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Throughout the course of the game there are events that affect the characters and the world, events that all citizens and nobles should know about, even if they happened before the player joined the game. This page will collect many of those major events, as well as provide examples of yearly festivals and holidays. The information provided will vary, depending on how much was collected during that particular event.

NOTE: This page is still a work in progress.

Events that Affected the Empire

Opening of the Barrier - For the first time since it was raised in 334 AG, the Barrier is opened in November 501 to allow for exploration of the world beyond.

Wereshark Attack - Some dark magic caused an amassing of weresharks that terrorized the seas for a while. Many realms saw problems with them, but the rampaging group met their match in a battle in Crossroads City on January 30, 503.

The Rise of Vox - While oft scattered in different isolated groups in the past, cultists were rallied beneath the banner of Vox, who terrorized the empire for over a year with threats and murders. He is finally defeated in November 504 AG.

The Conjunction - The Conjunction is a celestial event that occurs once every 5,000 years, when a particular star properly aligns with Ikol and the sun. The result is an increase in demonic power while the three bodies are in line. The last occurrence was in March 504 AG.

The Huntsman - The mysterious figure of wild magic known as the Huntsman plagues Gateway and Mists, causing the Breath to fade for a time and sending his hounds hunting in the realm.

The Great Schism - In October 508 the Empire is forever changed as a small group of people defy the odds and close the Gateway. The act causes earthquakes, flooding, and thousands of deaths across the Empire.

The Tyrean Occupation - In early June 511 some strange happenings in the Imperial Tower lead to an almost 2 year occupation of the Gateway Empire by Tyr.

The Infection - In late May 512, a strange illness began to show itself and quickly spread around the population of the city on Gateway. It was learned that the infection came from Mists and is transmitted by touch.

The Truth of the Gateway - In May 513, shortly after the victory against Tyr, the council reveals to the people a truth that has been kept secret for five hundred years. The glorious and inspiring story of the Champion and the creation of the Gateway is revealed to be more fiction than truth.

Summer Relocation of Court - It was announced that First Minister Tiege Soranus was moving court for three months, down to Seal Cove, starting July 9th, 514. (More information to come as things get underway.)

Holidays and Festivals

Champion's Conquest - The Champion's Conquest is a re-enactment of the story of the Champion. It is traditionally held on the birthday of the current Emperor. This is a log from the event in 509.

Double Eclipse - There is a celebration of the night of the Eclipse when the sun is hidden behind the two moons of Gateway Empire. This happens once every two years. The day becomes night and this 24-hour night is a time of celebration that marks the power of the Keeper. It is the one time that all citizens can witness the power of the currents as the light of the shadows of the moons make the currents appear to the eye of those who watch. It is also well known as a period of drunkenness and debauchery and darker magics.

Harvest - Harvest is a yearly event, taking place in the autumn on Green Fields. People from across the Empire are encouraged to join in bringing in the year's harvest in what is a one to two week period of work and festivities. Fielders and visitors alike take part in working in the fields, as well as enjoying a variety of games and contests as well as a great deal of singing, dancing, and drinking.

Providence's Blessing Festival - This is the celebrated day of when Providence named Her champion and the bloodline of the Keeper was born. This festival has evolved into the main celebration of the whole Empire and each isle brings a little bit to the festival because it involves all of them. This is the festival from 509.

Spring Festival - The Spring Festival is traditionally one of the two great Fielder events of the year (the other being the Harvest Festival). This is the festival from 506.

Winter Festival - Generally taking place around the New Year, the Winter Festival held on Gateway helps to bring some fun and spirit into the darkest days of the year. This is the festival from 507.

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