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The Rumors

On the evening of November 16, 505, Bastien Arx was stripped of his knighthood, beaten bloody and bruised by his Brothers, and dragged out to the plaza to be unceremoniously dropped before the fountain containing the statue of the Keeper they say he betrayed in the breaking of his Oath.

Details are scarce. The ex-knight had been gaining ground with the city guard as a man of fairness and honor, a hard worker with unusually strong ethics and an open office door. Those in Gateway who know him -- of which there are few enough -- will attest that he has always placed the utmost emphasis on his duty, preserving it above all else.

What people are saying is that he was pruned because he was weak.

What they are saying is that he lost everything for the love of a woman he can never even have.

Bastien Arx, conspicuously and uncharacteristically absent throughout the recent unrest in Ethos and the subsequent marriage of Ravelle Soranus to Parsifal Valens, has not resurfaced after the fact and cannot be found. The typically disciplined former knight ceased to appear for his duties several days prior to the disappearance of the Purists and has not been seen since. There are rumors but the rumors are few, mostly concerning a man of his size and general description being spotted in one of the less reputable street clinics: poisons, clandestine treatment, incapacitation. What is clear is that no such man remains a patient at the aforementioned clinic and what very few belongings Bastien owned still sit unclaimed at the castle, with the notable exceptions of his blade, his armor, and his horse. Wherever he's gone, he did not leave with his name on any ship's manifest. Gossips who have enjoyed the two year saga of fragile but determined love between he and the Purist baronet find themselves with one less place from which to mine gems of speculation; they shake their heads over the bitter turnings of fate and what is presumably one man's broken-hearted retreat from ultimate defeat on the heels of what must've been a poorly-timed and publicly exaggerated illness. Thus a public life that began in promises of power and faithful certainty finds its way through the tangled lowlands of public disgrace to its ultimate end, an ignoble retreat, a casualty of love.

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