Liadain Kincade

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Liadain Kincade
Lady of Shining Shores
Fullname Liadain Eilisa Kincade
Title Lady of Shining Shores
Marital Status Unmarried
Noble House House Kincade
Father Auric Kincade
Mother Maurian Kelnar
Date of Birth

May 21 483 (483-05-21) (age 35)

Occupation Uncertain
Gender Female
Height 5 feet, 7 inches
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Strawberry Blond
Kincade Arms.png

Liadain had always been a troublesome girl. That isn’t to say she intentionally set out to cause mayhem or was vicious in her behaviour, for that was far form the truth. But things just happened when she was about. She had the attention span of a bird and she was as changeable as the wind. Her parents had lost count of the things she wanted to be when she was a young girl, for just about every day she’d come up with some new idea and she was easily influenced by what she saw right that minute. When Lorric started weapons training she suddenly wanted to be a warrior too, happy to pick up whatever weapon her brother had just put down, as if suddenly discovering her purpose in life, a discovery that lasted a few minutes, or even a few days if she was lucky.

Perhaps it was her love of the famed performers of Crucible that inspired her swift changes of heart, or maybe it was because of her changeable nature that she adored them so. She was always a slender little girl with a nimbleness to impress even the best contortionists and the idea of becoming an acrobat often entered her mind. It was enough of a desire that she’d actually sneak away to try and learn from any willing to teach her. But even in those lessons she was never structured. She’d come and go as she willed, or as she was allowed. They were skills that would likely be useful as a warrior, but at the time it was just fun for her. Her mother’s work as a metal engraver often caught her attention too and she stop into her mother’s work room to learn, when she was in the mood to do so. Like everything else she would come and go as her mood moved her, often leaving projects for weeks before remembering what she was working on, or her mother reminded her of a task yet undone.

As she grew out of childhood and into her early teens her parents hoped that she might gain some focus, but that seemed the impossible dream. Oh sure, she often talked about following her father and joining the legions, but her family knew her well enough to know not to take anything she said too seriously. “Maybe we can find her a husband and quick,” her father would suggest and not entirely be joking about it either. She still practiced the things she loved and adding to her acrobatics and metal engraving, she developed a deep love for horseback riding, though that shouldn’t be a surprise for a Guardian, as well as the bow. She had a number of weapons at her disposal and she tried them all, finding the bow to be her favourite and in the end it proved to be the path to a more structured life.

When she was sixteen she declared she wanted to begin her basic training, much to the delight of her parents, though they were wary. Would she embarrass them, would she be able to stick it out for six months? But not only did she stick it out, she did exceptionally well, enough so that letters were sent home commending her work. Six months turned into three years training as Liadain decided to stick it out and join with the archers. She was a natural with a bow in her hand and made a name for herself. She even took to combining her riding skills with her shooting, becoming adept with a smaller bow more suitable for horseback. Her early training in the acrobatic arts as well as her natural nimbleness and dexterity proved invaluable in this. But after three years she decided that a full military life was not for her. She joined the reserves and returned home just shy of 20.

But what was she going to do? She seemed back at square one, but she had adopted a more structured way of life. True, she’d never lose her rather changeable nature, but she had grown and she was ready to focus on something new. She settled in to learn more from her mother, intent on joining with her business and eventually take it over one day. She even fell in love with a fellow reservist, Ruarc McLain, and a betrothal was announced. It seemed that Liadain was finally going to settle down after all. However, that did not last long, for civil war ripped around Guardian and Liadain grabbed her bow and went to join in with the fighting. When she left her parents with her bow slung across her back and a pack in hand, none knew that it would be the last time they’d see each other.

Liadain learned of Ruarc’s death early into the fighting and those in her company would say that it turned her into a fiercer fighter, but a rather rash one as well. Some said she was hoping to die to join him, others claimed that she was fighting for revenge. It was a miracle that she made it out and it wasn’t until she returned home that she learned of the fate of her family. She mourned them fiercely and was often seen out shooting in an effort to pour her misery out and into something else. She coupled that with lengthy rides, sometimes leaving for days at a time and coming back with no explanation as to where she had been. As time passed her pain simmered and she again took up her mother’s work, only without her mother to continue to teach. She went to work for one of her mother’s associates and it seemed that this was to be her life.

But of course things are never that easy. Her brother had to go and get all noble (literally) and Liadain found herself suddenly Lady Liadain of Shining Shores. That revelation didn’t go over entirely well, as was evidenced when she told her oldest friend, a sailor who she had known since they were both children, who also delighted in the performers in the town. She told him what had happened and how she was now, apparently, a lady. He laughed a good long time and then mockingly bowed to her, calling her “My Lady.” When he rose from onebow he found himself forced into another as she kicked him square in the balls. He promised never to call her My Lady again.

And now, a few months since her brother was raised to Lord Shining Shores, she has come to Gateway to be with him or help him or try not to embarrass him greatly. Only time will tell if she will be a help or a hindrance to her elder brother. Heck, she’s even bought herself a dress or two!


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