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IC Timeline: 508 AG
January 2. A Ducal Betrothal.
The announcement is made that Dorian Claremont, Duke Draught, is betrothed to the Baroness of Amphorae, Khalani Paggion, and that the two will marry in six months' time, on the Duke's 17th birthday.

January 4. Baronet Ravelle Soranus dies.

The Baronet of Ethos took her life by consuming a dose of Honor's Chase. She was found the next morning in her office at the university by her husband, Parsifal Soranus.

January 16. Parsifal Soranus assumes leadership of the Purist faith and of Ethos.

Shortly after the funeral for his wife, Parsifal Soranus speaks before the faithful at the Temple of Ethos and with the support of Lady Helena Soranus, Baron Leon Barca, and Lord Joshua Dhaval he declares that he will serve as Baron Regent of Ethos as well as the leader of the Purist faith until such a time that Athar Soranus, the Baron of Ethos, returns.

January 17. Willem Paggion is named Baron Regent of Amphorae.

January 18. Draught Regent steps down.

Her Highness, Princess Eleanor Caprios, steps down from her position as Regent of Draught and Duke Dorian Claremont and Duchess Consort Khalani Paggion are given full authority over Draught.

February 5. Mathis Cardiff dies.

After a visit to the First Knight's office that left him broken and beaten, Mathis died in the castle's infirmary.

February 21. Ships depart for the Grande Ball in Pais de Leuvier.

Several nobles and citizens of the Five Isles are invited to attend the famed Grande Ball by Ambassador Juste Chevalier.

March 28. Baron Ragnar Absalon is killed.

Baron Dun Artan is murdered in his castle of Caer Carthartha by a tribesman of the Nitesci during peace talks.

May. Baroness Destine goes missing.

Concern begins to grow has it appears that Isolde Lieberman and her children have disappeared.

June 8. Fairfax Brandivere is murdered.

The dissected and dismembered body of Fairfax Brandivere is delivered to his sister, Addison.

June 13. Chase Stevens is named Baron Regent Destine.

As the lengthy absence of Baroness Destine, Isolde Lieberman continues, Lord Omenal is named as the Baron Regent of Destine.

June 29. Duke Phineas Ashlan is killed.

Rumor creeps out of the Green Fields tower that Duchess Aileana Ashlan is responsible for his death.

July 1. Duke Draught is married on his 17th birthday.

In a small ceremony in the castle's courtyard, Duke Dorian Claremont married Baroness of Amphorae, Khalani Paggion. The ceremony is officiated by His Majesty, Rourke Caprios.

July 1. A new First Knight.

Sir Gerald, the former First Knight, is given Imperial business abroad and Sir Mihovil Pasternak is named the new First Knight.

August 8. Duncan Guybrush returns.

Thought to have been killed, along with his brother, by cultists on Mists two years ago, Duncan Guybrush returns to Gateway, very much alive and well.

August 12. Addison Brandivere is named Castellan.

Imperial ward, Addison Brandivere, is appointed to the position of Castellan, putting her in charge of the day to day running of the castle.

August 14. Foresters on the Run.

His Majesty announces that Phoebe and Matthew Forester are stripped of their titles of Baroness and Baron Crescent Coast and Phoenix Forester is stripped of his title of Lord of Gateway and removed from his position of Imperial Venator. The three are wanted by the crown for endangering the stability of the Gateway, plotting the murder of Prince Jordan Caprios, and risking the freedom of all citizens.

August. Duke Mists, Duchess Guardian, Baron Emerald Hollow and Lady Forester are arrested.

Following the death of Duke Green Fields and the disappearance of the wanted Foresters, Raziel, Shayne, Phaeton and Phailin are arrested and held by the knights in the castle cells. All are eventually released.

September 3. A Steward for Mists.

In the wake of the departure of Raziel Devonshire from his position of Duke Mists, His Majesty appoints Joseph Starling, Baron Moonshadow, to the position of Steward of Mists.

September 13. An Ovation for the victorious legions.

Baroness Wilhelmina Conway returns triumphant to Gwencalon after a bloody campaign against the Nitesci.

September 23. Martial presence shifts in Draught.

Without any firm explanation made to the general populace, there is an increase in martial presence upon the roads leading from Omenal, Destine into Codex, Ethos. The guards even go so far as to stop and make inquiries of Purists making their pilgrimage from around the Empire to the forest of Codex for the annual Festival of Deliverance.

October 1. Sage Coibran is elected Citizen Speaker.

After public debates and several days of open voting for the citizens, the long-empty Citizen Speaker position is finally filled.

October 22. Individuals attempt to close the Gateway, with catastrophic aftermath across the Empire.

October 28. Iseldis Vasala assumes guardianship of the Ashlan and Forester orphans.

In the wake of the deaths of Duchess Aileana Ashlan and Baron Phaeton Forester, it was not a terrible surprise when rumors leaked out of the kind-hearted Baroness Regent of Emerald Hollow claiming guardianship over the eleven orphans. How the Lord Heir of Soaring Skies, Iain Arx, got wrangled into helping her care for them, however, left a large number of people absolutely baffled.

October 29. Baron Leon Barca is buried.

Baron Caerdach is laid to rest in the ancestral crypts beneath Caer Cathartha.

November 26/27. The Coffee and Tea Shop burns to the ground in the wee hours of the morning.

November 27. Unity Day Court and Feast is held in the new Providence Temple.

Even as the Empire continues to recover from the events of the Great Schism, the Emperor holds court to celebrate Unity Day. Unity Coins are handed out by His Majesty with the first going to Baron Ethan Locke for all of his work to help provide for all the isles. Three other coins are passed out, one to each of the ducal couples, giving each of them 24 hours to choose a suitable recipient, as long as it is not one of their own citizens. Surprising just about everyone there, the Emperor also announces that the Gateway is no more, there is nothing there but solid stone. But he advises vigilance, for while the Gateway is closed, that does not mean that all evil is gone. The Currents, he reveals, are still there and active.

November 27. A new Mogur Imperius.

Some possible good news comes out of Mists, in that it looks as if there has been some success in the search for a means to save Mists. However, it comes at a price and that price was the life of many of the High Council. Those that remain have unanimously decided to return Azurios Erastothenes back to the position of Mogur Imperius.

November 28. A Baronal Betrothal.

It is announced that the Baron Golden Crescent, Nicholas Labrec, is betrothed to Mistress Lucinda Summerfield of Golden Harvests. Breaking with tradition, the wedding is set for two months's time, in late January. In early February 509 it is revealed that the betrothal is broken, but no further details are forthcoming.

November 30 - December 2. Mists's Salvation.

Mistians are called back to Mists to prepare for the spellcasting set to take place in an effort to cure them of their need for the Breath. All non-mages are told to leave the isle. After weeks of tireless work, the mages of Mists come together to cast an extremely difficult spell in an attempt to save their lives. While many lives were lost in the process, it appears that the spell was successful and that death for all Mistians has been averted.

December 28. Ancestor's Day Interrupted.

During the Ancestor's Day celebrations held on Guardian, an unknown airborne drug affected the minds of many in attendance.
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