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Leaders: Parsifal Soranus

Admin: Julie


Regarded as a divergent faith by some, and a sect as others, Purism draws not from some abstract and unknowable forces, but from the reality of the Empire's past and the promise of its future. Its practitioners view the Keeper as most others do, as the divinely appointed leader. He is the Chosen of Providence, meant to shoulder a burden beyond the power of any mortal to do unaided, to keep fast the seal upon the Gateway which keeps the Dark Lord and his demonic minions bound to the Abyss.

Where Purists and their less zealous cousins differ is the manner in which it falls to the rest of us to shoulder that burden alongside Providence's Chosen. While most are content to pay that sacrifice and the Goddess which makes it possible lip-service, a Purist is one who has chosen to devote their life to Providence's ideals. To eschew any hint of demonic darkness in their lives or the world about them, to take back any foothold demonic power seeks to make within the realm. While Providence has charged the Keeper with holding closed the Gateway, she has laid at the feet of her faithful the mission to shine Her Light in any place that darkness might gather.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are claiming to have NPC Purists as family members, please contact Julie.

Membership Requirements

Purists have some challenges on the grid, as it is hard to play within the strictures of honesty, faithfulness, eschewing darkness and standing against any negotiation or compromise with evil. Those who bear the title of Purist have been raised with strict adherence to these beliefs.


The Baron or Baroness of Ethos is regarded as the head of all Purists, and second only to the Emperor himself in spiritual leadership. Beneath that are Priests and Trainers, both of whom are rarely seen on Gateway.

Within the Purist community there are five orders, each devoted to a specific duty or way of life. Not every Purist belongs to one of these orders, nor are they expected to do so. The Devoted Community of the Sacred Hand focuses on healing. The Sons of Providence serve as guardians to holy places. The Illuminated Society promotes the melding of faith and science. Members of the Mendicant Brotherhood devote themselves to a simple lifestyle while carrying Providence's word. The Order of the Refining Flame is dedicated to defending the innocent against the seduction of the shadow.

Purist Orders

Grid Relations

Most people on-grid view Purists as good but stuffy people. Their word is generally trusted and they are viewed as honest, if sometimes also as rather fringe for their devotions. It is well-known that Purists are often leaders in matters of charity or kindness to their fellow-man.

Purist Marriage

While Draughtians hold to many definitions regarding marriages and unions, Purists adhere to a strict tradition. Those of the Purist faith, nobles and citizens alike, view marriage as a sacred thing and treat it seriously. Purists observe a period of courting in which the couple has a chance to get to know one another as well as allowing the family to get to know the potential new member as well. Purists are very particular about who they allow their children to marry and must approve of the match.

A six month betrothal period follows that, if all sides are agreeable to the match. Only after both of these are observed is the couple allowed to wed. These steps are deemed important, for in that time the bride and groom are not only preparing themselves for married life, they are making certain that this union is the right one, for Purists do not believe in divorce and do not recognize it.

Significant IC History

The foundations of Purism lay in some of the early, violent times of the Empire, where one man on Draught had a prophetic experience and founded a place where devoted followers of Providence could come and be a part of a community of faith. This was the founding of the barony of Ethos and the Soranus line. The devotion grew, and became more sanctioned when Emperor Jonathan Caprios worked closely with Baron Solomon Soranus to create the Libris Sancti, the official and sacred text of the faith.

Other focuses came into the faith, and a path called the Path of the Innocent split off slightly from the original group (which was termed the Path of the Dragon in comparison). Then in relatively recent years there was a brief uprising of the Path of the Mother, a very permissive group that embraced joy and love more than the tenets of the faith.

In 507, an uprising of the faithful captured and exiled the Soranus family for a time. The rift was healed by the marriage of the leadership of the uprising and one of the Soranus daughters, and the extra paths were eliminated shortly after, with the return of the Baron Athar Soranus. No longer would Purists divide themselves by paths of the Innocent, Dragon, or Mother, but rather all would consider themselves on the Path of the Light. Athar has not been seen for some time now, and leadership lays on the shoulders of the man who led the uprising to begin with.

More detailed information is at Purism/History

More information on the differences between the three paths is at Purism/Paths

The member pages of this faction are located here.

A number of questions about strictures and faith can be found on the Purist FAQ. HOWEVER, there are intricacies of the faction and Purism that are best discussed with a member of the faction. If you're looking to play a Purist, plan on talking to one of the ones on grid before putting in the app.

Purist Logs

Below are a collection of logs that focus on the Purists or Purism, helpful both for those in the Faith and those considering making a Purist character.

Forgive Us Our Trespasses - The return of the abducted Soranus family members, into a gathering at the Temple of Ethos.

Speech at the Temple - Parsifal Soranus delivers a speech to the faithful at the Temple of Ethos after the death of his wife, Ravelle.

Ordination of a Priest - Tiege Soranus fully joins the Priesthood and is ordained in the Temple of Providence on Gateway.

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