Memnoch Crowley

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Memnoch Crowley
Memnoch Crowley
Memnoch Crowley
Lord Elixir Vitae
Succession 499 - Present
Predecessor Malak Crowley
Successor None
Marital Status Single
Full Name Memnoch Sebastian Crowley
Titles and Styles Lord Elixir Vitae
Born May 13 479 (479-05-13) (age 39)
Elixir Vitae, Amphorae, Mists
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 147 lb.
Eye Color Blue
Hair White

Memnoch Sebastian Crowley

Romantic. Dandy. Mortician. Artiste. Oh yeah .. he oversees a Lordship in Draught, too, that being Elixir Vitae. When he's not too strung out to write missives, anyway.

Known alternately as an overbearing tyrant and too spacey to properly rule, he has a rather colorful reputation among those who live in or have traveled through his Lordship. The gypsy troupes and others have taken to calling him names which may certainly be unflattering, foreboding and peculiar monikers like Silvered Gavel, Death's Judge or Ashen Prince. More favorable onlookers have been known to refer to him as the Lord of Liquor and Death.

It has been rumored that the skull-handle of his cane is an actual skull, human or otherwise, given an artificial silvery sheen.

More to come -- including some vague sense of cohesion and some sort of gossipy time line -- when the player is less lazy.

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