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Family (By Blood and By Choice)
Aishe, Little Cousin By Blood and Choice
As one of the twins being raised by the former gypsies Sage calls friends and family, Aishe is well-known to Sage. She's babysat her a few times, sometimes for days at a time, along with her sister, and though she grumbles a lot about the trouble of children, Aishe and her sister are two children Sage likes quite well and wouldn't hesitate to take as her own - they're family, after all.

Anneala Acaran, Mother
Sage has a very bitter, complicated relationship with her mother. Part of her yearns for her mother's love and approval, as any daughter will, but the other part of her firmly blames her mother for her father's decline and death and some of the negative circumstances in her life. She's grateful for what her mother taught her, but resents what her mother wasn't able to give her - a loving relationship. And now that her mother has given birth to her half-sibling, Liliana, Sage is concerned what sort of mother Anneala will be to this new child. Will the child get the love she always wanted, or be another victim of Anneala's ambition?

Cedric Coibran*, Father
Cedric was essentially a single father, and Sage loved him fiercely for all he did and gave her as she grew up. He left her his business and his livelihood and lavished her with love and attention as best he could. There were secrets kept, however, things that were not revealed until much later. After her father passed, more came to light and the knowledge Sage gained tarnished her memories of her father. Though she loves him still, some of her feelings about his actions are complicated, especially since he died before they could come to terms with some of their differences over those secrets.

Laike, Little Cousin By Blood and Choice
The newest gypsy baby; his name is Laike, but Sage calls him Sprig.

Solphin Acaran, Cousin By Blood
The closest thing Sage has to a sister in blood or in heart, Solphin was practically unknown to Sage until her teenage years, but thereafter they became fast friends. There's an undeniable bond between them, and she's the only member of her family left that Sage cares to associate with or call her own. She's also fierce in her defense of Solphin, and her loyalty to the androgyne is unwavering.

Oriana, Little Cousin By Blood and Choice
As one of the twins being raised by the former gypsies Sage calls friends and family, Oriana is well-known to Sage. She's babysat her a few times, sometimes for days at a time, along with her sister, and though she grumbles a lot about the trouble of children, Oriana and her sister are two children Sage likes quite well and wouldn't hesitate to take as her own - they're family, after all.

Roxana Arcos, Cousin By Choice
Sage came to know Xana through her cousin, Solphin, but the former gypsy's sweet nature and caring soon won over the slow-to-trust chandler. After Solphin, Xana is the closest thing Sage has to a sister or family and she considers her a dear friend she would defend with everything she has.

Friends and Acquaintances
Andre Calypse, Former Gypsy
Sage came to know Andre through her cousin, Solphin. Though he claims her as family, the same as Solphin and Xana, Sage is slow to trust, and Andre hasn't gained the return consideration from Sage yet.

Aaric Barca, Duke of Guardian
A long association and one that's developed with time, Sage and Aaric have a good working relationship by all appearances that includes trust and respect on both sides.

Card, Venator Primus
It's said that Sage once hated Card with a passion; she was heard to curse him and seen to scowl at him many a time. This didn't change with his ascension to Venator, nor his ascension to Primus. But somewhere in the last few months, those tensions cooled and their relationship warmed; perhaps it was the fact that he helped rescue her from her kidnappers on Draught in 511. Perhaps it was something else. Either way, it's fair to say the two are closer to friends these days than many others Sage associates with.

Catherine Connor, Former Colleague
Catherine was First Officer while Sage was still only Citizen Speaker and the Merchant Relations officer of the Merchant's Guild. When Sage stepped into the Guildmistress position, Catherine remained her right hand as First Officer, and is someone Sage has often turned to for assistance in a variety of areas. She has a high opinion of Catherine's cunning and abilities, despite a brief space where they appeared to have a falling-out. After all their years and trials together, including being on the run in Tyr from revolutionaries, Sage has come to consider Catherine a friend, and it appears to be mutual - rare for both women.

Dag, Former Apprentice
When Dag was 16, Sage went looking for an apprentice at the orphanage. She came home with him. He lived with her for a couple of years, worked around her shop and did chores, and she did her best to teach him some of her trade, make him go to the temple (it was that Imani Paggion's idea, not hers) and stay out of trouble. When he got old enough, he moved out to seek his fortune; she hasn't seen him much since.

Elian Key, Trouble
A friend, an enemy, an associate, a trouble-maker - exactly how Sage thinks of Elian is anyone's guess. There are plenty of stories about them growing up together though, and the infamous rows and pranks that came out of that. The most famous involves the nickname 'Squid Kid' and it's said Elian is the reason Sage doesn't wear dresses anymore - whatever THAT means.

Ethan Locke, Baron Miller's Isle
Sage is the Merchant Guildmistress. Ethan leads the barony that is responsible for all major import and export of goods on Draught. They obviously, thus, have dealings with one another, but they don't appear to be friends, and Sage is close-mouthed about anything else.

Helena Pasternak, Lady Protector of Draught
Though Sage is said to be not too fond of Purists or Providence, these two seem to have gotten on well all through the time Helena was Imperial Chamberlain and then Imperial Regent and now Lady Protector of Draught. She's also a very good customer, regularly buying her candles and soaps in bulk.

Iain Arx, Adventurer
Iain and Sage were more like long-lost siblings than friends, in their own way. Similar in attitude towards life, similar in skills and similar in their choices of drink and extracurricular activities, they had much in common, and Sage still considers him fondly, though he's been gone from the Empire for quite some time.

Marco Basso, Venator
Marco and Sage have had their differences, but she's mellowed towards him since he became a Venator. Initially, she distrusted the bard, but as he retains the trust of someone Sage herself respects - Card - her own respect for him has grown.

Dead Peeps
Bastien Arx*, Ex-Venator Primus (and many other things)
Though gone, Bastien is not someone easily forgotten, especially by Sage. Their friendship began in an odd fashion one Double Eclipse evening, and ended a long time later when Bastien took his own life. In between were long stretches of silence, mute understandings and assistance given, betrayal, occasional laughter and forgiveness. Regardless of all that transpired, Sage will always consider him a dear friend.

Phineas Forester*, Former Duke of Green Fields
A man as complicated as he could be nefarious, but also kind. Though he played a role in the Schism many would condemn him for, Sage still misses him and the guidance he offered.

Rourke Caprios*, Keeper and Emperor of Gateway
Emperor during Sage's tenure as Citizen Speaker, Rourke was never someone Sage would call 'friend'. In fact, there are some events that inspired outspoken hatred in her. For other reasons she remembers him fondly. Her memories of him are complicated.

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