Arianell Conway

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Arianell Conway
IC Information
Full Name: Arianell Boyd Barca Conway
Function: Duchess
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 18
Height: 5' 9"
Eyes/Hair: Blue-Grey / Red
Date of Birth: 17 February 486
Place of Birth: Guardian Duchy
Marital Status: Married: Eadric Conway


Arianell Boyd Barca Conway: Former Duchess of Guardian

Arianell was born February 17, 486 to the smith of a small village in Smithfield and his wife, a former priestess of Providence. At the age of twelve, her parents were taken by a lung illness in the town, and Nell was sent to the small keep of Water's Rest in the fens of Trebachas, home to the priestesses of Providence, led by her aunt. She spent the next six years training as an acolyte, with every intention of joining the order.

In July of 504, however, Baronet Eadric Conway arrived at the behest of the Keeper. Nell, it seems, was descended from a branch of the Barca family, an elder brother denied his inheritance when Jolene Barca was Empress. In the aftermath of the civil war on Guardian and the assassination of Duchess Asha, the Keeper wished to unite the Barca and Conway lines without the baggage that had come with the ruling branch of the Barca family. And so Nell was whisked to Gateway to marry Eadric Conway, the new Duke of Guardian.

Current Happenings and Events






Nobility of Guardians
Preceded by
Asha Barca
Duchess of Guardians
504 - December 505
with Eadric Conway (August 504 - December 505)
Succeeded by
Shayne Barca
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