to imagine. For those who know how to listen and watch, Phinn is a notable name. Since her leaving of the position of Imperial Justice, she is a difficult one to pin down and seems to always be in flux to some degree, vanishing for long periods of time more and more, often returning like she never left, becoming more and more nomadic instead of less like it seemed she was before as the scattered members of her family find a place among the Empire, she returns to her wandering ways. The androg still rarely says 'no' to anyone asking for her time, a soul in need or the call of her empire or her matter how badly she may want to, sometimes; it's not unusual to see her spending massive amounts of time in public when she's in the city, or letting people stay in her personal rooms with absolutely no concern of repercussions.

Solphin F. Acaran is a fierce friend and undoubtedly curious creature with a long and equally curious history. Until the Fates see fit to cut her thread, she will likely continue as she always has; continuously on the rise and fall of the tides of fortune. But like any good story, this one starts simply:

 Job Progression 

March 5, 503 A.G. Solphin Arrives on Gateway and procures a job first working at the Dockside Tavern, then at the more reputable Isle of Ale tavern as a barwench.
April 17, 503, Solphin takes on the role of Chamberlain to Baroness Destine, Isolde Lieberman.
April 16, 504, seemingly to even her own confusion, Solphin is named Lady Moria of Destine, Draught by Baroness Destine, in place of the heinously murdered Lady Jessaphine Peirce.
January 14, 507, A fortnight after her surprise marriage, Solphin is declared by Imperial Proclamation to no longer be Lady Moria.
December 16, 507, For reasons left unstated, Solphin resigns as Baroness Destine's Chamberlain, after four and a half years of faithful service.
June 23, 508, Six months after her resignation, Solphin agrees to return as Chamberlain of Destine under Baron Regent, Chase Stevens.
July 509, As Chase is excused of his post, Solphin is excused after five and a half years of service to Destine and...drifts. Now with 'only' her post as Manager of the Fire Pit for Sir Gerard and Part-Time Professor of Astronomy at the University. Though, she is still arguably rather well connected...
March 511, Almost two years away from Destine and Solphin is lured back to Draught in an official capacity. This time as Chamberlain Miller's Isle to Baron Ethan Locke--a man she has been known to publicly loathe and battle against, politically.
August 30, 511, Solphin is named Imperial Justiciar of Gateway by Emperor Jordan Caprios, a boy of ten, under Tyr's chancellorship.
April 13, 513, the position of Imperial Justiciar is declared invalid under Tyrean leadership. Solphin is named the 'Minister of Justice' instead.
October 9, 513, Imperial Proclamation states that Solphin is released from her position as Minister of Justice. The scamp is 'just a scamp', yet again. But for how long?

For Detailed History, Allow Me to Direct Your Attention to Scampish History

 Quirks of the Quirky 

Though she did not seem to advertise the fact, when others of her family came to the city, Solphin's gypsy upbringing became more obvious. She is without a doubt the most assimilated of the remaining four gypsies and technically is only an 'adopted' member of the troupes, when the proclamation went out declaring the gypsies treasonous, she chose to become branded with the rest to show her solidarity and support rather than running from it. Like the others, she has a 'G' branded into her left cheek.
While vanishing without a trace might be cause for alarm in most people, Solphin has been known to disappear for weeks to months on end with little to no alert or reasoning. More than once these 'vacations' have ended with a trip to the infirmary.
Always found on her person is a leather strap with a number of stones wrapped into it with copper wire. Usually wound around her wrist, and seems to be missing a stone. She's accumulated a couple other random trinkets from friends over the years but her only other piece of jewelry seems to be a silver chain tucked down her shirt and a bisected snail shell.
Solphin has been noted for random acts of charity, likely to be credited to her community-based upbringing. Including but not limited to keeping a room in the Brownstone that she often houses newcomers or people who've fallen on hard times in.
Other than her Brownstone room, the scamp does keep an apartment in the Fairview, though she doesn't seem to occupy it very often and with the marriage of her sister to Connor Hall and her family's children being sent away, she seems to have taken to giving that space up to others as well. Where she actually lives is not certain.
...There...might have been a portrait of her in the Museum of Art done by the now deceased Prince of Pais de Leuvier and Grande Artiste, Juste Chevalier. She bought it off the crown when the Museum closed. Where it is now is unknown.
Solphin has owned many shops in the city but for now owns only one: The Fire Pit. Oddly enough, once owned by the First Knight Gerard Versailles--a knight who shared responsibility for the gypsy genocide that killed her family and branded her that took them five years to socially recover from.
Wearing many hats, some of Solphin's known skills happen to be:
Apprentice Healer/Herbalist -- College of Healing Trained and Gypsy Herbalism.
Multi-lingual (Common, Gypsy, Leuvian, Learning others)
Networking -- If she can't help you with something, she probably knows someone, or knows someone who knows someone who can.
Astronomy/Navigation -- Gypsy Travel and Apprenticeship with Master Astronomer, Fenton Acaran.
Combat with a Staff -- As discovered when she won the Spring Tournament
Combat in other Ways -- Becoming more widely realized during the war and...certain...council meetings.
Bookkeeping/Scheduling/Researching -- Baptized by fire, her years as a chamberlain and noble.
Debate AKA Bitching You Out -- As some people can attest to, Solphin is not bashful with people she's comfortable with. Or even those she's not, depending on the subject.
Practical Jokes/Mischief/Games -- Not much of a 'skill', but considering her heritage, this may not come as a surprise.
 RP Hooks 

Please feel free to poke me with a badger if any of these apply to your character or you'd like them to:

  • If you are someone who has a history in any of the spheres of influence Solphin's been involved in/in charge of, including but not limited to:
The City Guard; Justice in the Empire; Crime in the Empire; Astronomy at Gateway University; Dealings with the Chamberlain of Destine or Miller's Isle in select years; Dealings in Moria, Destine in select years; Worked at the Fire Pit, Book Store, Dockside, University or any bar.
  • If you are someone who's received charity from her in the past (room and board, coin, food, liquor, advice, ass kicking).
  • If you are a former friend/nemesis.
  • If you tried to hit on my sister and I had to 'set you straight'.
  • If you are incredibly fucking ridiculous and tend to be attracted to equally ridiculous people who don't know when to quit.
  • If you are a former schoolmate from the College of Healing.
  • If you are from Draught and were once harassed/befriended by a group of roaming gypsies.
  • If you have ever wanted to go on an adventure and want to try to befriend someone who gets into too much trouble in order to convince them to let you come with.
  • If you suspect you are related to the Acaran family in Seal Cove or the Desres' in Draught.
  • If you want to try to /con/ your way as a family relation.
  • If you want Solphin to harass you over something (completely arbitrarily or not, I'm really good at making shit up).
  • If you are a Master Healer who received a particularly difficult apprentice who (Justly/Unjustly) beat your ass back in 503?
  • If you are a regular Joe/Josephina who fell for an androgynous young man/woman and was rejected/punched in the face/shocked to find out they were the wrong gender?
  • If you think you have what it takes to be a pain in the ass the likes the world has never seen and want to see where it takes you/have fellow pains to confer with?
  • If I helped raise you / If I THINK that I helped raise you. (Yes, there is a correlation there, she has a tendency to kinda-adopt youths).
  • If you are a youth and want to be a personal page in exchange for a life of high complication, confusion and maybe adventure.

I'm running out of ideas, but I'm pretty much always going to be adding to this list of doom.

 That Scamp... 

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