Douglas Braxton

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Douglas Braxton
IC Information
Full Name: Douglas Braxton
Profession: Shopkeep Toy shop tent and soon Toy shop
Gender: male
Age: March 1 477 (477-03-01) (age 41)
Height 5'9"
Eyes/Hair: Green / black
Place of Birth: Gateway
Marital Status: Single



Douglas is a kind person who loves kids and his work, he happy to do his job and doesn't complain, he is a child a four so he knows how to be around others seeing he has three brothers and a sister to life with, he loves to carved and make stuff mostly toys and when he's not working he making toys to sell, he hates to be a lone so he likes to surround himself with people or stuff to keep his mind from wandering.


Douglas was born to Eric and Mary Braxton, his father was a toy maker and his mother took care of the kids, Braxton has three other brothers and a sister, but none of them when into the family business but Douglas.

They all took off to become sailors and travel on the open sea. Douglas earliest memory was siting in front of the fire watching his dad carve a toy horse to sell in his shop, watching him work with the knife carving and smoothing the wood into something fascinated Douglas and from then on he chooses to work with toys too.


I plan on opening the island best toy shop and making lots of friends and getting married someday so I can have a wife and kids of my own, a Big family.

Current Happenings

Douglas is running a tent in the Festival grounds selling his toys and looking for Investors so he can open a shop in gateway.

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