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Philomena Caprios
Empress of Gateway
Empress of Gateway
Empress of the Isles
Investiture 23 February 501 – 22 October 508
Predecessor Empress Margaret
Heir Apparent Undeclared
Emperor Rourke Caprios
Offspring Prince Jordan Caprios
Princess Margaret Caprios
Princess Firenza Caprios
Prince Tomas Caprios
Full Name Philomena Firenza Semele Charlotte Forester Caprios
Titles and Styles Empress of the Isles
Empress of Landry
House House Caprios
Father Caspian Forester
Mother Firenza Forester
Born December 23 483(483-12-23)
Emerald Hollow, Green Fields
Died October 22 508 (aged 24)
Biographical Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Eye Color Forest Green
Hair Brown
Empress of the Isles

It wasn't always easy, growing up the youngest in a large family. Sure, we had our share of problems, what family doesn't? My father, Baron Caspian Forester, was a strong and able baron to the people of Emerald Hollow. My mother, the rather infamous Firenza Forester, bore many children in a good, old-fashioned Green Fields manner. There isn't much to say about my childhood. Phineas was betrothed to Aileana Ashlan, so I spent a decent amount of time with her as we both grew up. Of course, being the youngest of a baronial family, I didn't really believe that my life would be very complicated at all. I would get older, marry some respectable man from the Fields, have some children and work with horses happily for the rest of my life. Needless to say, things didn't quite turn out that way.

Halfway into my fourteenth year, my father died and my eldest brother, Phaeton, became the new Baron. Life was simple for awhile, enjoying the freedom of being a young teenager on Green Fields. When the Marchioness Aileana was old enough to be wedded to my brother Phineas, I relocated to Gateway to experience life around court. I met many people very quickly and did become quite enamored of life on Gateway Isle. It wasn't too long at all before I met and became acquainted with the Emperor. I tried to teach him how to ride a horse bareback.

He still rides with a saddle.

It was no secret that I was pregnant with his children before we were wed, and what an ordeal that was. He didn't even show up to the first scheduled wedding. Though, perhaps in that he was smarter than me, as neither of us knew what we were getting into. I thought it would be quite simple. I was very mistaken. Just meeting someone, getting married, and having three children at once shortly after will do a lot to make a person grow up. Along with the myriad of other things we have faced in our few years together. There were quite a few times I thought he was just going to send me off to Green Fields to be free of the constant hassle of a marriage (And I admit, I did give him quite a challenge in it). Fortunately for me, he refrained and things eventually changed between us. Now? Well, we more prefer to keep our personal lives personal, but I think the state of our affections is quite obvious.

Recent History

In the very early days of 505, I was called upon by my husband to step further into the realm of politics. Due to a situation that had drawn him away from court and the day to day running of the Empire, I had stepped fully into the role of Empress, to rule in his stead, and with his blessing. It was twenty months later that the Keeper did come out of his seclusion to return to his role, and me to mine at his side. There were plenty of difficulties in my stint as the head of the Empire. Assassination attempts, an execution, the legalization of Necromancy.. but it was what would soon come after his return that would be the hardest thing I have ever faced in my life.

In October of 506, tragedy struck my family when my eldest child, Princess Margaret, was taken from us, a parent's worst nightmare. With the aid of my family, and the people of the Empire itself, I will eventually heal somewhat, though nothing will quite ever be the same.

When I am not fulfilling my duties as the Keeper's wife, there are some things I fill my time with. I remain in touch with those I consider close to me. Of course I spend some regular time in with my horses. It is a busy life, indeed, and often very demanding and arduous. But even with the difficulties I face, I count myself very fortunate in that I have found my place. I know I am where I should be.


On October 22, 508, there was a great chaos that seized the City of Crossroads, causing much destruction and many deaths upon Gateway, and indeed the Empire. It was later revealed by the Emperor himself that it was due to what he called a misguided heroic attempt by many of the Forester siblings to close the Gateway forever. The extent of the truth, their success, or their damage, remains in question.

What is not in question is that Philomena was involved, perishing in the process.


The most public of her relationships, of course, was that with the Emperor. Married when she was seventeen years old, and already pregnant, the pair had some roadblocks to work through, seeing as they hardly knew each other before being married, which caused some friction and problems in the beginning. Time changed that, and the Imperial couple grew into a solid unit for their people, the Empress being known to support her husband in all things. In the end, it is said that she died trying to rid the Empire of the threat of demonic escape, leaving her husband a widower.

She was known to be quite close to her family. It is even public knowledge that most of her siblings also died in the attempt to destroy the Abyss.


There were often subtle jibes thrown around by those who knew the Empress well of her rumored obsession with fire.

Mena had taken a few trips outside of the barrier, and had traveled all of the isles of Gateway more than once, meeting as many as possible, both noble and citizen alike.

She used to be quite the partier, in typical Green Fields fashion, but had seemed to leave most of that behind in favor of a more formal life. She turned into a very proper and respected Empress in the years she reigned.


There are a few of logs of interaction between Rourke and Mena on The Emperor's page

Here are a few others:

Empress Mena executes a man found guilty of attempted assassination - March 505

Mena walks in to find Rourke in quite a mess

Imperial Family of Gateway Empire
Preceded by
Margaret Caprios
Empress of the Isles
Feb. 23, 501- Oct. 22, 508
with Rourke Caprios (499 - Present)
Current holder
Crowned Prince:
Jordan Caprios
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