Mardaeus Aureli

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Mardaeus Aureli
Lord of Twisted Forge
"I am smiling."
"I am smiling."
Reign 21 March 507 – Present
Predecessor Arenius Aureli
Marital Status Single
Father Lord Gaius Aureli III
Mother Lady Mary Aureli
Born January 1 459 (age 53)
Aureli Estate - Twisted Forge
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Height 6'2.5"
Weight 165 lbs
Eye Color Blue
Hair Gray/Brown



Mardaeus Aureli was born in Twisted Forge, Smithfield. He was the second son born to Lord Gaius Aureli; the first being Arenius Aureli. Mardaeus entered the Legion as soon as he was old enough and stayed on full-time until he retired nineteen years later. After retiring, he disappeared for fourteen years and was presumed dead by many. Mardaeus has suspiciously resurfaced just after the mysterious death of his brother, causing a murmur of gossip the likes of which Twisted Forge has not seen in decades.

The Story Since


• Wanted to be a member of the officer corps’s cavalry when he first joined the legions, but he was made an archer instead because his commanding officer thought he was “too scrawny” to keep a lance held out.

• Served many roles over his nineteen years in the military, including: archer, calvary, infantry, officer, tribune and trainer. His longest role was the nine years he spent as an instructor in the Novice Legions.

• Only has one kidney thanks to a madman, a spear, a woman, and a miraculous surgery. Surprisingly, he hardly has a scar.

• Rarely seen carrying a weapon despite his prior vocation.

• Has never married.

• Fired the entire staff of the Aureli Estate upon his homecoming. When some were reluctant to leave they were personally removed from the property by the lord.

On the Aurelis

• Marsius was the first Aureli lord, but he had no noble blood. He was a one-legged veteran, entrepreneur, father, husband, and mayor of a coal mining community. When heirless Lord Twisted Forge died of influenza, Baron Smithfield promoted Marsius to the vacant position. He chose simple heraldry: Argent a Cougar sejant Gules. Lived: 343-434 Reign: 410-434

• Cassius Aureli poisoned his father and usurped lordship, but he wasn’t convicted of this until years later when evidence was discovered. At the start of his reign he changed the family heraldry to: Ermine a Lion with Dragon Wings, Tail, and Tongue dormant Gules. Cassius claimed he was immortal moments before he was beheaded. Lived: 401-440 Reign: 434-440

• Gaius Aureli testified against his father only days before becoming Lord Twisted Forge himself. He was a man who seldom spoke, but when he did it was as thought out as a text. He was known for keeping things very close to chest and refusing to delegate even when overwhelmed. Gaius died in his sleep from natural causes. Lived: 425-496 Reign: 440-496

• Arenius Aureli spent his reign inebriated and womanizing. It is said that he was sterile, as he had many lovers yet no heirs. Arenius wasted his sizable inheritance on luxuries over a period of five years, and then doubled taxes when he found himself too poor to continue his lifestyle. He died of a drug overdose, asphyxiation, or a combination of the two. Lived: 451-507 Reign: 496-507


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