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Alchemy is a highly specialized craft that is practiced almost exclusively on Draught. The college of Science in Miller's Isle offers the most comprehensive instruction an aspiring student can get in this intricate art. Pyria is the uncontested center of Alchemy for the Empire, not only because of the College, but also the ease at which one can get common and sometimes even extremely uncommon components needed for alchemical work.

Apprentices take years to master formulas and often not without hazardous consequences along the way. Mages tend to use Draughten-developed formulas and infuse their own mystical workings into each elixir in order to produce many of their sought-after potions. Given the high level of skill and dedication required to be proficient in this art, it’s extremely rare to find a true Alchemist that studies anything aside from Alchemy. There are those that dabble in the art, but even making the most simple of compounds for one that dabbles can be dangerous and tends to severely frowned upon by professional Alchemists.

For a full list of what an alchemist can create, please visit the Alchemy page.

Membership Requirements

There is no official guild of Alchemists to speak of. It is more a community mostly upon Draught, though certainly there are alchemists that do relocate to open shops and the like on the other isles. Even these Alchemists, if they are dedicated to their science, are never completely out of touch with the community back on Draught. There is no membership other than the respect of the others of the field, which hold each other to the highest of standards. There are many people that might give themselves the label of Alchemist, but the community of scientists that are truly dedicated to the art of it are certainly more discerning about awarding that title.

Even though there is a community surrounding the science, there is also a level of secrecy on an individual level. The development of something new is highly guarded, and not really spoken of until after the success or failure of it is assured.


Master Alchemist
One does not usually reach the level of Master Alchemist until they are in their early thirties. This is the time that a Journeyman strikes out completely on their own, perhaps even taking on a student or two themselves, or opting to teach in the College of Science for a few years. While Alchemists are usually always part of a greater community of scientists, the Masters are the ones that are sought after for wisdom and training. Most Master Alchemists are always in search of the potion or mixture that will put their name into the history books. These are the individuals that can craft the most difficult of potions and mixtures, their skill coming from years of dedicated training of alchemy and little else.

These are the true years where an Alchemist will be made or broken. It is a period of approximately a decade, after a student has graduated from the School of Science or other comparable teaching (usually around the age of twenty) and truly delves into the intricacies of mixing. It is within the years of Journeyman that many accidents in laboratories happen, when a student learns lessons the hard way about creating certain mixtures. Still under the guidance of a Master Alchemist for these years, it is not quite intense as an apprenticeship, yet one is hardly at the level of mastery. It is very rare indeed when a Journeyman actually creates something new, and when it does happen, it is most often an accident of some sort.
This is also a time where many students of the science can be lost to addictions to the drugs they are learning to make. Though it is not spoken of often, many aspiring young journeymen never make it to mastery due to these addictions. They are years of hard trial that takes extreme dedication to make it through to become a true Master of the science.

When a young novice shows true promise, an apprenticeship can commence. This decision is made usually around the age of fourteen or fifteen. Years of formal study make up the apprentice years of an alchemist. Most are taught within the School of Science within Pyria, where some of the greatest alchemical minds in the Empire are centered. There are some occasions when a student will receive more private tutelage on a more individual basis, but they certainly have to prove themselves as knowledgeable as their counterparts in the following years. It is in this time that a student will learn in depth about components and herbs, how they are mixed together, and how known mixtures (and poisons) affect the body. These are certainly the more 'book study' years in the path to becoming an alchemist, though the later years of apprenticeship sees more and more practical use, when lesser mixtures are learned how to be made.

The very start of the path to alchemy, a novice learns only the basic concept of what it means to be an alchemist. As these are the years of study before any true training takes place, much of a novice's time in spent learning important lessons like reading, writing and mathematics. What is any good scientist without a good base to start from. If a novice shows true interest in alchemy as the years pass, they might become fortunate enough to be sent to the School of Science to start their formal education into the field.

Grid Relations

Alchemists are quite key to many aspects of society of the Empire. From healing to prostitution, it has touched upon many sides of life. Though alchemists themselves usually aren't the people administering any doses to people, they are the pharmacists of the day. They develop the drugs, produce the drugs and sell the drugs. What happens to the drugs once out of their hands is not their concern. You are not going to find any Alchemists on a battlefield tending to wounded. More likely, they'd be far away from the fighting brewing what they can to help the healers, far out of harm's way. They tend to keep to their own circles mostly, though there are always exceptions to that as well, depending on personalities. There are whispers that there is a darker side to the science, illegal experiments that take place out of the sight of those that uphold the law, and sales of illegal mixtures and drugs that operate on a more black market mentality. It is not a squeaky clean reputation, to be an Alchemist, but to be a great one will make a mark in the history of the field for ages to come.

Significant IC History

There have been many significant achievements in the history of alchemy in the Empire. Some of the more recent events include:

  • 504 - The discovery of an illegal experiment lead by Anastasia Zakov, a highly respected Master Alchemist. Her drug was developed with the magic of necromancy to remove one's spirit from the body, creating a living zombie. The experiment was shut down, the drug deemed illegal, and Master Zakov reported dead.
  • 505 - After some very strange happenings on Mists, the discovery of a new form of Waking Dream discovered and named Abyssal Dream. This is also quickly made illegal and little is heard about it since.
  • 505 - With many notable figures around court coming down with a mysterious illness, Coleridge Eisenhart and his apprentice are called in to figure it out and come up with a cure, working closely with the healers. After many days and close calls, the solution was found and the people saved from death. The mixture's components were exhausted, and with the extinction of the illness came the extinction of the cure.
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