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The Barony of Miller's Isle

Duchy: Draught

Leaders: Baron Ethan Locke

Population: 190,000

Lordships: Pyria, Tinker’s Bench

Known For: Scientific Study, Crafting, School of Science

Major Towns and Cities: Horizon's Gate (Capital)

Characters of Miller's Isle: Here

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The Lancaster Family
The history of Miller's Isle is deeply rooted to the Lancaster Family, which ruled the Barony since the isle's raising. A family known for its intelligence, resourcefulness and willingness to blaze new trails is also one known for suffering the consequences of this lifestyle. Many deaths within the family, and of those closely related, have been due to accidents in invention, alchemy and other scientific endeavors. However, through it all, the family has managed to keep the Barony open and been willing to let the citizens it holds dear continue to live their lives as safely, or as dangerously, as they see fit.

No pair of Lancasters define what it means to be citizen and leader of Miller's Isle better than Sabrina and her brother Samuel. After the passing of Her parents, Sabrina was given the title of Baroness of Miller's Isle. Her husband, Royce Lancaster was not long fated for this world, and soon passed. During this time, her brother Samuel joined her in the city of Crossroads. Their leadership was kind and productive during Sabrina's reign. However, on June 29, 505 A.G, the siblings were killed in an explosion caused by an experiment gone wrong. For over a year, the Barony remained empty.

The Lancaster Family Tree

The Locke Family
In the last thirty years, the Lockes have gained a reputation as premiere investors for scientists of Miller's Isle. Their business, Locke Investments, flourished under many loans to would-be scientists that would be paid in kind when their creations hit the market.

The Locke family was always considered the more eccentric shadow to the political Lancasters they shared their blood with. They usually stayed out of the spotlight, speaking through their donations rather than their presence. However, this didn't keep them from amassing a like fortune and a like reputation. To most inventors of Miller's Isle, the name Locke has come to mean opportunity.

In November of 505, Ethan Locke made his way to Crossroads with the goal of restoring the Baronial name. Though it took a long while, and he shared claim with his cousin Cynara Dhaval, he was eventually named Baron of Miller's Isle by Duke Dorian Claremont in September of 506.


Politics in Miller's Isle has always been a mixed bag. There have been leaders who have entirely ignored the political game for a larger interest in science, to those who have joined great debates about the philosophies of leading an Empire. However, the general political feel of the land seems to be quite lackadaisical. So long as those in charge allow the scientists to do their research without interruption, the citizens to live without unneeded restrictions, they have generally been happy.

The current leader, Ethan Locke, seems to skirt the line between these two perceptions. While his larger interest lies in the progress of the Barony's Technology and Economy, he is not adverse to backing political causes if he believes it is what's best for the Empire.

Succession of Barons

September 506 – Present

Baron Ethan Leopold Locke (b. March 18, 476)

??? – June 29, 505

Baroness Sabrina Lancaster (d. June 29, 505)
m: Royce (d. November 5, 504)

Miller's Isle primarily consists of rocky terrain dotted with quaint valleys and simple mountains. Though the land is not generally barren, the overall rockiness of the soil mixed with the simple import of food and herbs means that the land was never tilled for crops. Instead, it was opened to experimenters who have, throughout history, claimed the land as their own personal testing fields.

Pyria is comparatively a bit more lush than Tinker's Bench because of the Aurum River that flows through it. The river itself is dotted with a few small towns, as well as the School of Science. The river itself is actually the home of one of the oldest known dams in the Empire, known fondly as the Shadow Wall due to the eerie shadow it casts on the now barren land beyond it. It is assumed that the dam was originally built to redirect the river to flow northward, where more hospitable land was located. This relic of past times, which proves that man can shape the very land, is held as a testament to the ingenuity of Miller's Isle.

Tinker’s Bench is mostly moorland, void of trees and left uncultivated. However, the land itself has a certain rustic charm that many people have come to appreciate. Even more so than Pyria, the land in Tinker's Bench has been given over to inventors. Due to the redirecting of the Aurum River, a large span of dried lake beds exist across the central span of the land. The most famous of these is the Arrowhead Flats. Named after its triangular shape, this land has been historically claimed by the Lancasters and their relatives as their premiere testing grounds. As a result, the Baronial home was built in a lush valley beyond the hills that mark the border of the dried lake. The city of Horizon's Pass soon began to grow, its name derived from the glow on the horizon when looking across the Arrowhead Flats.


The economy of Miller's Isle is unlike that of any of the other baronies. There are no fields of growing herbs or spices, or anything of the like. Miller's Isle is a barony of industry. Centered around the College of Sciences in Pyria, this is where most of the technology of the Empire comes from. The largest of the shipbuilding yards in the Empire is upon the coast of Tinker's Bench. Most of the famed alchemists of the realm come from this area as well. It is the commerce of mind instead of body, where the intellectuals (or the amazingly fortunate) can build their riches on ideas.



  • September 3, Graduation Day. The day that those students from the College of Science graduate and are given their diplomas. Often marked by friendly battles on empty test fields between specialty majors, sometimes occurring in the new healing graduates having to test out their new skills, as well. While this is not a publicly sanctioned practice by the college, many professors will turn a blind eye to it when they find plans or overhear plotting from their students for the 'battle'.
  • November 22, M.O.S.S. Inception (AKA "Nosy Bastard Day"). This day marks the creation of the M.O.S.S. at the College of Science. While its students never need an excuse to ask uncomfortable questions, it's heavily practiced at the college and in towns that have a prominent M.O.S.S. affiliation that on this day everyone not associated with M.O.S.S. will seek out a student and heckle them relentlessly with probing questions. This has often times spilled over into the general public, giving anyone an excuse to barrage anyone else with embarrassing, probing, and at times ridiculous questions.
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