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Dorian Claremont
Duke of Draught
Investiture 25 September 506 - 24 January 513
Predecessor Duchess Catelyn Claremont
Spouse Duchess Khalani Claremont
Offspring Dominique Claremont
Kieran Claremont
Full Name Dorian Rhyse Orlando Rupert Claremont
Titles and Styles Duke of Draught
Father Rhyse Claremont, of Draught
Mother Duchess Catelyn Claremont, of Draught
Born July 1 491 (491-07-01) (age 27)
Gateway Isle
Died January 24 513 (aged 21)
Occupation Duke / Mechanics Inventor
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Height 5'9
Weight 140 lbs.
Eye Color Green
Hair Reddish-brown



Dorian Rhyse Orlando Rupert Claremont

Dorian is the second child and eldest son of the late former Duke Rhyse Claremont and the late Duchess Catelyn Claremont. Duty driven, he actively seeks his place in leadership of Draught, as well as his part in strengthening the Empire. Ever listening and learning, he relishes the opportunity to observe court in action. Thrust into the role of Duke even before the age of majority, however, he is finding himself participating more and more in games of politics that he doesn't quite understand.

Spending a good amount of his youth enjoying the privileges of noble education and the freedom to explore his interest in mechanics, Dorian was elevated to the position of Marquis due to events surrounding his older sister Isolde's unceremonious fall from power. Unfortunately, soon afterward he found himself distracted by his new studies and spending far less time supervising his younger brother Dominic whom he felt he had a role to protect. Feeling somewhat at fault for Dominic's tragic death when he should have been watching, he spent nearly two years mostly withdrawn from society in mourning. More recently, however, he has felt a duty to restore the integrity of the Claremont name, and he has sworn himself to act with honor and integrity in his leadership.

Studious almost to a fault, he is mechanically inclined, putting his mark on key inventions including a sea-based version of a ballista, photosensitive paper, and a method for turning the power of waves into energy to assist dockmasters (although the latter project's progress was recently devastated in the Shism and resuming it must wait until more immediate needs are addressed). As he grows into adulthood, he is shifting his studies and interests to more of the liberal arts, including history, public speaking, writing, and the theater.

On October 21, 505 A.G., it was announced in Open Council that Dorian was betrothed to Princess Firenza Caprios, the youngest of the Imperial Triplets. However, following his mother's untimely death, and the clear need to be thinking of heirs sooner rather than later, the imperial betrothal was quietly broken and he was betrothed, and subsequently wed, to Khalani Claremont (née Paggion), formerly Baroness Amphorae, with the marriage occurring on his seventeenth birthday. While Dorian and the new Duchess work well together, she has clearly become more of the public, political face of the couple, permitting Dorian to work more quietly behind the scenes. Those who know the couple well, however, know that he keeps meticulous care with the books, taxes, reports, and budgets.

The ducal line began a new branch at about 3:15pm on Sunday, June 16, 509 A.G. with the birth of Dominique Faith Catelyn Arissa Claremont.



TKO Looking to vent some frustration on a practice dummy, Dorian finds that things are not always as they appear.

Gypsies Dorian defends the Gypsy folk as the "embroidery on Draught's fabric."

Titles and Styles

Nobility of Draught
Preceded by
Catelyn Claremont
Duke of Draught
Sep. 506 - Jan. 513
Dominique Claremont
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