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IC Information
Full Name: Solenne Elisabeth Leonora Allaria
Rank: Lady Cliffrun
Age: 20
Height: 5'4"
Eyes/Hair: Brown/Dark
Date of Birth: October 26, 486 A.G.
Place of Birth: Cliffrun, Caerdach
Marital Status: Single
Coat of Arms:


Solenne Elisabeth Leonora Allaria was born on October 26, 486 A.G. to Lord Marukus and Lady Leonora (Andala) Allaria, the latter of whom died of an illness not long after Solenne was born. She has lived all her life in Cliffrun, Caerdach Barony, Guardian, except during her six months of mandatory military training when she was 16 and occasional visits to other Baronies and to Gateway itself.

In truth, the young lady's life was fairly uneventful life right up until the civil war on Guardian when her whole world suddenly changed: Solenne shoved away her books and tossed aside her training sessions for some real fighting in the forests of Cliffrun at the side of her good friends Linette and Lucius Barca (among others) who needed to remain out of public view.

Solenne's whole world came crashing down around her near the end of the civil war when her beloved father whom she greatly admired was tried, convicted, and subsequently executed by order of Baron Philip of Caerdach for conspiring to commit treason. Guilty beyond all measure of a doubt, Marukus Allaria was publically beheaded in Gwencalon, with his young daughter watching the entire affair.

This event naturally cast a shadow of suspicion upon the entire Allaria family and created a great deal of tension in Solenne's close friendship with Linette. During the last battle of the war, in a mad rush to reach Asha Barca's side, Solenne took two arrows and effectively saved Linette's life. Over the several months that the two women spent recovering from their wounds, the two young women spoke a great deal and seem to have reaffirmed their friendship .

Stripped of all rank and title, with all family assets confiscated by the Baron, Solenne could have gone anywhere in the Empire to start her life anew. But although Cliffrun had a been appointed a temporary steward, the people of the land had suffered a great blow to their morale, having been betrayed by their greatly admired Lord. They could not help but admire the fact that their former Lord's daughter returned to be with them as soon as she was able, to live in a commoner's hut, with commoner's means, and work diligently beside her fellow villagers to improve their lives in whatever way she could.

Solenne helped to maintain the peace in Cliffrun during the Guardian coup of 505 A.G. When Philip Aaric Barca came home with the ducal torc and Linette Barca took the position of Baroness Caedrach, she remained quietly, but fiercely supportive. The day that Linette Barca bestowed upon her the title of Lady Cliffrun and restored to her her family estate, there are many who recount that the young noblewoman wept tears of joy.


Regardless of whatever understanding and friendship lies between Linette Barca and Solenne Allaria (and the fact that no investigation to date has ever turned up anything to question her loyalty), Lady Solenne has not managed to escape the inevitable suspicion and personal shame involved with being the daughter of a traitor. She bears this burden with dignity, seeming to strive twice as hard as anyone to continually prove to her liege, her fellow nobles, and especially commoners, that she is loyal, trustworthy, and honourable.

Solenne has traveled to Gateway to join Baroness Caerdach's entourage and to both actively and publicly show her allegiance to the Barca family. Rumour has it that the bright young noblewoman has brought with her samples of a rather astounding new discovery from the heart of Cliffrun's forests. More information will likely be forthcoming.

The Cliffrun Highguard:

The Cliffrun Highguard are Lady Allaria's personal guard. They often wear her colours and serve as her protectors on Guardian and abroad. They have a reputation for being well-trained, courteous, generally helpful, and devoutly loyal to their cause.

The Guards:
Edek Courcel (NPC)
Altair Margarelon
Roland Emanach
Their Duties:
The defense of Cliffrun, her laws, and her people.
The protection of her Lady and of those to whom she extends this protection.
To do good, whenever it is possible.
And, above all, to cause no undue harm.
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