Gwyneth Dukane

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Gwyneth Dukane
Fact Sheet
Full Name: Gwyneth Dukane
Profession: Warrior
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Height/Weight: 5'8"/165 lbs
Eyes/Hair: Brown / Brown
Date of Birth: 19 November 482
Place of Birth: Hills in Tel Girade
Marital Status: Widowed: Oliver Dukane



From a rather remote tribal group in the mountains to the north of Tel Girade, Gwyneth grew up amongst goats and warriors and little else. The Fiedach tribe lives a nomadic existence, by and large, following the goats through the hills to the little bits of grazing. When not herding goats, the tribe hones its warrior skills amongst themselves. They are fierce warriors, fearless and strong, fond of axes and swords and very little armour. Mobility, endurance, strength.. all valuable in the hard life of a nomadic tribe, and all the more valuable upon the field of war.

The Fiedach tribe sent warriors into the battles that raged though the isle not so long ago. Tattoed and snarling, they fought hard on the side of the baron Tarrant.

It was after the war was over, and life was going to settle back down to normal that Gwyneth found out that she was to marry. Not another of the tribes in the hills as she expected, but a nobleman. She was to be betrothed to Oliver Dukane, the new Lord Tel Girade.

A move to the city of Crossroads went poorly. Gwyneth's first trip out of the hills, away from the tribe. She arrived with a pack and a goat and no understanding of how a city functions. She set up her yurt in the plaza, staked her goat next to it and lay in wait with her axe to take out her betrothed. After all, if he died to one attack by a single warrior, he was hardly worth marrying. Equally, if he was dead, she could go home. It was quite the meeting, for the first time, between the two. Oliver did dodge, much to her combined delight and disgust.

Time passed. Their betrothal dragged on, and Gwyneth tended to spend as much time injured as not. She certainly didn't let a little thing like a Lady Consort title get in her way of getting into fights and battles and exploration. She moved out of the city, living in the yurt in the forest, and for a time, with Oliver living with her. An ill fated battle under the colliseum left her nearly dead, and facing months of recovery.

They finally married on December 11, 505. By January 16, 506, she was a widow. Oliver died in what has finally been assumed to be an accident, out in the middle of nowhere in the hills. Suddenly a tattooed, axe wielding, illiterate barbarian woman was Lady Tel Girade, without the assistance of her naturally social and effortlessly political husband. The line was assured, Gwyneth was already pregnant and she spent the spring and summer mostly staying out of trouble (save for some demons, and pesky mages), and learning to run a Lordship. On September 3, 506, Gaelan Oliver Dukane was born, happy and healthy and with his father's eyes.

In spite of not remarrying, and the demon plague, somehow Gwyneth managed to give Gaelan a baby sister, born a solid month early, but with a healthy pair of lungs on her in spite of that. Evika was born January 19, 513.




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