Boulder Heights

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The Lordship of Boulder Heights

Duchy: Guardian

Barony: Dun Artan

Leaders: Lady Agathe Robey with Regent Georg StrykerNPC

Population: 25,000

Known For: Granite, Marble, Malachite, Azurite, other precious stones

Major Towns and Cities: Stonehurst

Characters of Boulder Heights: Here

Description: The lordship of Boulder Heights is the least-populous of Dun Artan's lordships, on account of its high mountains and terrain comprised mostly of exposed rock face, with much of that above the treeline. Still, it is home to some of the Empire's most productive granite and marble quarries, and produces other precious stones as well. The relatively peaceful Volanti tribe makes its home here.


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Boulder Heights has been ruled for several generations -- a fairly long span, in Dun Artan terms -- by the Robey family. The most recent Lord and Lady Robey died with several companions when the road along which they traveled crumbled and gave way, plunging them into a deep ravine. They left behind one child, Agathe, a daughter of four years, who has ruled as Lady Boulder Heights since with the aid of her Lord Regent and uncle, Georg Stryker, a scion of the a family of highly talented stoneworkers.

In a lordship so small as Boulder Heights, with a population so spread, much governance is done on the local level. Though stone is the lordship's primary export, it could not be harvested or worked without the use of tools, and the blacksmiths make the tools. Like much of the rest of the isle, then, blacksmiths are highly regarded, and often serve as the informal leaders of the village or set of villages that they serve.

The Volanti of Boulder Heights are governed, according to tribal tradition, by the one deemed through trial as most worthy to lead the tribe, regardless of blood or chosen profession. There have historically been conflicts between the tribe and the lordship; at present, however, there seems to be a period of detente.

Succession of Lords

November July 24, 506 – Present

Lady Agathe Robey (b. December May 12, 501)
Regent: Georg Stryker (b. April 2, 469)

April 494 – July 24, 506

Lord Hans Robey
m: Grete Stryker

Boulder Heights is characterized by a handful of high, rocky mountains with very little in the way of trees. Much of the lordship exists, in fact, above the so-called tree-line, leaving the mountain faces bald of vegetation. The valleys between them are sharp, cold rivers running through their depths, and the high ridges that connect the series of peaks are even sharper, often treacherous, and impassable in winter.

The keep of Stonehurst is set into the very sides of the peak that overlooks the best passage through the lordship, and that through which arrives the food from Green Fields that sustains this remote lordship. That road passes through the southwest quarter of the lordship. Most of the population is scattered around the southwestern half, with the northwestern half settled by those who've ventured so far in search of better stone and the members of the Volanti tribe.

Boulder Heights.jpg

The economy of Boulder Heights is deeply entwined with Guardian's and other isles' need for stone. This is that lordship from which comes the strongest granites and the finest marbles, along with a smattering of other, more precious stones. That which is in plenty here is in high demand for building homes on Guardian, and laying roads, building piers, and building keeps in other places. Several families have built their names and fortunes on the stone trade, from the Stenvasts and their prosperous granite quarry to the Abels and their precious black, quartz-streaked marble, to the Ingmans who export the finest malachite.

Types of stone available from Boulder Heights: Granite (various colors), marble (various colors), slate, quartzite, schist, among others. Several types of precious minerals come from Boulder Heights, including hematite, azurite, malachite, muscovite, mica, and pyrite.

Given its geography, Boulder Heights depends heavily on food imports from outside sources. There is game here, but it is limited, and not enough to sustain the population. Preserved meat, fruits, vegetables, and grains all come by wagon through Rayder Pass, or by more precarious transport through a narrow, dangerous pass that leads in from Sentinel Spire. Particularly harsh winters that endanger both passages are hard on the local population.


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