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The Lordship of Pyria

Duchy: Draught

Barony: Miller's Isle

Leaders: Lord Dion Sendai

Population: ???

Known For: ???

Major Towns and Cities: ???

Characters of Pyria: Here

Description: Pyria is a lordship in the Barony of Miller's Isle on the Duchy of Draught. A scenic highland punctuated with rocky mountains and grassy vales, Pyria is known best for the College of Science.


The land of Pyria has been of some importance to the Empire since its inception. It is here that many of the scientific minds of the realm had come to settle after the split from Guardian. It is here that the College of Science was eventually constructed, bringing the bright young minds from all around - those that would come to shape the future of the Empire.

The Durante family was the lords over Pyria for many years, strong supporters of the sciences, and good lords to their people. Very progressive in thinking, the family Durante saw Pyria grow into the center of scientific growth the Empire knows it to be today. It was a tragic end that saw the land pass out of their hands and into another's. It was in the year 500, just after the turn of another century and the crowning of the new Emperor to the realm that a group that called themselves The People's Empire brought an end to the Durante dynasty over Pyria, kidnapping and later killing Lord Stanford Durante before he had the chance to wed and have heirs. He was the last of his line.

It was to the Sendai family that those of Pyria then looked to as Lords. For a few years, Lord Pyrphoros Sendai ruled over the land, just as and perhaps even more progressively than the Durantes before him. Though, after a tragic death at a young age, the mantle then fell upon his younger brother, Dion, whom still sits in the seat of the lordship today.


Politics and Science. They are not always amicable bedfellows. Historically, Pyria has not been a land where there has been much political upheaval. To this day, most of the population cares little for the realm of the political, instead concentrating on whatever sciences they have chosen to study. However, in recent years, there has been more whispers about how the Sendai family did procure the seat of the lordship, rumors citing some shady deals and literal backstabbing to get the family in the position. Since the death of Pyrphoros Sendai, however, the political tide has seemed to calm once more, the concentration of the people again turning to science, leaving the politics to the nobles and not giving it much attention in the least.

Succession of Lords

October 1, 506 – Present

Lord Dion Ister Lukash Shelly Sendai (b. 484)
m: Ivona Hawke (b. 485, d. 511)

August 11, 506 – October 1, 506

Lord Pyrphoros Ister Tuhke Harden Sendai (b. 478, d. 506)

July 5, 505 – August 11, 506

Lord Ister Giris Helian Theodor Sendai (b. 448, d. 506)
m: Trista Wynnifri Kristev Claud (b. 458, d. 500)

51 – 500 AG

Durante family rule, ending with Stanford Durante

The population of Pyria is centered around the Aurum River that flows northward and passes through the three cities in Pyria: Magmaclastic Rock, Skyreach, and Aestus Gate. The river contains washes out trace amounts of gold and precious material as it flows out to the ocean. Not enough to be actual production place of rare metals, but enough to get noticed.

Magmaclastic Rock refers to both the keep that is the traditional seat of House Durante, the Lords of Pyria, and the small town that surrounds it. House Sendai has made it their seat officially as well, though there seems to be a move of shifting the political center towards Aestus Gate. Most of the testing facilities are located in the lands surrounding Magmaclastic Rock.


Skyreach is on the river opposite that of the Blue Lake and the College of Science. Skyreach has a large population of faculty and students that choose to live off campus. In addition, many Pyrians prefer to live here due to its scenic lake view.

Blue Lake, previously Sundip Lake, is named such for an experiment gone wrong over twenty years ago in which the entirety of the lake was turned a very dark shade of blue by a well meaning student, temporarily staining the skin of anyone who dared wade in the colorful waters. Blue Lake is a fresh water lake connected to the Aurum River along with some of the local water systems. Its surroundings are one of the flatter places in Pyria, allowing for construction of a large facility like the college and some of the better housing.

Aestus Gate is located a few hours downstream from Skyreach by horse, or an hour by boat downstream. It is situated near the coast and has the most commercial activity in Pyria. The Sendai family also called it home when not working at the College or administering the land from Magmaclastic Rock.

Pyria is also home to a strange phenomenon named Providence's Steps, or The Steps, a thus far inexplicable geological occurrence. The Steps are located on the coast near the border of Tinker's Bench, and have been in place since the time the Isle was lifted from the depths of the Sea of Veils by the Keeper. No one has been able to explain how it happened, and it continues to be the subject of much speculation and debate.


The primary output of Pyria is its equipment for research use. The testing grounds at Pyria has fostered an industry of manufacturing equipment that requires significant degree of calibration.

In addition to manufacturing, Pyria also seats the College of Science, and much of the city of Skyreach is devoted to support the College and its students. Many scholars also travel to Skyreach for conferences and other exchanges.

Many of the alchemists of the realm have studied within Pyria for some of their career, making it a center of that particular science, and bringing the business of making and selling the popular drugs of the Empire to this land.


One would be hard pressed to find anyone that will deny Providence as a Goddess. However, if there is true religion in Pyria, and Miller's Isle as a whole, it is science. It is almost obsession. It is talked about in taverns, discussed over dinner tables. There are gatherings not to worship Providence, but to brainstorm the next great idea. Debates are held outside and within the College of Science. Alchemists disappear for days on end working on their newest mixture. Science rules in this part of the Empire, and is treated almost as a religion in and of itself.


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