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Lady Healer's Hall

"Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all." - Helen Keller
Fullname Innocentia Serafine Fidelis Crestwood
Title My Lady,
Lady Healer's Hall
Royal House House Crestwood
Marital Status Married to
Timothy Crestwood
Father Osiris Humilitas Orion Candide
Mother Azura Temperance Fontine Candide
Date of Birth

May 1 481 (481-05-01) (age 37)

Place of Birth Meritas, Isle of Draught
Occupation Lady Healer's Hall,
Member of the Purist Sect
Former: Draught Ducal Chamberlain
Heir Llewelyn Crestwood
Height 5 feet, 8 inches
Gender Female
Eyes Sky Blue
Hair Sable
Roleplay Logs
  • Soon to Come


Born the youngest daughter of an Architect (her father) and Scribe (her mother), Innocentia's upbringing had much to do with education along with the deep belief in the Faith. She discovered a fierce desire for perfecting her mapping skills when she got lost in a cave near the coast at the age of nine, the map that she had drawn having delivered her farther from safety. It was two days later that she was found, though by that point, her appreciation for cartography was born and thus shaped the rest of her professional pursuits.

For her younger teen years, her father would take her with him on his architectural pursuits, which allowed her to develop more into the adventurer that she has grown to become. Traveling alone, with her horse, she went from isle to isle working only for those that were referred to her by another, and likely, mostly for of by those of her Faith.

The birth of Ravelle Soranus's first child beckoned her to the isle of Gateway, though she had not planned on staying. She soon found herself immersed in with extended family she spent her childhood with, and loved so dearly.

At her cousin, Lady Helena Soranus' urging, she applied for the Draught Ducal Chamberlain position and found herself quickly working for them. Since, she has embraced the position and found herself growing more and more fond of her employers. She is fiercely protective of them, and her family members, and can be found wandering all over the city doing their bidding.


  • Like an annointing by fire, a small pale X brands the spot at the base of her nape, blending just into the hairline there.
  • Spelunking is one of her favorite past-times and she is quite skilled at navigating underground terrain.
  • She does not know how to swim.
  • Her horse is named Grue after the darkness that devours when one is idle too long.
  • If she has trouble sleeping, which is quite regularly, she often times goes to the beach to skip stones.
  • On most of her work, the lower right corner will bear the Candide Seal. CandideSeal.png
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