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Eamonn Kilgannon, Baron Crucible, High Chancellor of Guardian

Eamonn Kilgannon
Eamonn Kilgannon
Baron Crucible
Full Name: Eamonn Finn Kilgannon
House: House Kilgannon
Title: His Excellency, Baron Crucible
High Chancellor of the Isle of Guardian
Succeeded: 504
Predecessor: Finn Kilgannon
Heir Apparent: Asha Kilgannon
Date of Birth:

June 12 479 (479-06-12) (age 39)

Place of Birth: Sentinel Spire, Crucible
Father: Finn Kilgannon
Mother: Ardelia Barca Kilgannon
Personal Info
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Brown
Marital Status: Married to Lady Ysora Maritus
Issue: Asha Kilgannon
Hugh Kilgannon

Eamonn Kilgannon arrived on Gateway Isle in the fall of 503 as the eldest son of the baron of Crucible on the Isle of Guardians, and heir to that land. He is generally known as a pleasant and charming young man, as close to a courtier as the Isle of Guardians has yet produced. He is also rumoured to have an interest in bardic pursuits: stories, ballads, music, and the like as well as the more traditional women, drink, brawling and gambling. While he does not seem to be as interested in military activities as many of his countrymen, he is known to have participated in the assault on the Abyssal stronghold and the rescue of Princess Annabelle Caprios, and to have served at the Duchess Asha Barca's side during the most recent civil war on Guardian.

During the course of that war, his father the baron was injured while leading the VI legion in battle against rebel fen folk at Raydar Pass. Finn Kilgannon died of his wounds, and on May 29, 504, just a few weeks before his 25th birthday, Eamonn succeeded him as Baron Crucible. In mid-November of that same year, it was announced that Eamonn would also be serving as Chancellor of the Isle of Guardian under new the duke, Eadric Conway.

In February 505, banns were posted and it was announced that the baron was courting Lady Ysora Maritus, daughter of Lord Gwencalon and in April of the same year, their betrothal was made official. On 9 June, 505, Eamonn Kilgannon wed Ysora Maritus in a ceremony at his family home outside Sentinel Spire, in Crucible.

In the fall of 505, (Philip) Aaric Barca claimed the ducal throne of Guardian as his sister Asha's rightful heir, challenging the legitimacy of Eadric and Arianell Conway's reign. Though war was avoided, the ensuing conflict pitted Eamonn against his younger brother Cael, as the baron continued his family's centuries of loyalty to the Barcas, and the lord of Sentinel Spire sided with the incumbent Conways, who briefly (and disasterously) made him their dux bellorum. In the negotiations that followed between Eadric and Aaric, Eamonn was removed as High Chancellor, while Cael was raised to baron of Smithfield. The younger Kilgannon was naturally stripped of his lordship of Sentinel Spire, and, rumor has it, of his place in the Kilgannon family, with younger brother Tyrrell being awarded the title of baronet and heir at least until such time as Eamonn and Ysora produce issue of their own.

In mid-May of 506, Eamonn announced that the baroness had given birth to a healthy daughter. She was named Asha Justine Rosemarie Kilgannon, and has been introduced as Lady Baronet Crucible.

In the summer of 507, during the ducal progress around the isle, Eamonn and Ysora swore official fealty to Duke Aaric and Duchess Shayne Barca, and Eamonn was once again raised to the post of High Chancellor for the isle.

On May 28th, 508, Eamonn and Ysora announced the birth of their son, Hugh Eamonn Aaric Kilgannon, Lord of Crucible.


Eamonn's relatives, friends, & acquaintances.

Family Reputation


Kilgannon is an old and well-known name on Guardian, existing first as a large tribe on the eastern coast of the isle. Over time they began to shed some of their tribal ways in favor of trade and commerce, and while this turned many traditionalists against the clan, it also gave them the wealth and stability to take a more prominent position in the area. Members of the Kilgannon family have ruled Crucible as barons since the Barca victory that consolidated ducal power on the isle 500 years ago. From that time, they have grown progressively more loyal to the Barca rulers. Though obviously the relations between individual dukes and barons have varied, they are for the most part known as backers of ducal policy, and certainly that seems to be true of the current Baron. Over time, the family has increasingly shed its less-civilized origins, and while they have a respectable history as military commanders, they are also reckoned one of the more progressive and forward-thinking families on the isle.

In addition to their modern tastes and notable loyalty, the Kilgannon family is known for its history of large (legitimate) families, but is said to avoid much of the more public in-fighting through a consistent practice of primogeniture. Younger sons traditionally find careers in the military, particularly in the cavalry and other specialized forces, which train on Crucible's open plains. It is not unusual for sons further down the line to become sailors, traders, or artists and entertainers of various stripes, either. Many of the Kilgannon line are said to possess a special knack for the telling of tales, though it's said that a weakness for drink and a tendency toward bouts of melancholy temper often accompany that talent. The family's main ancestral home is a villa outside of Sentinal Spire.


Eamonn Finn Kilgannon was born June 12th, 479 to then-Baronet Finn Kilgannon and his bride of 10 months, Ardelia Barca Kilgannon, daughter of a lesser branch of the extended Barca family from over Dun Artan. Six siblings followed over the next two decades, first another boy (Cael), then a girl (Aeryn), and then Tyrrell, Sorcha, Declan, and the last another girl, Grainne. Six legitimate siblings, that is, as the apparent affection between the Baron and his bride did not prevent the latter from siring an uncertain number of bastards on various women about the islands.

Eamonn and his siblings were brought up in a noisy home, not run with exactly the military precision one might expect of the Baron Crucible of Guardian. Of course, they spent a fair amount of time down on the training fields, watching the various divisions drill, and they received the traditional martial training throughout their years. Soldiering was not Baron Crucible's sole passion, however. Every feast featured at least one group of musicians, and while he possessed no artistic abilities himself, the Baron was an avid supporter of any who did. When his eldest son showed an interest in music, the Baron found him a tutor, and for the next few years, Eamonn divided his time between the traditional martial and administrative studies and musical pursuits, and what began as a fondness for stringed instruments grew into a passion for the ballads that were often sung as accompaniment, and the tales on which those ballads were based.

In 497, just after the birth of their youngest daughter, and just two years after becoming Baroness (after the death of Finn's father Hugh), Ardelia took to bed with a fever, and died just a few short days later. By this time Eamonn was 18 and had completed several years of training and service in the legions, as well as exhausted the knowledge of every traveling singer and tale-teller to come to his father's court. Grief-stricken at the loss of his mother and tired of the claustrophobically limited Crucible society, he requested his father's permission to go on an extended tour about Guardian, to collect tales and see something else of the world. The Baron consented, and off Eamonn went. A few months wandering the Isle of Guardians led into 5 years roaming the Empire with only the occasional visit home. He finally returned to Guardian in the summer of 503, to attend his father's wedding, only to discover that the bride was nearly his own age. They didn't get on, and after a few months home, Eamonn left again, this time for Gateway Isle, within reach of his family, but out of earshot of his stepmother.


First Day of My Life - Bright Eyes
Modern Leper - Frightened Rabbit
Paranoia in B flat Major - Avett Brothers


Nobility of Guardians
Preceded by
Finn Kilgannon
Baronet of Crucible
495 – 504
Succeeded by
Asha Kilgannon
Preceded by
Finn Kilgannon
Baron Crucible Incumbent

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