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Have some questions? Hopefully we have some answers! This page is destined to be a work in progress. Should you have any questions about the game or any of the factions that aren't answered either here or on their respective pages, please don't hesitate to ask!


  • Q: What's the theme of Crossroads MUSH?
A: Crossroads is broadly a fantasy-oriented game centered around five islands which together make up an Empire that exists within a larger world known as Ikol. Within Ikol, there are a variety of other countries, but the game itself takes place within the Empire and in large part specifically on the Isle of Gateway. Each of the isles within the Empire was engineered to provide the Empire with a unique contribution: from Guardian come warriors, smiths, stone and metal goods, from Draught come academics, inventions, alchemies and medicinal herbs, from Mists come mages and magical items and components, and from Green Fields comes the Empire's bulk supply of agricultural products. Gateway remains the Empire's political center (and the stage upon which the majority of the game's day to day RP takes place). While the theme can be described as fantasy, it is admittedly sprawling and flexible (within reason), allowing for a great deal of creativity on the parts of its players and storytellers!
  • Q: What would a short summary of the day-to-day RP on the game be?
A: There is an enormous amount of variety in the RP on the grid. There are a large number of plots both large and small happening on the grid at any given time (that range from political intrigue down to good old-fashioned critter-killing), both staff and player-driven, and there's almost always an event or two scheduled during the week in addition to slice-of-life RP. The common denominator is that Crossroads is a strongly character-driven game, by which we mean that the rolling of dice happens rarely, with the main focus being on freeform RP.
  • Q: Is this game based in the U.S.?
A: We have players from all around the world, but the majority of our players live in the United States or Canada, and many of those are in the Pacific Time Zone. We make an effort to try to schedule events for players in other time zones and encourage players to do the same.
  • Q: Are there any types of characters or specific characters needed on the grid right now?
A: If you type the +wanted command in-game, it will pull up a list of specific characters desired by players and factions as well as ideas for general concepts that would be great to see in the game.
  • Q: There are a lot of people sitting around in their rooms! Do they ever get out and play?
A: We've developed a strong social community, and lots of folks like to stay connected even when they're mostly distracted at work or with family. Feel free to page people if you're interested in roleplay! Most won't mind maintaining a slow one-on-one scene while they work.


  • Q: How do I create a page for my character?
A: See the Character Pages How-to for a step-by-step answer.
  • Q: I see something inaccurate. Can I change it?
A: Yes! If it's on a page that users can edit, please help us keep the site accurate. (The courteous exception to this rule is, of course, pages owned by other players. Remember to ask first!) If it's on a staff-protected page, let us know using the discussion page.
  • Q: Can I add a link to another website?
A: You may add to our Links page if your linked site is of general interest to roleplaying games or MUSHing, or provides an alternative OOC venue for players to gather. Advertising for specific sites is not permitted from the links page.
You may link to personal websites of interest, including other games you play, from an OOC section of your character's page. Staff reserves the right to remove offensive links.

Game Policies

Our most important values for a player on our game is found in the Crossroads Community Standards. Please become very familiar with its content!

There are some important files that all players new to the game should read. They cover the following issues:

Expectations for Movers and Shakers: We also have policies regarding what is expected of players who take on characters in leadership roles. These include those on the +features list, those holding Imperial Household Positions, foreign ambassadors, and land holders. If you hold such a position or are thinking of taking one on, please read them.

Isle-Specific FAQs

  • Draught FAQ. More information about the Isle of Draught.
  • Mists FAQ. More information about the Isle of Mists.

Other Setting FAQs

  • Castle FAQ Information about living in the castle.
  • Purist FAQ More information related to the Purist faction.

Code and Commands

  • Q: There are so many commands. Why do some start with @, some with +, and some are just typed?
A: In general, commands starting with @ are built-in commands on the PennMUSH server that the game runs on. Information about these commands can be found in 'help' and is common across other PennMUSH games (and sometimes games running on other servers such as MUX or RhostMUSH). Commands specific to Crossroads can be found by typing '+help' and (with a few exceptions, of course) most commands starting with + are "OOC" in nature (such as +where, +weather, etc.) Commands which do not start with a + are generally in-character actions (such as knock, shout, search, etc.). There are a few exceptions, usually for historical reasons or to prevent confusion with other commands.
  • Q: Are there code systems to help me keep track of various character descriptions?
A: There are two systems. +wear (+help +wear) is a simpler, but easier to learn system with three parts (general, wear/clothing, and fx/effects). +desc (+help +desc) is a more complex system but is infinitely more configurable.
  • Q: I want to go meet someone to roleplay but I don't know how to get there.
A: In most cases, you can type "walk to <player>" and the code will take you there (with occasional stops for guards or other players in rooms you pass through). There is also the +meetme command (+help +meetme) but this shortcuts your opportunity to run into scenes/plots on the way, and should be used sparingly.
  • Q: I am in a public room and want people to come roleplay with me! How do I do this without bugging people on channels or pages?
A: Type +rp (see +help +rp). That will put a flag on your location (until you leave) and display on the +where list so other players will know you want spontaneous roleplay.
  • Q: Can I make my own objects (if I know how)?
A: Go right ahead! Note, however, that most RP is centered around interactive storytelling rather than making and using objects and code. You can make that lovely longsword to give to your warrior friend, but don't be surprised if it's not carried around all the time.
  • Q: I found a bug! How do I report it?
A: +bug <subject>=<description>. Give as many details as you can, including a display of what the game gives you that's unexpected, to help us understand what's wrong.
  • Q: I want code to do X, Y, or Z. How can I suggest it?
A: Bulletin board 13 includes some suggestions, and you can also +pitch <subject>=<idea>. Note that we might not implement every idea, and are resistant to coded "systems" that take the story out of the storytelling, but we'll read and consider them all.

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