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Dragonhead-1.pngHelena PasternakDragonhead-2.png
Imperial Chamberlain

"Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark."
- Rabindranath Tagore -
Fullname Helena Therese Justina Soranus Pasternak
Title Lady
Position Imperial Chamberlain
Royal House None. Formally House Soranus
Marital Status Married to Mihovil Pasternak
Issue Tikhon Pasternak
Mihaela 'Mira' Pasternak
Gavril Pasternak
Father Baron Galen Soranus
Mother Anjoli Candide Soranus
Date of Birth

January 21 486 (486-01-21) (age 32)

Place of Birth Ethos, Draught
Occupation Imperial Chamberlain of Gateway
Path of the Light
Height 5 feet, 6 inches
Gender Female
Eyes Pale Blue-Grey
Hair Dark Brown
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In the city Soranus Gold Reading the Libris Sancti Linette's Influence
Don't Go, Kishafali! The Keeper and the Purist Ready to Fight Training
Helena and Milori Imperial Chamberlain of Gateway The Cloaked Lady Hide and Seek
"A craven can be as brave as any man, when there is nothing to fear. And we all do our duty, when there is no cost to it. How easy it seems then, to walk the path of honor. Yet soon or late in every man's life comes a day when it is not easy, a day when he must choose."
(Maester Aemon - Game of Thrones)

Helena grew up in the quiet confines of the family’s estate in Ethos. She was surrounded with the mysteries of the Faith and it is no surprise that she followed the path set forward by her family, as all members of the Soranus family do. She was always a neat and tidy girl, needing everything to be just so, though at such a young age there were few things she had real control over. Aside from her room and herself, she had to abide by the decisions of others. It was an early practice in patience to be sure.

She had always known that she would be a Healer, it was simply something that was within her, something she had to do. When she was of age she attended the Healer’s College on Draught and while her studies began in the arts of healing the body, matters of faith began to intercede and her studies drifted from the physical and to the mental and emotional. This would delay her studies for some time in traditional healing, but it was a path she felt she needed to follow for a time.

Her mother’s death was hard on her and she could only take comfort in the knowledge that her mother now rested in the arms of Providence and she now knew the complete love and light the Goddess provides. She was not as close with her father, but she felt great sorrow in his loss as well and suddenly she was not the daughter of Baron Ethos, but his sister, as Athar assumed their father’s place. When Athar announced that he was going to establish himself on Gateway Helena followed him.

While there are a great deal of things that happen to Helena things that she does, all of them cannot be documented here. Below are records of major events in the life of Helena Soranus.

  • When all is said and done, Helena and Mihovil end up with three children. Tikhon Rourke Fortitude Pasternak came first, in June 513. He was followed by Mihaela Lyriana Temperance Pasternak (nicknamed Mira) in July 515 and then Gavril Christian Courage Pasternak in March 518.
  • Helena is a bit of a neat-freak and likes things to be orderly whenever possible.
  • When the Faith was in three Paths she, like many Soranus members, followed the Path of the Dragon. Even though her brother joined the three paths into one, there are some who believe she still considers herself a Dragon first and foremost.
  • She has received training in weapons from her cousins, Grear Maritus and Linette Barca. She favors knives and has even been given instruction in the crossbow by her husband.
  • She has traveled outside the Barrier six times. Once on a matter of grave family importance, once in exile, once on an Imperial mission, once to attend a wedding, once to a hidden destination, and once for yet unknown reasons.
  • She has a fascination with dragons. Probably not surprising, given her family's sigil.
  • She is ambidextrous, a skill she taught herself after becoming Imperial Chamberlain. She still practices it.
  • She bears a striking resemblance to Lyriana Caprios, mother of the Champion. She once sat for a painting of the Dowager Empress, though would not name the artist.
  • Helena has a Paisian bird named 'Soleil', a wedding gift from Melissande. It is also well known that she had a nightingale named Light that she had trained to come and fly on command. Word has it that the little nightingale died in early February 510.
  • Even though she's a Purist she occasionally will have a glass of wine, but tends to keep away from anything stronger. The exception is her yearly tradition of having one mug of ale, at Harvest.
  • She spends more time than most within the Hedge Maze in the castle's courtyard.

Family by Choice, not Blood - Phineas follows Helena to Ethos after her betrothal is ended.

First Date - Ahhh, this is where it all begins, the amazing adventure of Mihovil and Helena. The brave knight comes calling, with knives.

A Token - Helena and Rourke talk shortly before she departs on her trip outside the Barrier.

The Death of Rourke Caprios - Helena is witness to the last moments of the Keeper's life, swearing vows to him as she is named Regent.

Give Me a Sign - The night after Rourke dies, Helena tries to come to terms with his death and seeks a sign from Providence that he's not lost.

Names and Titles - The new Imperial Regents are aided by the Imperial Herald in the matter of what title they will take and which name they shall share.

Possession - It's the night of the Double Eclipse and what appears to be an interesting bit of storytelling becomes something darker, leaving both Helena and March struggling with some unseen entities.


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