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Sage Coibran
Merchant Guildmistress

"There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part; you can’t even passively take part, and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all."
~Mario Savo~
Fullname Sage Elspeth Coibran
Title Guildmistress
Minister of Trade
Mistress Coibran
Marital Status Single
Issue Asher Coibran
Kenzie Coibran
Father Cedric Coibran (dec.)
Mother Anneala Acaran of Draught
Date of Birth

June 6 484 (484-06-06) (age 34)

Place of Birth Crossroads City, Gateway
Occupation Merchant Guildmistress
Height 5 feet, 7 inches
Gender Female
Eyes Hazel
Hair Mahogany brown with pale streaks
Sage's Relations
Sage's Logs and Stories

Sage is the latest and last of the Coibrans on Gateway Isle, once well-known proprietors of the 'Coibran Chandlery'. Her family and their business have been present on Gateway, according to them and local folklore, for a century or two, at least. Raised primarily by her father, save for occasional jaunts to Draught in summer to visit her mother, Sage was known to be as talented and devoted a chandler as her father. The shop fell on some hard times after the earthquake damaged it and Cedric made some bad investments, but Sage was determined to continue the Coibran legacy. Using what little savings they had, she saw to the renovating of their shop and the business saw a brief resurgence as people began to remember that 'Coibran Means Quality Candles!'

Unfortunately, while Sage and her father were out of the village inspecting the hives for an extended period, the shop was used in a most nefarious way by a madman. The results of this were a fire that razed the shop to the ground and nearly killed several people. The shock of losing the chandlery ended the life of the already ailing Cedric shortly after he and Sage returned from their trip to discover what had transpired. Bereft of family and living, Sage departed Gateway for Draught, where she spent six months in a period of mourning and depression until, it's rumored, her mother finally kicked her out, fed up with her melancholy. At that point, Sage returned to Gateway looking for some way to make a living.

Upon her return, Sage renewed old acquaintances and contacts and secured work for herself temporarily as the Jailkeeper under then Sheriff Godfrey. Thanks to generous funding by her cousin, Solphin Acaran, reconstruction began on the Coibran Chandlery on the foundations of the old one in December of 506. In October of 507, a year after her return to Gateway, the new chandlery reopened, and seems to be thriving. Sage seems intent on looking beyond just running the chandlery, however. Since early 508, she served in various officer positions in the Merchant's Guild, including Merchant Relations and First Officer. In October of 508, she also was elected as Citizen Speaker, the so-called 'Voice of the People'. She proved herself a capable and compassionate representative and leader of the citizenry when required, especially after the events of the Great Schism, though there are some who disagree with her outspoken views on Providence and her forward manner. In July 510, she was elected to the position of Guildmistress of the Merchant's Guild, and elections were called for a new Citizen Speaker; in September of 510, Sage resigned as Citizen Speaker to focus on her work for the Guild. On August 30th, 511, during Emperor Jordan's coronation, she also was given the title 'Minister of Trade' for the Empire, expanding her duties to include an advisory role for the young Emperor.

When the Tyrean occupation came, Sage was a vociferous opponent in the beginning, but she eventually channeled her anger into quieter, more effective ways. She took a seat on the Council as 'Lady Guildmistress', but worked with many others behind the scenes to do what she could to help free Gateway from Tyrean control. With the successful defeat of the rogue faction in Tyr and the dissolution of the Tyrean-created Council, Sage has taken a new seat - once more a citizen - on the Imperial Council as Merchant Guildmistress. Her negotiations with the Tyreans bode well for future expansion of the Guild and the Empire's trade network across Ikol.

On June 15th, 513, the next link in the Coibran legacy was born in the form of Sage's firstborn child, a son named Asher Rhodes Coibran.

For further details, see Sage's Timeline.


Mercurial, quicksilver, elemental. These are words often applied to Sage and her various moods. Quick to storm and rage, and as easily quick to laugh and tease. She's been known to be ruthless and opportunistic, but rarely for pleasure or malice towards others. She is, for the most part, an even-handed woman with a sense of fair play and honesty that would suit even the Sheriff. But when her back is to the rock, she's not going down without a fight, and that fierce defense is especially true of what little family she has - either by blood, or by choosing.

Though free with her opinions and open in her emotions, Sage is not an overly sentimental creature. Better suited to her are words like pragmatic and realistic. She's logical, thoughtful, and direct, when need be, though not as cold and materialistic as her mother is rumored to be, by far. It is, perhaps, her father in her that softens her so, and allows her to laugh and enjoy a good ale, a good tale and a good bedding as much as the cold coins in her hand at the end of the day. For all of her practicality, however, she is still subject to occasional fits of melancholy and moroseness, especially when she's been drinking or thinking too much.

Though Sage is a chandler of skill, she is also quite good with numbers. She possesses a very keen mind for them and can do complicated reckoning in her head, both mathematically and spatially, when required. She also has an avid fascination with riddles and puzzles. She is aided in the deciphering of such with her memory, which is quite keen.

  • Sage is no real lover of chocolate, but she has a peculiar obsession with berry pastries - especially raspberry. That obsession is what led to her secret hobby: baking. After years of working on it, she makes several decent pastries and breads.
  • Though she prefers cats to dogs (canine loyalty is nice, but they're just too clingy), she is, sadly, quite allergic to felines.
  • Sage often takes Providence's name in vain in creative ways, but is no great believer. She's also not too fond of Purists.
  • Cedric taught his daughter to handle a knife from a young age, since he believed a woman should have more than her tongue as a weapon in her defense.
  • Sage has a very, very good memory for things she sees and hears, particular numbers and words. In fact, at times, it seems almost eidetic - although she can't remember that particular word no matter how hard she tries.
  • Once, Sage rarely turned down a free drink, her beverage of choice being whiskey. Since her kidnapping on Draught, she went through a dry period and has slowly started drinking again, but not nearly to the extent she did before.
  • Rumor has it that Sage all but swore off skirts between the age of 15 and 16, around the same time she bore the nickname 'Squid-Kid' for nearly a year. The same rumor indicates that Elian Key was somehow involved.
  • Since the burning of the original chandlery, Sage has developed a mild phobia of uncontained fire, especially in buildings. She will go to great lengths to shield and properly contain candles, lanterns and other sources of flame.
  • Known to most as a sensualist and even a hedonist, Sage changed noticeably for a time after her abduction on Draught: quieter, more reserved, and much less likely to let people draw near or touch her. This has eased with time, though she still hasn't been publically known to take any lovers.
  • The chandlery gets its beeswax from many sources, including the hives Sage maintains outside the city walls. She can be seen tending them on random afternoons without netting or gloves; rumor has it she's something of a bee charmer and is rarely ever stung.
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