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Gather 2012

Hi peeps,

We will be doing CrossroadsMUSH Gather 2012 on the sprawling weekend of October 18-21/22. We will be staying at one of the hotels in the Fremont Street area. There are plenty to choose from, and they are all /very/ much within walking distance to one another. Where are the people who live in Vegas staying? Those of us who have already made reservations are staying at The Plaza, at the end of Fremont Street. But be assured that wherever you do make your hotel reservations, you /will/ be close by, and there will be plenty of people around who will appreciate you walking around Fremont Street Experience in your garb. Some might even give you money to take their picture with you. haha. (but serious).

For reference - these are the hotels that are very decent and closeby to all the others:

Golden Nugget : Very nice rooms, recently redone.
Four Queens: Haven't seen the rooms, but known to be decent. (also, some of the best root beer known to man here)
The D: renovations should be complete, though we heard it was sold out for the weekend
The Plaza: Major renovations very recently.
Main Street Station: Not as close as the others, but a decent place to stay (though, also recently sold out)

Those are the hotels that we would recommend. Any questions? Ask Julie. ;)

There are also plenty of restaurants in the area, from fast food (McDonald's and Subway) to the all important coffee shops to cafes to cuisine of all kinds. We certainly won't go hungry. There is also a Walgreen's nearby for all of those 'Oh crap, I forgot ...' moments. And I'm sure there's much more our lovely locals can point out for us.

Also? The Plaza has a Cupcake shop. There will be a Quest for Cupcakes. :)

Want to add yourself to the list? All arrangements are being kept on the Gather 2012 Travel Coordination page.

Walking the Strip: On Friday evening, around 5ish, we are going to walk the strip. We'll take the bus down to The Luxor and walk up to The Venetian and likely have dinner there and then take the bus back downtown. The bus cost is $7 for a 24 hour pass ($5 for 2 hours, but since this may run longer, safer to buy the 24 hour pass). According to Google it's about a 2 mile walk, and we'll certainly be making stops along the way.

That's as updatey as we get for now. More information as I (or someone more ambitious) gets off their posteriors and plans more. Don't feed the deer.


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