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House Athelstan of Copper Run
Family Symbol
IC Information
House Status: Lordship (Copper Run)
Head of Household: Crispin Athelstan
Heir Presumptive: Honorius Athelstan
House Motto:
House Colors: Copper, Black and Grey
Duchy: Guardians
Barony: Smithfield
Lieges: Imperial House Caprios
The Duke of Guardians
The Duchess of Guardians
Baron Smithfield

House Athelstan of Copper Run

One cannot fix one's eyes on the commonest natural production without finding food for a rambling fancy.

Jane Austen (1775 - 1817), Mansfield Park

Coat of Arms


Though they have long since remained in control of the lordship of Copper Run, the Athelstans are originally from Dun Artan; they migrated from the barony during the late 300s with interests in mining.

Historically the family has been known for its preference for the simple life. Arcadius Athelstan, who held the title between 504 and 506 A.G., was inclined to spend time in taverns when conducting business. His children are, for the most part, no different from their predecessors; they are comfortable speaking to almost anyone, and rarely put on airs.

The Athelstans have been mountain men and miners. Craftsmen and well-meaning benefactors. But it is as they say: the best of intentions can sometimes lead to the most disastrous of results.

In 506, Arcadius’ obsession with the mines led to a deadly accident that brought down a mountain in Rayder Pass. Since his death, relations between the family and Dun Artan have been strained. Some would appear to be attempting to give young Crispin Athelstan the chance to prove himself; others may be harbouring ill feelings towards the family. They have a long way to go before trust can be rebuilt. Not unlike a foundation that was once terribly rocked.


(in progress)

Late 300s – Mid-400s

Date unknown: The Athelstan family are appointed to oversee the lordship of Copper Run.

Date unknown: Dominicus Athelstan, former Lord Copper Run, is born.


July 1: The birth of Arcadius Athelstan, Dominicus Athelstan’s third child by his wife, Silvia.


August 23: The birth of Valerius Athelstan, Dominicus’ fourth child by his wife, Silvia.


Date unknown: Dominicus Athelstan becomes the next Lord Copper Run.


Date unknown: Lucia Athelstan, Arcadius Athelstan’s wife, gives birth to the couple’s first child, Honorius Athelstan.

November 3: The birth of Crispin Athelstan, Arcadius’ second child by Lucia.


January 3: The birth of Felicity Athelstan, Arcadius’ third child by Lucia.


Date unknown: Valerius Athelstan, now a renowned armorer, is appointed to the Council of Smithfield.


Date unknown: Dominicus’ eldest child, a daughter, dies during the civil war.

October 8: Dominicus relinquishes his title to his second-eldest son, Arcadius Athelstan.


July 6: Arcadius’ negligent pursuit of high-grade anthracite results in the disaster in Rayder Pass; after securing his written confession, the Duke of Guardians orders him to be put to death.

November 10: Seven days before his father is scheduled to be executed fifteen-year-old Crispin Athelstan inherits his title as Arcadius’ chosen heir. Kenton Benedict is appointed to serve as the boy’s regent by Baron Smithfield.

November 17: Arcadius meets his end by Mildryth Lachlan’s blade after she and her Rayder Pass tribesmen raid the execution grounds.

December 20: Crispin Athelstan is sent to Gateway (ostensibly for his protection).


August: Felicity Athelstan joins her brother on Gateway.





Dominicus Athelstan, Former Lord Copper Run
Lucia Athelstan, Lady of Copper Run

Household NPCs

Family Tree

(also in progress)

Dominicus Athelstan (b. ?, d. ?)

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