Shining Shores

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The Lordship of Shining Shores

Duchy: Guardian

Barony: Crucible

Leaders: Lord Lorric Kincade

Population: 55,000

Known For: Black Sand, Trade, Fishing

Major Towns and Cities: Blackspire

Characters of Shining Shores: Here

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While it may have taken some time for Baron Crucible to appoint a Lord Shining Shores after his own appointment by the first Duke Guardian in 30AG, he finally found the right man in a Lord Wyatt Kincade. The family was quick to set down many roots and forge connections, making a great deal of profit as part of the Guardian trade routes.

For a long time, the Kincade family was one known for its honesty. Change, however, can be a slow and sneaking thing. Hundreds of years passed, with good lords and worse ones, but there was a certain quiet decline. The family separated into two very distinct branches after a fraternal feud. The miserly lords and the commoners who preferred to become career legionnaires.

When Lorric Kincade was appointed as commander of the garrison in Blackspire, the wheels of change began to spin again, furiously and in the other direction. In a matter of a two years, he delivered evidence into baronial hands to prove his family's embezzlement and illegal bargains. It was to his great surprise that the Baron and the Duke decided not to punish him with the rest of his family in 505 AG, but to make him the new Lord Shining Shores.


For many generations, Shining Shores held a quiet reputation for being friendly to smugglers and dirty dealers. It did, however, always pay the proper taxes and deliver the proper amount of goods to its lieges.

With the recent change in the political tide, where coin is no longer the only judge, there is still some uncertainty that lingers about its newest lord. The lesser people of Shining Shores come by their distrust honestly but have begun to quietly express a hope for better days despite the recent Schism, while there are still some very angry displaced merchants who would like to see the fall of the current lord and the return of the palm-greasing days past.

Only time will tell how the latest chapter of Shining Shores' history will play out.

Succession of Lords

April 6, 505 – Present

Lord Lorric Kincade (b. April 27, 481)

46 – April 6, 505

House Kincade

Shining Shores is bordered by Smithfielder lordships of Iron Fields to the southwest and Copper Run to the south, by Soaring Skies to the southeast, by the Sea of Veils to the east, and by the Caerdachan lordship of Cliffrun to the northwest.

It is noted mostly for its harsh and rocky terrain and nearly unrelenting winds, particularly along the coast. Its beaches are also famous for their black sand, from which the city of Blackspire (started around an ancient tower made black by using the sand in its bricks) takes its name. There is not much in the way of vegetation, save a few hardy varieties of small trees and shrubs.


Shining Shores is very well placed for its role serving the Guardian trade route due to its touching on three of the four baronies of Guardian. Blackspire is the heart of that effort, possessing a small depot and garrison that helps direct goods and merchants along the route.


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