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The Isle of Gateway
Crossroads crest.png

Leaders: First Minister Tiege Soranus for Emperor Jordan Caprios

Population: 200,000

Baronies: None

Known For: Trade

Colors: Imperial Blue and Gold

Major Cities: Crossroads City, Seal Cove

Characters of Gateway: Here

Description: Gateway Isle and the city of Crossroads serves as a mecca for trade and was purposefully set up by the first Keeper as protection for the Gateway of the Lord of the Abyss. The castle sits upon a shelf of pure granite and legend says beneath the castle was once the site of what was called the Gateway. Below the castle is the city of Crossroads, which extends from the granite shelf to the Sea of Veils. Because of its central location (and the fact that the currents only allow travel between the duchies and Gateway and not each other), the Emperor’s seat has become the mainstay for all the islands' survival.

Map of Gateway:
Baronies and Lordships

Unless otherwise noted, NPC Barons or Lords are available for application

The Isle of Gateway has no baronies.


Though it is not uncommon for bartering to take place between merchants or individuals, most of Gateway uses a monetary system of different metal coins. Since we do not have a coded monetary system with the exchange of actual coded goods, there is a simple guideline to use for determining the IC prices within the game.

  • 1 tin = 10 cents
  • 1 copper = $1.00
  • 1 bronze = $5.00
  • 1 silver = $10.00
  • 1 gold = $100.00
  • 1 platinum = $1,000.00

While this is not a science, it is a good way to give broad brush estimates for price quotes during IC play.

Life on Gateway

Crossroads City has very specific housing options, as dictated by the crown to support the city's infrastructure (and as a result of a couple of natural disasters). All nobles are required to reside in the castle, and often nobles who have taken apartments in the city have been firmly required to relocate to the castle. As Gateway Castle houses most of the nobles, access to it is generally open on the first floor, but there are guards stationed to prevent those who do not have rank or a specific invitation from ascending to the levels of noble quarters.

Citizens who are residents of the city stay in the housing structures built in the Citizens' Square. There are more elegant quarters affordable only by the most wealthy of merchants in the Wellington Arms, average quarters available in the Fairview Quarters, and the most basic of places at the Brownstone Commons.

People can also find rentals above some businesses, with the Blue Tide Bed and Breakfast or the Isle of Beer, or a common room in the Dockside Tavern. In an OOC practicality sense, there could be more places given the 200K population, but for grid purposes it has been limited to these areas.

There is no common education provided on Gateway, so only people who have pursued a role in the Merchants' Guild, been privately tutored, or pursued some arrangement of their own desire have any formal training in any area. Apprenticeships are far more common, with children learning in a business environment from their mentor. The University on the isle was opened in 502 and provides an education for any who can afford it. Commoners who do not have the funds to do so will often seek patronage from a noble, or to take employment at the learning institution to pay for their education. However, in 513 it was decided that, due to budgetary reasons, it was no longer possible to keep the University running as it currently operates and so, an announcement of its closing was made, with assurances that something in a similar vein would take its place.

As Gateway is the Imperial Seat, the view on marriage is more given to propriety than that of some of the isles. People are not expected to publicly flout matters of propriety, and children born outside of wedlock face a measure of disdain.

Ever since trouble with a necromancer in 501, Gateway has adopted the process of burning the dead. Often there will be some sort of wake or commemorative ceremony for the deceased.

At the heart of the Empire, bare skin is not an appreciated commodity, though fine fabrics and styles are. Female garments tend toward full-length skirts and sleeves (although shorter sleeves are acceptable in summer), while trousers or breeches for men are paired with a full shirt, at minimum. Those who come from isles where expectation of propriety is more lax may find that they are looked at oddly on Gateway if they walk around with a bare midriff, and they will likely be mistaken for prostitutes. Fabrics produced within the Empire (such as linen, velvet, silk, cotton, satin, wool) are common, while some more exotic ones can be imported and will be seen in Gateway if anywhere.

Festivals and Traditions

Veil's Run (April) - (Depends on when in the season the fish return to spawn) People watch for the first run and hurry to plan the celebration. Usually happens within a week timeframe. The beach of Gateway is the location of the event, while citizens and ships fish in the area. One of the most entertaining events is when the citizens and nobles rush into the waves to net and pull out the bounty from the sea. A grand feast is laid out on the beach where the blessing from the sea is shared with all.

Providence's Blessing (early Autumn/end of September) - This is the celebrated day of when Providence named Her champion and the bloodline of the Keeper was born. This festival has evolved into the main celebration of the whole Empire and each isle brings a little bit to the festival because it involves all of them. It includes an opening speech by the Keeper/Emperor, dancing, fireworks, and displays of wealth from each of the duchies: a grand battle for warriors from Guardians; a display of magic from Mists; a display of scientific knowledge from Draught; and food and goods from Green Fields.

Information for the Providence's Blessing Festival of 509 found here.

Unity Day (November 26th) - This celebration was started by Emperor Rourke after the death of the Abyssal Vox, and the breaking of his hold of fear upon the Empire. It includes a large feast to celebrate the five isles as one empire, and sometimes the Keeper hands out Unity Coins.

Double Eclipse - There is a celebration of the night of the Eclipse when the sun is hidden behind the two moons of Gateway Empire. This happens once every two years. The day becomes night and this 24-hour night is a time of celebration that marks the power of the Keeper. It is the one time that all citizens can witness the power of the currents as the light of the shadows of the moons make the currents appear to the eye of those who watch. A Keeper can even be talked into showing a display of his power over the Currents on this night. This is the celebration most parents dread, as the young flow through the streets wearing masks and disguises. It is not unheard of for there to be a run on the Alchemy shop for herbs and potions to prevent pregnancy (mostly by the wise parents of young men and women) and the local alchemist spends three months before this celebration blending and making the required herbs and potions. Behind the masks and disguises, the young feel free to celebrate all the earthly delights and many a young woman loses her virginity on this day.

Keeper's Birthday - The birth date of the Keeper for that generation is also celebrated. This celebration is done up in high fashion where the people of the city enter the coliseum and are divided into two groups. One is the oppressed people and the other the demons. A representative from the citizens is chosen to play the Keeper, who then enacts the moment when the Champion rose up and defeated the masters, sending them into the vortex that would serve as their prison. This is followed by a celebration of food, song, and dance. Most believe this serves as a celebratory reminder to the present Keeper of his responsibility to each and every person he was born to protect.

Birthdays - On Gateway, birthdays other than that of the Keeper are not usually celebrated, and the practice of exchanging gifts or having large parties is rare.

Spring Festival - Originating on the Isle of Green Fields, over the years the Spring Festival has become popular on Gateway and is celebrated by the citizens.

An example of a typical Spring Festival found here.

Justice of Gateway

If a minor charge is brought against a citizen of the Empire on Gateway Island but outside the castle, the Minister of Justice will usually handle the situation, including punishment. (Some minor charges include petty theft, vandalism, and breaking and entering). Any charges that involves a death warrant must be presented to the Emperor. Only the Emperor can execute a Death Warrant within the main island.

Only the Emperor can also overturn a Death Warrant executed by any noble within the Empire (including the Duchies), granting clemency, etc., though for him to do so is extremely rare, having been done so only three times in the history of Gateway Empire.

For more detailed information regarding Justice and the Laws of the Empire, see Empire Laws

Character of Gateway

Sitting at the heart of the Currents and by necessity the center of all trade, Gateway citizens tend to think of themselves as more cosmopolitan than other isles. They have a greater insight into the power of the Keeper, and thus tend to be fairly committed to Providence and Her chosen Emperor. With their exposure to nobility and the stricter expectations of courtly behavior that the noble class are held to, the citizens tend to be more formal than those of other isles as well.


The Healers' faction is primarily active on Gateway, although most of its rank come from Draught.

The thieves' guild on Gateway is part of the dark, seedy underbelly that most people never even know exists.

The merchants' guild is centered upon Gateway as it is the hub of all empire commerce.

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