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Under construction, and totally stealing Leon's format to do it, so some of this might look a little familiar and a little like it doesn't apply to Eamonn until I get it sorted. It's also pretty minimalist; I'll be adding text as I go.

Blood & Closer
Ysora Kilgannon, Wife, Baroness Crucible
Eamonn met Ysora as a potential wife for his brother, Cael, but the two quickly struck up a friendship that even more quickly turned serious. The baron seemed as surprised as any at the situation he found himself in, but despite their whirlwind romance and the myriad troubles her relations have caused for him during and since, he is utterly devoted to his his wife. Allowing Ysora to take over some of the running of Crucible has been a difficult change, but he's finally easing up a little and balancing responsibilities between them more equally.
Asha Kilgannon, Daughter, Lady Baronet of Crucible
At first, Eamonn was just thinking of the coming baby as his heir, something that had to be done and gotten over with as part of his duty as baron. But then Asha was born, and was an actual adorable little baby, his baby. He's still a little afraid he's going to drop her or break her or something, but he seems to be settling into fatherhood for the most part, and enjoying it more than expected.
Cael Kilgannon, Brother, Baron Smithfield
Technically has to go in this section, but is definitely the 'blood' part, not the 'closer'. Cael and Eamonn are very different men, and though Eamonn has given his brother a number of important positions over the last few years, that seems to be at an end. They have not spoken since the Barca Restoration, and Eamonn no longer speaks of him as a member of the family.
Aeryn Kilgannon, Sister, Lady of Crucible
Eamonn and his oldest sister have never been close, and some of her behavior shortly after arriving on Gateway only pushed them further apart. There haven't been any run-ins recently, but there hasn't been much else, either.
Extended Family
Ambrose Maritus, Father-in-law, deceased
Didn't always get along all that well, but he seemed to disapprove of his daughter's choice of husband slightly less than others, so that's something, right?
Grear Maritus, Brother-in-law, Lord Gwencalon
Easily Eamonn's favorite in-law, though they haven't seen each other much lately at all.
Portia Maritus, Sister-in-law, Lady of Gwencalon
Besides an infamous mud-sliding incident at his wedding battle (which was awesome), Eamonn barely knows Ysora's reclusive sister.
Leon Maritus, Brother-in-law, Baron Consort Caerdach
Eamonn has tried repeatedly to be friends with Leon, but has been shot down time and again. The few times when it has seemed he's made headway, it has vanished again just as quickly. Lately he seems to have more or less given up trying, at least in any obvious ways.
Athar Soranus, Cousin-in-law, Baron Ethos
Not that bad, at the moment.
Ravelle Soranus, Cousin-in-law, Lady Baronet of Ethos
So many questions.
Helena Soranus, Cousin-in-law, Lady of Ethos
Smiled once.
Karyleine Codex, Cousin-in-law, Lady Codex
Must've met at some point.
Bastion Soranus, Cousin-in-law, Squire
Tiege Soranus, Cousin-in-law-in-law?
Vanishes at bad moments, but picks good gifts.
Traian Maritus, Second Cousin
Linette Barca, Baroness Caerdach
Distant cousin, friend.
Gwyneth Dukane, Lady Tel Girade
Can almost understand what she's saying these days, and it turns out she's kind of funny.
Ragnar Absalon, Baron Dun Artan
The pair have found themselves on the same side of several conflicts lately, and their shared opinions seem to have engendered a friendship of sorts.
Phineas Ashlan, Duke Green Fields
Though initially a vocal critic of the empress's decision to pardon her murdering, demon-worshipping brother, the baron seems to have struck up a friendship with the duke ever since a joint rescue mission to Guardian some time ago now. They can often be found in the Isle of Ale after hours, drinking and talking.
Aaric Barca, Duke Guardians
Not counting the man you helped make duke as a friend would seem to indicate a lack of judgment, wouldn't it?
Asha Barca, Former Duchess Guardians, deceased
During the civil war the then-baronet was one of the duchess's staunchest supporters, and he was present at her assassination and aided in executing her murderers. The fact that Eamonn supported her brother Philip when he made his claim to the duchy speaks to his devotion to the Barca family, the fact that he named his firstborn daughter Asha to the depth of his admiration for the late duchess personally.
Arianell Conway, Priestess
It is extraordinarily unlikely that Arianell will ever count Eamonn friend again, but they were once, and though he has not imposed on her since the Barca Restoration the baron always has good things to say about her.
Eadric Conway, Imperial Architect
Eamonn tried to be a friend to Eadric, but in the end, it didn't work out. It really really didn't work out at all.
Shayne Locksley, Duchess Consort Guardians
Shayne doesn't trust Eamonn, and Eamonn doesn't trust Shayne. Beyond that, and the thing about her disliking cookies, they seem to more or less get along in the sense that they're capable of having a civil conversation once every few months.
Kyrie Mezelien, Lady Heir Fang of Imperius
One time, Lady Kyrie had information about someone attacking members of Eamonn's extended family, and she wouldn't hand it over. Eamonn threatened to shake it out of her, which, oddly enough, won him approval from his Purist cousins for about 10 whole minutes. That has been his only public dealing with the Mistian, thus far.
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