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Avery Lytton
Lord Knife's Edge
Lord Knife's Edge
Marital Status Married to Delita Lytton
Offspring With Delita Lytton: Garett Lytton
With Maggie Wainswright: Melody Wainswright
With Delita Lytton: Delora Lytton
Full Name Avery Demarcus Lytton
Titles and Styles Lord of Knife's Edge
Born February 1 460(460-02-01)
Smithfield, Guardian
Died November 24 505 (aged 45)
Occupation Centurion/Lord
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Height 5’10
Weight 154
Eye Color Sapphire Blue
Hair Blonde, turning to Grey

Avery Demarcus grew up in Knife's Edge. As a young man, he was known for climbing and moving along the mountains of the Knife's Edge, looking for hidden crevaces and coves to hide in. When he was of age, Avery joined the military and joined the cavalry. He had a long and distinguished career, becoming an officer in the cavalry when he returned home to the defense of his lands. When there, he caught the eye of the newly appointed lady of the Knife's Edge, Delita Lytton. Her parents had just passed, and he was attracted to her instantly. After getting permission to court the young woman, Delita and Avery grew close and then married - by custom, he took her last name, since she was the landholder. They had a child shortly after their marriage - and have grown closer and tighter still.

History - Past and Present

Early Life

Avery Jonathon Demarcus was the oldest child and only male of five children. The son of a Centurion Primus of the Guardian army, Avery spent his early days watching and admiring his father, set and ready to follow in his footsteps. He was a good child, assisting his mother as the defacto father when his own father was away at war. As he grew up, Avery started to show more and more interest in the military, specifically the cavalry.

After he went through the Ceremony of Becoming in his fifteenth year, Avery joined the military, opting for the cavalry. He was a strong lad and quick on the study and to learn - which is why he rose through the ranks quickly. By the time he had turned twenty, he was one of the earliest to be promoted to the rank of Centurion Secundus. However, Avery wanted more. He wanted to reach the ranks usually only attainable by those in the noble ranks. And the only way he could do that was to marry into nobility. As such, he was to meet a young woman that was a noble and available.

The Dance and the Rival

It was at a celebration that Avery Demarcus was supposed to meet a young woman. Arriving at the affair with fear and hope that he was doing the right thing - sure that this would be his ticket into the noble ranks, but as he flirted with disaster as he met first Firenza Forester, a married woman with a penchant of seeking love away from her husband. As Firenza and Avery flirted a few times, it was at a dance that he met someone else. A young woman that would steal his heart - and steal him from Firenza's clutches.

Delita Lytton had just lost both of her parents, and was still headstrong, getting used to being a noble lady - and immediately had Avery's attention. Thus began a turmulous time in Avery's life, where he was trying to decide between two women, Firenza Forester, a possible fling with a stepping stone towards one in the noble ranks as Firenza had connections or Delita Lytton - who had taken a hold on his heart.

Of Herbs and Children

Delita would make that decision for Avery one fateful night, by offering her bed to Avery one night. He accepted, not knowing that Delita had set events in motion to make sure that the result would be one that would force the young cavalryman's hand. Three weeks after they slept together - Delita informed Avery that she was carrying his child. Confirmed by a midwife, Avery's mind had been made for him. He left Firenza to marry Delita Lytton in a small ceremony before her Baron.

Eight months later, Delita Lytton would bring Garett Lytton into the world. The Lord and Lady of Knife's Edge would try to have other children, but it would never bear fruit. Avery continued to rise through the ranks, making it to Tribune before he nearly lost his leg in a riding accident, which forced him to retire from active duty - and while he has retired fully recently, he tries to keep in touch with his military ties, since it involves his son.

Current Events

In November of 504, Avery and Delita travelled to Gateway as part of their twenty-fifth anniversry of marriage. Recently, him and Delita have discussed having a second child which forced Delita to come clean about the truth of Garett - that she had taken fertility herbs in order to conceive. It is anctient history now, and Avery has no regrets - he does indeed love Delita, but any bearing that this realization may have has yet to come to light.

With the death of his only son in the summer of 505, Avery Lytton paid his last respects to his son and prepared to return Guardian to return to his duties. He had lost his wife over his fierce protection of his son - and he had lost that as well.

On November 24, 505, Avery Lytton lost his life defending a caravan outside of Gwencalon.


They're both so alike on some things, but neither of them will admit it. They're both so stubborn. What if Garett doesn't want to get married right now? He's going to have to, sooner or later, and I don't recall Avery being all that interested in marriage at first either. I think Garett helped on that account. - Personal Journal of Lady Delita Lyton, Nov 504



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