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The Barony of Amphorae

Duchy: Draught

Leaders: Baroness Natalia Paggion

Population: 200,000

Lordships: Healer's Hall, Elixir Vitae

Known For: Healers; Herbalists; Alchemists; Various Drugs, Compounds and Potions; Herbs

Major Towns and Cities: Haasen, Adenton, Crestholm

Characters of Amphorae: Here

Description: Amphorae is a barony best known for its export of drugs and healing herbs, as well as the College of Healing.


Amphorae is a barony that has, since the raising of the isle, been in the hands of House Paggion. It enjoys the benefits of a close relationship with the ducal seat, held by House Claremont. This relationship was only further cemented with the marriage of the former Baroness Amphorae, Khalani Paggion, to Duke Dorian Claremont in 508 AG.

Its vital importance to the Empire was solidified in the year 418 AG when the College of Healing was built in Healer's Hall, providing the premier training ground and research atmosphere for the Empire's healers.


Amphorae is something of an oddity in Draught in that it operates under a blended Feudal-Socialist model. There is a hierarchy, in that the people answer to their lord and the lords answer to their baron who then answers to his duke. On a more practical level, communities tend to band together for the common good and split profits evenly among the workers. They will often select a community elder to lead for a time and act as a representative to their lord, paying them for their additional responsibilities with an extra share of the community's profits. This is a public office, however, and held by the general consent of the community. Should an elder be found wanting, communities will band together to select a new elder to represent their interests. In the major cities and towns, the representative is often a mayor selected by council and approved by the seated lord.

Due to the need for healers and knowledge from the College of Healing, as well as the import of produce and cattle from Green Fields, the baronial seat of Amphorae is required to put a great emphasis on diplomacy. In the grander machinations of court, it tends to value its reputation for a certain level of neutrality.

Succession of Barons

July 10, 510 - Present

Baroness Natalia Paggion (b. July 10, 493)

January 17, 508 – July 10, 510

Baroness Natalia Paggion (b. July 10, 493)
Regent: Willem Paggion (Regency: January 17, 508 – July 10, 510)

June 24, 502 – January 17, 508

Baroness Khalani Paggion (b. January 1, 489)

492 – June 24, 502

Baron Jarl Paggion (b. 467, d. 502)
m: Arissa Winthrop (471 – 497)

460 – 492

Baron Ignatius Paggion (b. 439, d. 492)
m: Lady Espera Lieberman

51 – 460

House Paggion

Roughly 21,273 square kilometers (12,846 square miles), the barony of Amphorae is divided into two lordships: Healer's Hall and Elixir Vitae. It also possesses the northernmost point in all of Draught, a promontory in Healer's Hall known as the Lighthouse Peninsula.

It is bordered by the Sea of Veils to the north and to the west, by the barony of Ethos to the south, and the barony of Miller's Isle to the east. While much of the southern border is shared with Ethos, it also shares a small border with the Claremont ducal seat.

The barony is flat with little elevation; having an average height above sea level of only 31 metres (102 ft) and the highest natural point is on the peninsula, at 170.86 metres (560.56 ft). Two natural bays are formed on the northern parts of Elixir Vitae, but can only handle small ships at best, though it was rumored to have been a pirate cove and haven in the days before the raising of the barrier. Amphorae's coastline covers roughly 446 kilometers (279 miles), most of it divided between sandy coves and marshland leading into cliffs.

Phytogeographically, Amphorae belongs to the duchy of Draught. According to the rangers that scouted out the area, the barony can be subdivided into two ecoregions: light mixed forests and grasslands, which makes up the majority of Amphorae's lands. Many of these lands have proven fertile to the growing of various herbs, which is the majority of Amphorae's commerce these days.

The climate is in the temperate zone. The winters are not particularly cold, with mean temperatures in January and February of 10.0 °C, and the summers are warmer, with a mean temperature in August of 30.7 °C. There is a fairly steady wind through the barony, and those winds are stronger during the winter and weaker during the summer. Winds from eastern Draught tend to drag over cooler air suddenly, resulting in what can be sudden and unexpected cold snaps. Amphorae has an average of 171 days per year with precipitation, on average receiving a total of 1012 mm per year; autumn is the wettest season, and spring the driest.

Amphorae has three major cities -- Haasen nestled between the lordships and independent of them, Adenton in Elixir Vitae, and Crestholm in Healer's Hall -- and several smaller cities and towns. Most of the barony, however, is more agrarian and therefore composed of small villages and smaller farming communities.

Culture and Traditions

Due to its emphasis on everyone contributing what they can in order to provide for the common welfare, Amphoraean society is generally known for its charitable attitude. Furthermore, it is quick to give what it can to other parts of the Empire, although its unparalleled healers are nearly always the thing most needed and wanted in times of disaster. (Its herbs and potions are a close second.)

It is expected for one to assist one's own family and neighbors, but welcoming and providing hospitality to traveling strangers is considered to be a mark of good character. The act is said to welcome good fortune into the household (despite the general consent that the concept of luck is absolutely illogical). Conversely, turning travelers away without reason is said to send it away.


Profit is not Amphorae's primary goal, but rather sustainability. The profits paid to the common worker are small amounts, enough to always pay them fair wages and enough for a few very small luxuries in time of great bounty. Most of the money earned from exporting herbs and potions to other baronies and isles is invested by the baronial seat in the College of Healing to help pay for teachers and supplies, as well as to reduce what would otherwise be an impossibly exorbitant tuition for most of those who study there. In exchange for the financial support that it collects from the citizens of Amphorae, the college provides its services to citizens for little to no charge.

  • Ascension Day. The anniversary date of the current Baron/Baroness coming into power. This holiday is recognized by the whole of the barony, but only really celebrated in the cities of Crestholm and Adenton, capitals of Healer's Hall and Elixir Vitae, respectively. The seated baron or baroness traditionally alternates which city will host the official baronial celebration, where there is a public festival and an evening feast at the hosting lord or lady's expense. Invitations to the more private evening feast is a great honor, and typically reserved for the Lords and Ladies of the two lordships, the baronial family, the ducal family, and a number of the hosting lordship's premier citizens.
  • November - Day of Oneness - During the first week of November, Draughtians try to make a journey to the Elixir Vitae to meditate in their hot springs and baths, each for their own reason. Purists have used this time to meditate their place with in the light of Providence. Alchemists, healers and inventors used this time to try to trigger an epiphany that will take them to the next level in their studies, and astronomers spend their time just relaxing under the stars and their place in the universe.

Princess Margaret Rose.

Princess Margaret rose.jpg

This bloom was developed by an accident of cross-polination at the College of Healing in Amphorae in the year 506. It was named after Princess Margaret Caprios by Baroness Khalani Paggion of Amphorae, who encouraged that the breed be spread across her entire barony in celebration of the young princess's short life.


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