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IC Timeline: 507 AG
January 4. The Soranus sisters host this year's Winter Festival.
Ravelle, Helena, and Karyleine play hostesses to Gateway's Winter Festival which includes a ball, Guardian-style snowball fight, an icy swim, tavern games, and a winter picnic.

January 14. Lady Moria stripped of title.

A fortnight after the peculiar Moria nuptials, by the hand of the Emperor, it is announced that Solphin Acaran shall no longer be recognized as Lady Moria of Draught.

January 16. Soranus family members kidnapped.

Lord Kristian Codex and Parsifal Valens conspire to kidnap and exile most of the Soranus family, except Ravelle.

January 21. The heir to Crescent Coast is born.

Baroness Phoebe Forester gives birth to her first child, a daughter named Chandra Forester.

February 4. Ravelle Soranus and Parsifal Valens are wed in a private ceremony.

February 26. Lord Codex and Parsifal Valens punished.

Lord Codex is stripped of his title and lands as punishment for his misdeeds. Both he and Parsifal are fined 30 platinum, given 10 lashes and indentured to Linette Barca for at least a year.

March 10. The exiles return.

The Soranus family returns to Ethos, minus Tiege. The former Lord Codex, Kristian, is felled by an assassin's crossbow bolt at the temple in Ethos.

March 12. The Wedding of Baroness Khalani Paggion and Mathis Cardiff is Postponed.

March 28. Duke Aaric Barca announces the elevation of Wilhelmina Conway to Baroness Trebachas.

April. The Purist Faith is reogranized.

In an effort to bring unity to the people of the Faith, Athar Soranus joins the three paths of Purism (Dragon, Innocence, and Mother) into a single Path of the Light.

April 14. Tiege Soranus's body is brought back to Gateway.

Efforts to ransom Tiege Soranus back from pirates does not go as planned. Leon Barca sees Tiege's body to Draught where he is laid to rest in the Soranus family crypt.

April 17. Imperial Order goes out that the Imperial Court is to relocate to the village of Seal Cove for the duration of the Spring Festival.

April 25. The Imperial Court relocation begins.

April 27 - May 9. Spring Festival is held in Seal Cove.

April 27. Opening ceremony is held.
April 27. Baroness Briony Marchora hosts a pageant.
May 1. Baroness Briony Marchora hosts the Wine and Cheese Social. Baroness Annabella Forester Hosts Charity Dance and Auction.
May 3. Landros Deluvian hosts the Bardic Contest. Baroness Isolde Lieberman wins out over Niamh Cavanagh and John Cooper. Later that day, John Cooper hosts the Archery Contest. Baroness Linette Barca comes in first with Lord Guidhael Fiedach and Lord Dyonith Zeloral following.
May 5. Landros Deluvian Hosts the Eating and Drinking Contest. Coming in first is Baron Leon Barca with Douglas Braxton and Duchess Aileana Ashlan trailing after. Duchess Aileana hosts games afterward. Log: 507-05-05 Spring Festival Eating_Competition
May 7. Baroness Briony Machora Hosts the Lucitania Horse Race. The winner is Lady Yseult de Caire. Log: The Lucitana is Run on Gateway
May 9. Closing ceremony is held.

May 9. Baron Moonshadow and Lazuli Montaigu betrothed.

Duke Mists announces the betrothal of Baron Moonshadow Joseph Starling to Mistress Lazuli Montaigu. The Date is set for the Double Eclipse in four months' time.

June 2. Duke Mists and Lady Gryphon's Reach are betrothed.

To the surprise of many, a betrothal between Addison Brandivere and Duke Raziel Devonshire is announced with a wedding to follow in October.

June 2. Helena Soranus is named Imperial Chamberlain.

June 7. Baroness Trebachas removes Moriens from power.

The Morien family of Trickling Dart is stripped of land, title, and claim by Baroness Wilhelmina Conway of Trebachas, removing the last of the Morien ties to her barony.

June 13. Leon and Linette Barca welcome the arrival of their first child, Lady Baronet Justine Chloe Barca.

July. Baroness Emerald Hollow abdicates her position.

Baroness Annabella Accoucheur Forester abdicates her position as Baroness Emerald Hollow and turns over the custody of her three children to the Duke and Duchess Green Fields. Later that summer she vanishes from her clinic and is never seen from again.

July 24. Drake Ravensford entrusted with the Marquis of Mists.

Drake Ravensford, former Baron Moonshadow, receives custody of Marquis Solomon Karaganinas by the High Council's decree.

July 28. Mists ducal betrothal dissolved; birds invade Guardian.

The brief lived and turbulent betrothal between Addison and the Duke of Mists is dissolved. A flock of birds, some thousand strong, invade Guardian before moving on, heading north to Gateway.

July 29. Giant flock of birds reaches Gateway.

At four o'clock in the afternoon the enormous flock of birds arrive, made up of what appear to be seagulls and albatrosses come to Gateway to roost.

August. Potion shortage cripples Empire.

For reasons that remain a mystery, the Empire experiences a widespread potion shortage as vital components suddenly disappear from the market. Everyone feels the impact, as even simple contraceptive potions are nearly impossible to come by. Even healers of the Imperial infirmary feel the need to ration the potions that make modern healing so effective. The merchants' guild investigates, but does not offer any answers. For reasons just as mysterious, the crisis ends two months later and production resumes. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

September. Baron Ethos goes missing.

Athar Soranus, Baron of Ethos and leader of the Purist faith, goes missing though his family does not seem all that concerned, claiming that he has departed on a Holy Quest. Lady Baronet Ravelle Soranus and her husband Parsifal Soranus step forward to handle the leadership in Athar's absence.

September. Marcus Damien Barca, son of Duke Aaric and Duchess Shayne Barca is born, becoming Marquis of Guardian.

September 2. Kyrie Mezelien is elevated to Baroness Regent Dragon Lake and Mirabelle Vargas to Lady Dark Waters.

September 8. Open court is held.

Court is held by the Keeper. Phoenix Forester, Cynara Dhaval, and Marek Paggion are named to the newly created Imperial Venators. The rarely seen Prince Valin Caprios appears and foretells trouble.

September 12. The Empire celebrates the Double Eclipse.

Early the morning of the Double Eclipse, Baron Joseph Starling and Mistress Lazuli Montaigu are married by Empress Philomena Caprios in the Baronial Gardens of Moonshadow in Gryphon's Reach.

October. Harvest Festival is hosted on Green Fields by Burgundy Terrace.

December 13. Sheriff Lyolf Godfrey steps down from his post and Sir Drusilla Conway is appointed the city's new Sheriff.

December 15. The betrothal of Baroness Briony Marchora to former Sheriff Lyolf Godfrey is announced.

December 19. Gypsies declared treasonous.

Rourke Caprios declares all gypsies treasonous to the Empire. They are given one month to turn themselves in for forgiveness, otherwise they will be hunted down and executed.
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