Axel Tyce

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Axel Tyce
Spouse Unmarried
Full Name Axel Tyce
Titles and Styles Master Tyce
Father Auberon Tyce
Mother Evgenia Mars
Born August 9 484 (484-08-09) (age 34)
Polaris Port, Mists
Occupation Merchant, Mage
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Eye Color Blue
Hair Blonde


Born in Polaris Port and educated at the Academy, Axel carried on his older brother's legacy of notoriety -- throwing lavish, debaucherous parties, most often with the aid of Larimar Montaigu, his right-hand man and later successor. After leaving the academy, he took up a position working with the family company, Tyce Magical Enterprises.

Axel is currently NPC.


The Tyce family is an old one, and though they have never achieved nobility, they are well known on the isle. Their business is near as old as their name and just as well known -- they are one of the most prominent dealers in the magical components, instruments and objects necessary to nearly every mage. As such, they are fairly well-connected in society, with ties both known and only rumoured. The current head of the family is Axel's father, Auberon Tyce. He wed Evgenia Mars and proceeded to father seven children: Auria (deceased in a magical accident, 506), Ansel, Axel, Alonzo, Aubrey, Anton, and Andrea. He did not, at least, force his wife to change her name to Avgenia, so that's something.

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