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Ansel Tyce
Lord Kraken Shoals
Reign December 508 – Present
Predecessor Lady Maia Vusatunell
Heir Presumptive Axel Tyce
Spouse Unmarried
Full Name Ansel Auberon Averick Tyce
Titles and Styles Lord Kraken Shoals
Father Auberon Tyce
Mother Evgenia Mars Tyce
Born May 1 482 (482-05-01) (age 36)
Polaris Port, Mists
Occupation Lord, Merchant, Journeyman Mage
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Eye Color Blue
Hair Blonde
Oh, you wouldn't want an angel watching over (surprise, surprise, they wouldn't want to watch) another uninnocent, elegant fall into the unmagnificent lives of adults.


Born in Polaris Port and educated at the academy until the age of 18, Ansel works now as a merchant, dealing in the purchasing and exporting of magical components and objects from Mists to Gateway and the other isles. He arrived on Gateway Isle in early summer, 507, to take up a post heading the capital's office of Tyce Magical Enterprises. Shortly after his arrival, he delegated most of his everyday duties with the Tyce business to a subordinate and accepted a position as chamberlain to Baron and Baroness Crescent Coast. Why, exactly, is a matter of speculation.

He served as chamberlain up until his employers fled the Keeper's justice in late June, 508. Ansel took a crossbow bolt to the shoulder during the knights' search of the Crescent Coast suite, but was released after the questioning. After that, his role (like those of many in Mists) became more nebulous. He used the title of chamberlain, but acted like a baron regent, keeping a close eye and a steady hand on the barony during the upheaval that resulted from Phoebe and Matthew's disappearance. At some point during the next few months, Lord Enchanted Coral was quietly delegated a portion of the responsibilities, and when Baron Joseph Starling became official steward of Mists, Ansel was named co-steward of Crescent Coast along with Dyonith. The recent chaos and uncertainty must have provided opportunities for the steward to prove his merit, as he was named Lord Kraken Shoals in December 508, just after the spell to free Mistians from the Breath was successfully cast.


The Tyce family is an old one, and though they have never achieved nobility, they are well known on the isle. Their business is near as old as their name and just as well known -- they are one of the most prominent dealers in the magical components, instruments and objects necessary to nearly every mage. As such, they are fairly well-connected in society, with ties both known and only rumoured. The current head of the family is Ansel's father, Auberon Tyce. He wed Evgenia Mars and proceeded to father seven children: Auria (deceased in a magical accident, 506), Ansel, Axel, Alonzo, Aubrey, Anton (murdered in 509, allegedly by Phoebe Forester), and Andrea. He did not, at least, force his wife to change her name to Avgenia, so that's something. Only one of the siblings besides Ansel has spent any significant time on Gateway in the last few years, with Andrea taking an apartment in the Wellington Arms near her brother after her recent marriage to Randall Malloreon. Since the Schism, she has remained on Mists to be closer to her family, and in recent weeks Ansel has spent his time on the island as well, visiting family but spending the majority of his time in Kraken Shoals, working more directly with his new lands.

RP Hooks

Family Business - Does your land produce components that need to be sold? Do you need to buy them? Have you discovered a new one, or developed a new use for an old one? Found some magical objects you'd rather trade for cash? You might have dealings with the Tyce family, and their new local liasion.

Future Business - In addition to existing contracts and relationships, the Tyces are looking to expand their business outside of Mists. If you are a mage on Gateway, a member of the merchant's guild, or anyone who might have need or want of a business arrangement (whether Mistian or otherwise), Ansel is the one to contact.

Academy - Naturally, Ansel attended the academy at the Fang for a number of years, where he studied elementalism, specifically air magic. Maybe you took classes with him, or had friends in common, or heard about him skipping class to play cards or showing up to lessons with a black eye and no idea what the exam is on. Maybe he tried to copy your homework, or you went to one of his parties? Always out-going and with a bit of notoriety, there are plenty of reasons people might know Ansel from his student years.

Chamberlain - Ansel used to be chamberlain to Baroness Phoebe Forester of Crescent Coast, Mists. (And her husband the baron, also, technically.) He was in charge of keeping the baroness's schedule, running the household staff in Gateway and on Mists, and occasional correspondence, among other things. If you wanted to meet with Phoebe, he's the one you'd have seen. If you'd wanted to know where Phoebe was going to be during the day so that you could avoid her, he's the one to have seen about that, too.

Steward - Formerly acting as co-steward of Crescent Coast, Ansel took an active role in the administration and leadership of the barony, and any business being conducted there could have fallen under his purview. This mostly included dealing with the fall out of the Great Schism. A few of the projects he dealt with most recently included repair and rebuilding efforts at Diuturnal's Cove, distribution of supplies to communities cut off by the effects of the earthquake and/or the tidal wave, road repairs, keeping the peace, preventing looting, prosecuting those selling false cures, and the collection of components and magical flora and fauna for experimentation and preservation.

Lord - Recently named Lord Kraken Shoals, Ansel is now in charge even more directly of the rebuilding of Diuturnal's Cove and general maintenance of the area. If you're a citizen of the lordship, potential visitor, or interested in doing business, he's the one to talk to.

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