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"Is that what they say?"
~ Magneto

So, you have stumbled upon a bum, or a street walker with a keen ear, and, at your own peril, you want to know more about Card. Some say he's half were-shark. Some say he's the Champion reincarnate. Some call him thief. Some call him assassin. Some call him hero. Once called Father. Once called Venator. Once called Primus. But all call him the man in black. Anyone that has been in Gateway in the last 10 years would know his scarred face and associate him with one perception or another.

On June 20th, 509, Master Card was surprisingly appointed to the role of one of very few Imperial Venators and elevated to the title of Lord.

On April 15th, 513, Lord Venator Primus Card was stripped of his title, rank and publically flogged for assault against Lord Protector Mihovil.

Some months later after a brutal race, he was elected Citizen Speaker, an office he may hold for the following 2 years, as a voice on the council, for the people. He usually corrects people who address him as 'The Citizen Speaker', and has just been going by 'The Speaker' or 'Speaker Card'. There is little obvious indication that he has done anything in the position, so far, but it would not be out of the ordinary for his work to be less than obvious.

With the Thieves Guild crushed and the Minister of Justice position open and not filled, Card has wasted little time in using his temporarily granted half of the Justice's influence. He frequently shows up where not invited, and has many associates and agents, most in secret, though that former Venator Marco Basso still works for him is widely assumed.

Card is a dangerous enemy and a strong ally with a long and dubious history.


Card is possessed of a multi-tiered personality. He is normally very efficient and departs long before his welcome is worn out. He is not talkative and appears to often keep his opinions secret. He is known to keep his entire body covered excepting the head, and does not use the public baths.

Card is well able to control his temperament and it is rare that he is found riled or pushed far enough to lose control. His emotions are often hard to read, though the overwhelming one is alertness. Those who may call him friend, and even who he considers so, are never people who are his friend alone, but perhaps also serve some advantage.

He has a deep-seated paranoia and trains above and beyond to guard against various extreme situations. He is a skilled marksman with throwing daggers, able to use both hands, and often fights with both of his longer daggers when engaging a foe. He does not take well to being challenged, a throw-back to growing up in the thieves guild when a personal challenge meant that someone was going down, and so may be mistaken for being aggressive or overly reactive when someone is threatening towards him or towards those he is currently with. He is not fond of taking prisoners, but niether does he kill innocent folk.

What people say:

These are quotes from other characters. You may add your own at any time, or submit to Card.

  • "What do I think of him? You mean it isn't completely obvious? Oooohh, you must be /new/." Chuckling. "Mmm, I am /sincerely/ not drunk enough for you to be asking me those kinds of questions, my friend. But fine, let's see. It's...complicated. But my advice? Don't make the mistake of thinking that he comes to you for any other reason than needing something from you. He's a man on a mission and if he's talking to you? It means you're part of it. The man doesn't have 'friends', he has 'assets' and everyone is replacable or expendable. Took me a decade to figure that one out, and /boy/ was my face red, heh." - Solphin Acaran
  • "He needsa good swift kick ta da bits and a smack ta da head. Trust'm wit my back in a figh' tho..." - Connor Hall
  • "Card?! Yeah, he's a prick." - Marco Basso
  • The former knight responds with a simple, slow, grin. - Kyler Guybrush
  • "I believe he has the Empires best interests in mind, even if I dont always agree with his methods. Sometimes his actions downright confuse me. The man is still a mystery to me at times, but I know I want him on my side in a fight. I've seen what happens if hes not." - Helena Pasternak
  • "There's just something about him that apparently makes me violent." - Tiege Soranus
  • "Card is an ass." Pause. "But he's an effectual ass." - Mihovil Pasternak
  • "He's never been anything short of kind to me. I think." - Leon Maritus
  • "I do love a man who can pull off an all black ensemble with such ferocity, and with the skills to back up such a statement! There are only a small handful of people I would truly wish at my side in certain situations, and Master Card is among the best of them. Ahh, the times we had together. Sitting upon the Imperial Council together? What a hoot. He is, though, for all my frivolity aside, a very good and loyal person to have on one's side."- Catherine Llafarge
  • "I do not know Master Card exceedingly well. He seems to wish to serve the people well, despite his crude speech and demeanor. He is not, however, someone I would wish to have angry at me." - Oksana Zakov

Who knows anymore...

RP Hooks

If you are interested in any of these, please contact the player.

  • You are a former associate/guild member/lover
  • You were harassed by Card in the past.
  • You want to be harassed by Card NOW.
  • You would like to be involved in Card's ever-increasing network of people who can get stuff done.
Man in Black
Citizen of Gateway
Badass Muthaf*****
Badass Muthaf*****
Spouse Unmarried
Offspring None
Full Name Unknown
Titles and Styles Former Lord of Gateway
Former Lord Venator
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Born Sometime in 484
Occupation Current Citizen Speaker, Former Imperial Venator, Former Thieves Guild Member/Head
Biographical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 5' 11"
Weight 180
Eye Color Black/dark brown
Hair boring dark brown
  • Smooth Criminal- Michael Jackson
  • By Myself- Linkin Park
  • Prince of Persia, Main Theme- Harry Gregson-Williams
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