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Crispin is the second son of Arcadius Athelstan, but inherited the lordship of Copper Run after his father was stripped of his title and executed. He rules the lordship now with the help of a regent, Kenton Benedict. When he was seven, Crispin was watching the local smiths. Arcadius allowed Crispin to help him at the family forge, when he was eight, and was made his uncle Valerius' apprentice at the age of nine. However, the apprenticeship has been interrupted by his recent inheritance of the title of Lord Copper Run. Crispin has been sent to Gateway Isle by the regent ostensibly for his protection and so that he can learn from his fellow nobles.

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While physically he takes after his mother, Crispin is his father's son, when it comes to his personality. He loves exploring mines and caverns, blacksmithing, women, and ale, not necessarily in that order. Swimming is another one of his hobbies, and he can usually be found at the beach or the baths, depending on the season, during the afternoon or evening, taking a dip.

Crispin is less extroverted than his father and sister. However, he is as trusting, if not more, to the point of being naive. His jovial nature results in friendly greetings and nods to even those he is shy to talk to. The young lord has lofty and somewhat unrealistic ideals on what it means to be a Guardian and he generally tries and fails to live up to those ideals.



Dominicus Athelstan, his grandfather, retired Lord of Copper Run, now an old man who spends the summers swapping tales and the winters drinking ale before a warm fire now that his grandson has charge of the mines.
Arcadius Athelstan, his father, a lord, miner, and smith executed by the Barca duke for actions that led to the implosion of a mountain in Rayder Pass.
Lucia Athelstan, his mother who (if you believe his father's tales) swings a frying pan better than most Guardians swing a sword.
Valerius Athelstan, his uncle, who sat on the Council of Smithfield.
Honorius Athelstan, his older, legionnaire brother.
Felicity Athelstan, his pesky sister.
Kenton Benedict, regent of Copper Run.

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Nobility of Guardians
Preceded by
Arcadius Athelstan
Lord Copper Run
10 November 506 – Present
Crispin Athelstan of Guardian
Lord Copper Run
Rule 10 November 506 – Present
Investiture 10 November 506
Predecessor Arcadius Athelstan
Heir Presumptive Honorious Athelstan
Spouse Aewruin Brennan
Full Name Crispin Athelstan
Titles and Styles Lord Copper Run
Household House Athelstan
Father Arcadius Athelstan
Mother Lucia Athelstan
Born November 3 491 (491-11-03) (age 26)
Copper Run, Smithfield, Guardian
Occupation Lord

Apprentice Blacksmith

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