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"There is nothing impossible to him who will try." - Alexander the Great

Constantine's father perished years ago in a fire that consumed the Stavros home, rendering Constantine the Lord of Oreann and the heir to the Stavros legacy. Prior to his assumption of the Lordship, Constantine led the life one might expect from the scion of one of Guardians' oldest (and wealthiest) noble families. Lacking for nothing, his youth was marked by the finest tutors-- in economics and the art of politics most certainly, but also in the courtly graces and in swordsmanship. The latter proved something of a passion; the family's historical bent for swordcraft manifested itself in Constantine as a fascination with the practical use of the weapons themselves.

This matured into almost an artist's approach to the art of swordsmanship. Over the years, he has focused the considerable intensity and passion expected of the Stavros line into the skills of a renowned duelist; this understanding of and appreciation for his craft has resulted in a different take on the family business. The actual smithing and shaping in the hands of a trusted cousin's leadership, Constantine himself provides both the business acumen and the functional expertise and direction to ensure that Stavros steel is both made for and sold to the finest and most cultivated swordsmen and women in the realm. Never a true military man, Constantine did serve his mandatory time in the legions as a cavalry officer, plus a second term as well; he used these years to grow his riding skills and become something of a horseman.

Even all these years later, Constantine continues to suspect that his father's death was engineered by arson, and this has lent him a guarded suspicion of those who would rival his family's place of honor and success, both at the ducal court and in business. As such, he used the occasion of his marriage to seal one of the more ascendant merchant clans of Oreann to him; Celiande, his wife of four years, is an uncommonly attractive daughter of that clan, and considerably his junior. She is also by all accounts something of a shrew, and though she has borne him two male children it is rumored that little love is lost between the pair.

It is only more recently, after his wife tragic accidental death by falling form a tower, that Constantine has returned to court. Alone. Rumor has it there is no love lost between father and hs children. So go so far as to say he loaths them with a passion.

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The product of Constantine's education is, by its very nature, an incredibly refined and sophisticated individual whose tastes and talents span many fields of interest. He prefers only the finest in life-- be it the best wines, fashions, business partners, sparring partners, allies and yes, even rivals. As such, he is perceived by many to be at least somewhat arrogant, and the perception is not wholly wrong. His few intimates-- which is to say his own Stavros clan, his distant kin the Locksleys, certain aides and associates-- speak fervently of his loyalty and quality as a friend, but this is a side few peers or Imperial subjects actually see. By far most people who interact with Constantine Lord Oreann will report of a self-involved, rather smug and superior personage who is quite convinced of his own mastery. He is known most famously for a shrewd mind and crafty sense of business; somehow, some way, Constantine Stavros almost always comes out on the winning side.

His interest and skill in swords is that of the solitary artist or master; he is not a soldier by any means, but rather an accomplished duelist. He prefers the sabre and the rapier to the stabbing shortswords of the Legions, which he feels are ugly and ineffective in personal combat.

He has proven something of a rake over the years, enjoying the company of many women but always to a point, and no further; his heart is his own, and given to none of them. Now that he has wed, and not for love, he has secured himself against those women who seek only a piece of his considerable fortune. Among his own gender he prefers the friendship of other swordsmen and successful businessmen alike, but considers soldiers and other warriors to be painfully dull in general. As might be expected, he loathes the uncouth tendencies of the Dun Artan tribes and considers their peaceable assimilation into the Barca fold to be an unfortunate occurrence at best.

Stavros Blades, or The Best Swords In The Whole Empire

Although the Oreann lordship is famous for the products they smith and trade, to own a blade crafted by the hands of a Stavros is a price only the very wealthy can command. For generations, the Stavros family has been renowned for the blades they craft, each and every weapon no less than perfect in performance, balance, and design. Some say that the Stavros family has gone to great lengths to acquire or wed those with skill enough to enhance the line, and even further to eliminate those who might offer rival.

While Constantine himself has chosen to focus his expertise on the actual, practical use of the blades, the smiths in his employ remain both close kin and the most skilled in the Empire. Working at their lord's keen direction and to his exacting standards of heft, weight, balance and aesthetics, they continue to produce the finest blades for the most demanding of buyers. The smithies are presided over in Constantine's name by a trusted cousin, his uncle Justinian's son.

Under Constantine's leadership, the smithies of Oreann have in the past five years begun to turn out a secondary line of weaponry; bladed weapons made more affordably, and in larger quantities. Though these weapons have not the quality associated with Stavros blades (and are not, in fact, sold as such) they bear up extremely well against similar swords from other craftsmen. It is rumored, and not without reason, that Lord Oreann has his eye on an exclusive contract with the Legions, but at this point such whispers remain purely conjecture.



Despite his advancing age, he continues to maintain a very hard excersice program.
He is privately tutoring Firenza Caprios in the art of the blade.
He is an avid art lover.
He works heavily with charities.
His room is so full of books he hardly has room to move.

Constantine Stavros of Duchy of Guardian
Lord Oreann
Arms Dealer to the Rich and Famous. Well mostly Rich.
Arms Dealer to the Rich and Famous. Well mostly Rich.
Full Name Constantine Mikail Kardos Benedict Stavros
Titles and Styles Lord Oreann. The Bastard of Crucible, Lord of Blades
Father Vespasian Stavros
Mother Claudina
Born February 21 471 (471-02-21) (age 47)
Smithfield, Guardians
Occupation Lord Oreann, Stavros Blademaster
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 185 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Dark Brown, starting to gey.
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