506-10-23 The Body Shop Grand Re-Opening Party

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The Body Shop Party
RL Date February 6, 2009
Players Etta Walker, Elena Ashlan, Dag, Dorian Claremont, Elspeth Toet, Katherine Fernwick, Caspian Fernwick, Solphin Acaran, Saoirse Farraday, Kestrel Farraday, Mya Gyldynhels
Location The Body Shop - Gateway West
Crossroads Time and Weather
IC Date October 23, 506
Season Autumn

The Body Shop - Gateway Plaza West - Village

This place looks more like an art gallery than a sleazy tattoo parlor. There are tasteful paintings on the walls, of various themes. The water themed wall shows oceans, waterfalls, and placid lakes. The fire themed wall shows dragons, roaring bonfires, and indoor scenes with fireplaces. The earth theme shows majestic woods, mountains, deserts, and a variety of animals. The air theme shows tornadoes in a field, whirlwinds across a desert, and various sky paintings.

This room is open with no counter. It contains a chaise lounge in one corner, with a supply table and a stool next to it. In another corner, is a padded table with a pillow and sheets, and another supply table and stool next to it. There's a door in the back wall, that leads to another room, and a small stairway that goes up to a private apartment.

There's plush carpeting on the floor in the tattooing areas. The rest of the floor is a stripped red oak plank. There are plenty of windows to let light in during the day. The windows are draped in a rich, red velvet fabric. At night, several sconces and iron floor stands hold candles and lanterns. There is a wood stove in one corner to keep the place warm in the winter, and to cook on. Several comfortable chairs in bright, bold colors are set around it.

There is a large, full-length mirror on one wall near the chaise lounge, so people can admire their tattoos and body painting when Mya's completed it for them.

The Body Shop has been spruced up for the party tonight. A buffet table is against one wall, there's a couple of musicians in the corner playing music, and there are yards of colorful fabric hanging from the ceiling. Mya is standing near the door, to welcome anyone who comes to the party. She looks a bit nervous, as if wondering if anyone will actually come...

It's a party, and Dorian got not only a personal invitation, but a coupon for a free tattoo! So of course he's here to explore the area and see what's available.

While Mya is nervous, Saoirse is just excited. She's never helped to throw a party before. She's made some effort to clean herself up and everything, her hands and face scrubbed clean and still a little pink from the effort. Taking it upon herself to check on things while Mya greets the guests, she heads over towards the buffet table to make sure everything is in order there.

Elena steps in, carrying her own little box - apparently some kind of present. She looks around for a moment, a wistful look in her eye, and then spies Mya. She steps over towards her smiling, and says: "It looks great! I got you something." She offers the little box to Mya. "Welcome back."

Elspeth peeks her head into the shop and then smiles as there's people there already. She too has a little something along with her, the young woman looking a little shy as she steps into the room to look around.

Mya smiles warmly as Elena comes in first. "Hey, Elena," she says, "come on in! I'm so glad you could make it." She takes the package a bit surprised. "You didn't have to get me nothing. Hey, fill out one of these slips, we're having door prizes." There's a small table next to the door, with slips of paper and pencils, and a bowl. As others come in, Mya smiles. "Come in, come in!" she says.

Etta steps in through the doorway, her movements fluid. Her warm caramel eyes search the room, landing on the displayed artwork and then on the owner of the shop. She curves her plum-colored lips into a smile. In a rich alto, she says, "Thank you for opening your shop. I look forward to seeing your work."

Scanning the room first, Elena's narrowed eyes come to focus on Dorian. They pause there a moment and then she lowers in a curtsy; it's a slow curtsy, like she's worried she's going to fall over if she goes too quickly. Then she rises, gives him a smile and a murmured "Your Grace," before turning to fill in her name on a piece of paper.

Once she's satisfied that the buffer is properly in order, Saoirse turns back to survey the room, watching with happy satisfaction as people start to file in. She ducks over to come and stand beside Mya, flashing her a supportive and meaningful grin, while at the ready to spur into action as soon as there's something to help with.

There's another figure whose shadow darkens the doorway of the Body Shop, though it's a slight shadow and a brief darkening. Dag slips through on Etta's heels, chin lifted as he peers around the shop.

Mya looks quite surprised to see Dorian. "Yer Grace!" she says, giving a bow. "So glad to see you! Come on in, write your name in for the door prizes, have an ale." She smiles to Etta, and says, "Come on in, Miss. Don't forget to sign up for the door prizes." Finally, she sees Dag coming in the door. "Dag! Ain't seen you in ages. I owe ya a dinner and a service, if memory serves me correctly." She sees Saoirse giving her a grin, and gives a wink in return.

Duke Dorian smiles politely to Mya. "Door prizes? Well, can't miss that," he replies and moves over to sign up. After doing so, he begins browsing around the shop, moving toward the artwork.

Elspeth erks softly and bobs Dorian a quick curtsy, smiling at the young man and perhaps, just a little, giving the young duke a once over. She's not much younger than him after all. As Mya catches glimpse of Dag and calls attention to the youngster, she turns abruptly to look for the head of the orphans, much like lord of the flies.

"Ain't I 'ere to collect it?" Dag counters with a flash of a grin as he pauses to inscribe his name -- D A G, in big letters as though they're the only ones he knows -- across a piece of paper. "Th'service, that is. Still owe me dinner. It'll be a good one. 'Ey! It's Elsie-Belsie!" he exclaims, beaming at Elspeth where she loiters.

Etta moves over to the table and writes her name slowly on a slip of paper, concentrating on the letters. She folds the slip and puts it in the bowl and then walks further into the shop, her hips swaying back and forth with each step, and her ruffled skirt clinging to her legs. She drops into a low curtsy with a liquid grace for Dorian, before moving on to examine the artwork.

Saoirse follows Mya's lead, quickly ducking into a bow of her own moments after her employer does. Wide eyes look out over the crowd, and she seems tickled pink at the people who are here. Dag is recognized and she flashes him a grin, a little wider than the polite grins of greeting offered to those she doesn't know.

Mya moves away from the door as everyone signs up for the door prizes. The buffet table is laden with food and there is a couple of casks of ale next to it. She smiles at Elspeth, and says, "Glad you could make it, Elspeth." Turning to the crowd, she says, "First game will start in ten minutes. The winner will get a prize! If y'all have any questions about the shop, let me know. Now, have fun!"

Elena seems quite familiar with the layout of the shop, wandering about and smiling at this painting and glancing at that with a faint nod; mostly she lingers near the earth themed wall, shifting her weight from one foot to the other idly as she scrutinizes the images there. Almost as an afterthought, she makes her way to the buffet table, getting herself a drink. Then she glances at the musicians in the corner, thoughtful for a moment. She takes a drink then, stepping back over to the earth themed wall. She doesn't immediately recognize anyone else, aside from Mya.

"Daaaag!" Elspeth sounds as most teen girls do when presented with a hated nickname. "Sheesh." She reaches over to give him a smack, light and playful, on the youth's arm. She waves over to Mya and holds up a little bag. "I brought some treats Mya, should I just put them on the table. It's not much, but it felt weird to just turn up without anything."

Duke Dorian smiles at Elspeth as she looks him over, and then glances around noting that many of the guests here happen to be youngsters. He chuckles, wondering if that will be the main tattoo clientèle.

Mya grins at Dag. "So, you want a service from me, tonight? What would that be, Dag?" she says, in a curious tone. When Elspeth says she brought some treats, she smiles brightly. "Oh, that's so sweet of you, Elspeth! Sure, put them on the table. Hey, Saoirse, come meet Elspeth and Elena." Turning to Etta, she says, "i don't think we've met yet. I'm Mya."

Dag weathers the smack on his arm with a smirk, reaching out to tug at one of her curls. It's a brief thing and he dances out of smacking reach and toward the table of food immediately thereafter. Saoirse's grin does not go unnoticed. The younger girl gets a grin in return and a wink from the self-proclaimed Head Orphan. "'Ey, See-Saw," he greets her. "You here to get a tattoo, too?"

Too? Indeed. Mya's query sees Dag's eyebrows waggle. "Wot, I wants a tattoo, don't I?"

"Naw, I'm workin' here now, see," Saoirse replies proudly to Dag's question. "So I'm helpin' with the party." She doesn't bother to correct or complain about the pronunciation of her own name, instead just turning to Mya as she suggests introductions, flashing a friendly grin as she ventures nearer to be introduced.

Have no fear, the guard is here! Through the doors of The Body Shop comes three men. One is a tall and extremely burly man with a shaved head and dark brown skin. Another is a red-head with a no-nonsense expression. And the youngest of the three is Caspian, fair haired and blue eyed, who takes up the rear. A slow look is given to the decorated tattoo shop, and he nods to the left and right walls. The two guards then separate, taking their opposite posts wordlessly while the deputy moves towards the proprietor of the establishment. "Evening, Mya."

Mya grins at Dag's request. "Well, tattoos take a long time. But I could sketch out your idea today, and you could come back tomorrow to start the actual tattoo. What were you thinking about?" she asks. She then sees the city guard coming in and tenses for a moment, but then remembers she asked for them to come to the party! Seeing Caspian, she smiles brightly. "Hey Caspian! Thanks for coming. Sign up for the door prize, near the door, eh?" She turns to the Duke, and says, "How are you doing, Your Grace? Can I get you something to drink?"

Etta approaches the buffet table and considers the selection. She helps herself to a brownie and takes it with her as she moves on to another easel.

"Oh, I'll get a drink in a moment," Dorian replies. "I was just admiring the artwork. Trying to come up with ideas. See, I like the idea of getting a tattoo, but you know, if it's going to be on there for life, it should be something that you think about carefully, right?"

Elena shuffles along with her tankard towards Elspeth and gives her a wry smile. "I'm a Professor at the University," she tells the young lady. "Animal Studies." She gestures with the tankard off in the direction of the University. "I think I've seen you there, no? Are you a student?" She takes a drink from the tankard, primarily focused on Elspeth, but glancing about at the others occasionally also.

"Or just somewhere that you don't have to show to people if you change your mind later. Although I suppose, really, if you can't see it, then there's not a lot of point in it." Elspeth muses towards Dorian as she puts some lemon bars onto the buffet table to join the food already there. She turns to look at Elena and then grins. "Yes. I'm a student there, just general studies at the moment, although Lord Lazarus is a really persuasive type and talked me into an extra class. I've seen you around campus, and seen your course in the listings, but never had the opportunity to take it."

"I don't think I should be eligible for any prizes while on duty," Caspian answers with a mild smile to Mya. Again, he gives a look around the place, taking in who is here, where they are placed...the usual. "I apologize for the previous evening," offered lowly before he backs away, allowing her to see to her guests while he eyes the ... youthful crowd. A look is exchanged with the burly guard Fletcher, whose lips faintly quirk with a hint of a smirk before blanking again.

"That'll do," Dag answers Mya, or at least, that must be what he says -- or kind of what it sounds like he says -- around a big bite of the meatball he'd stuck in his mouth. "I want it big, don't I? Wif lotsa fire an' one of those birds wot goes, 'Poof!'--" he manages not to spit meatball as he says it, "All in flames an' then comes back to life!"

He tenses a bit as the guard enters, too, edging a bit around the food table. "Got a job?" he asks of Saoirse, eyeing the place anew. "Ain't bad, I s'pose."

Mya nods to the Duke. "Indeed, it is something that should be thought about seriously," she says, "Something that means something to you." When Dag mentions he wants a HUGE Phoenix on his back, she rolls her eyes. "You know that will take months, right? But you got a free service, so yeah, we can do it." She gives Caspian and warm smile and says, "Don't worry about it, Caspian. Katie feeling any better?"

Saoirse has the instinctive reaction of tensing at the sight of the guard entering too, but brightens when she spots Caspian, offering him a wave. Watching between Elspeth and Elena, she listens for a moment, but the talk of school is far over her head. She looks back to Dag then, nodding solemnly, quite serious about this new career it seems. "Ain't bad at all. I didn't never get to help throw a party before."

With an idle gesture with her left hand, Elena replies in a quiet tone to Elspeth: "Most of my courses are directed at people with an interest in caring for animals in their future; but Lord Lazurus gives some excellent courses. I can see why you'd be interested in them." Her eyes flicker about, taking in the Guardsmen with raised eyebrows and then on beyond to the Duke and the street boy inquiring about tattoos. "I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to try a tattoo," she informs Elspeth in that same quiet tone, "but Mya does some interesting things with body paint.."

The caution on timing fades Dag's grin only for it to brighten all the more when she finally agrees to it. "Months? I got time, don't I?" he dismisses the notion with a pfft sound and a wave of his hand. "An' shop's open again, ain't it? I couldn't collect 'til you was back." That's obvious enough, and spoken as he lifts a chicken wing from the table and begins to chew. Saoirse gets another grin. "Ain't never? I done it lotsa times at the Isle of Ale. You just gotta make sure ain't no one's mug gets empty. Drunker folk are, more fun they have..."

"Why does one have to be brave to get a tattoo?" Dorian asks. "It's not dangerous, is it? I mean, I've heard it can hurt but it doesn't take bravery, just tolerance of pain."

Caspian inclines his head to Saoirse, offering her a smile and dip of his head. His eyes traverse briefly to Dag, though his attention returns to Mya soon after. "Aye. Feeling better," he answers, jaw tensing. He steps back now and sets himself near the entrance of the shop, able to keep an eye on who enters while watching the going-ons as well.

Etta makes her way over to the door again and thanks Mya before stepping out.

Amidst the varied conversation another guest joins the little party. Kestrel has made an effort to look a little more presentable than usual for the occasion -- although how /much/ of an effort he's made remains to be determined. His wild hair has been tamed as best as he could manage and he wears a long jacket over his usual gear. The garment looks old but it's in good enough shape that it lends a bit of pizazz at least, enough befitting a party of this sort. He instinctively glances about and it's only a moment before he spots the city guard. Though he tenses up he doesn't seem particularly worried -- he just makes a point of moving away from the door to seek out his sister first and foremost.

Mya notices the new kid coming in the door (why is everyone who is coming to a TATTOO SHOP under 18?). "Hey, come on in," she says, "Got a door prize drawing, make sure you sign up for it." Turning to Dag, she says, "Alright then, young man. We'll get something worked up for you." She watches Caspian as he answers with that tense jaw, and is immediately sorry she even asked after Katie's health. Sore subject, obviously. She goes over to the buffet table, and makes a plate of lemon squares, bringing them to Caspian. "Told you I'd have plenty of these for ya, Caspian. And you guys can take turns on shift, get something to eat."

"I don't think it's brave exactly.. although I'm not really /into/ pain just for the sake of pain." Elspeth muses to Dorian a moment, a little quirk of her head. "What would you get? I mean if you're going to have something that stays forever." She grins brightly to Elena and nods. "Well Lord Lazarus sort of talked me into it, I tried to protest that I didn't have time or talent, but he talked me into it. And it's pretty cool, I have to admit that. It's more /fun/ than some of my classes. Which are interesting, but not exactly fun. I can't really see me caring for animals.. I'm sort of a city girl I guess."

Saoirse leans in to hear Dag's quieter words, giving a little laugh as she nods with understanding. Her gaze cuts over to Caspian and the rest of the guard, and she's just beginning to turn her attention back towards the buffet and pick out some food for herself, when the newest figure entering the party catches her attention and immediately gets another grin from her. Ducking around the other party-goers, she slips off to go and fetch him. "You came!" She sounds thrilled that he actually did.

"I dunno, something about Draught," Dorian shrugs. "Since that's, kinda, forever for me." He quiets a bit to let the other conversation finish, turning his attention to the artwork in the meantime.

Elena looks about the room and then back to Elspeth. "I'm not, I'm afraid, but I've learned to get used to it." She glances at the Duke and gives him a wry smile. "It's brave because it is permanent, your grace.. it's not like you can just erase it a few years later if you're not happy with it." She quiets then, drawing away to the side so that others can converse. She settles for leaning against a wall and watching the party as she sips from her tankard.

Dag smirks as he takes another bite of that chicken leg, and looks up as Saoirse exclaims her excitement. "Who're you?" he demands of Kestrel.

"Oh, uh. Thanks," Kestrel replies, turning toward Mya as she gives him a greeting he hadn't really figured on. All the same, he smiles enthusiastically. "Door prize, mm? Count me in. Where do I sign up?" He draws himself up a little as if trying to make himself look just a little older -- probably less to do with being in a tattoo shop as it is with not looking like a kid in front of the woman. But before he can introduce himself to her Saoirse starts over and his smile widens. "Of /course/ I came! I told you I would, didn't I?" He turns to Dag, eyebrows raising a little at the demand. "The name's Kestrel. Saoirse's brother. And who're you?"

Mya does catch the Duke's comment. She nods and says, "You know, I got one noble putting a map of his barony as a tattoo. Maybe you should do something like that, with Draught," she says, "Or maybe something in memory of your mother." She gives him a tender smile, before she catches that the new kid is Saoirse's brother. "Oh! You're Kestrel! Hey, I'm Mya. It's great to finally meet you." She motions to the small table by the door with the pieces of paper, pencils and a bowl for the door prize drawing. "We're gonna start the games in just a minute, got prizes for those, too. Saoirse, show your brother around, and both of you, get some food!"

"Could.. mmm.. maps are good." Elspeth considers Mya's suggestion and then wanders over to debate the buffet table, getting herself a snack while she thinks. "Draught's coat of arms? It's a little smaller than a map. Okay, so the map can be as small as you like, but then you can't see anything."

"Wot, I'm Dag," the eponymous youth answers, gesturing at himself with a half-eaten leg of chicken as though it were the Emperor's own pointing stick. "Head Orphan, Light House Orphanage. You didn't say wot you got a brother, See-Saw," he notes a touch accusingly. But if he's wounded on that score he doesn't show it, taking another bite from his chicken leg and chewing confidently.

Saoirse is quite ready to offer introductions, but then Kestrel sees to them just fine on her own. That's why she admires him so, no doubt! "Yeah, this is my brother," she confirms to Mya, before reaching for said brother to drag him over to the buffet table if he'll allow it. To Dag's accusation, she shrugs her shoulders. "Got two of 'em, see. An' maybe I didn't have so much time before-" She pauses, frowns slightly, and then tilts her chin up. "Before you had to go, right?" Yes, that's it.

"A map of Draught," Dorian muses. "That could serve useful if I ever get lost on a trip back home," he chuckles. "Just how detailed would this map be?"

All seems to be going well, which suits Caspian just fine. Still, decent conversation and lack of brawling isn't reason enough to have any guard stand at ease, and the deputy is no exception. He remains quietly watchful, brows faintly lowered.

Elena steps away again, finding a quiet spot between two paintings at the earth themed wall to watch the proceedings. She doesn't engage in converse any more, seeming to settle for the contents of her tankard and the promise of games to come.

"Yep. The one and only Kestrel," the boy announces in confirmation of Mya's comment. "Anyway, good to meet you t-- Oh, uh... Bye for now!" That's as he's dragged off by his sister in the direction of the buffet. Because of /course/ he's not going to protest being dragged toward a load of food. He gives Dag an incredulous look as the kid introduces himself. "Head Orphan, eh?" But that's all he says on the matter and he falls silent as Saoirse replies to the accusation. "Anyway," he pipes up in support of her answer, "why should she have to let you know she's got brothers?"

Mya watches as Kestrel and Saoirse and Dag go on over to the buffet. She turns to the crowd and says, "Alright, everyone who likes cherries, please come form a line in front of the table at the back of the room. The first game is about to begin!"

"'Cause it's the sorta thing folk tell each other, ain't it?" Dag retorts, grin quirking bright as he lifts a bit more chicken from the buffet. It's near that table that he loiters, and perhaps for the obvious reason that he's thirteen and growing. He shrugs, though, knocking his hat back a bit from his eyes. "S'pose there weren't much time," he admits, giving Saoirse that point. "On account of that idiot kid."

He leaves it there, though, as Mya brings up mention of games. He grabs a lemon square and shoves it in his pocket as he trots over to join it.

Elspeth giggles softly at Dorian's thoughts. "Just don't get it on your butt or something, or else it wont be any help at all when you get lost. Besides.. Draught's not /that/ hard to figure out. But I don't really get lost much. Of course I don't really travel much on Draught either. I've only ever been to two baronies, and only one because that's where the port is."

Cherries? Fletcher the guard lifts his brows with interest and takes a half step forward, as if more than ready to join this cherry-giving game. Caspian gives him a /look/ and the guard raises his hands in surrender as he returns to his post. Just kiddin' boss! his look seems to say, which has the deputy rolling his eyes briefly. A hint of a smirk. That's it. Then he's back to being the strong and silent type, eyes on Mya now.

Saoirse seems satisfied when Dag agrees about the lack of time in which to tell him about these brothers of hers, though she also clearly appreciates Kestrel sticking up for her too. She has to nod in agreement about that idiot kid, but then is distracted by loading up on food so that she can go over and help with the game, perhaps. "You wanna play?" she asks of her brother, in a slightly lower tone.

Elena looks into her tankard for a moment, perhaps a little surprised that it is finished already. She sighs and sets it down discreetly to one side, and then looks over at the line forming for those who like cherries. She gives Mya an apologetic smile from across the room, and then starts to make her way towards the door. She pauses about ten feet from it, to direct her slow and steady curtsy towards the Duke once again.

The shop is a bit crowded for a small space. There's a buffet table against one wall, where all the kids seem to be gathering. There's a small table by the door, with pieces of paper and pencils and a bowl to put the paper in. Door prizes. There's a couple of musicians in one corner, who everyone seems to be completely ignoring. And Mya has just announced the first game... having to do with eating cherries.

"I guess it is. Some people, sometimes. Just don't act like she owes it to you," Kestrel mutters to Dag, seeming to take the whole issue of sticking up for his sister rather seriously. "Idiot boy. You're going to have to tell me about that one." That's aimed at Saoirse but his attention is stolen away by the mention of games and, of course, the food. As he's loading up his own plate (and occasionally dropping bits and pieces slyly into the many pockets of his jacket) he answers, "Play? I guess so. Depends on what the game is I guess. Do you know what she's planning with this one?"

Duke Dorian grins at Elspeth. "Yeah, I can see me getting lost, asking for directions, and mooning people," he laughs, and makes his way over to the food table.

Mya calls out to Dorian. "Yer Grace! Come on, join the game. It's gonna be a blast," she says, as she starts setting up stools in front of the empty supply table at the back of the room. She then puts a bowl in front of each seat at the table, and puts one single cherry in each bowl.

Katie makes her way into the shop and grins at the decor of the place. Looking around curiously gives Fletcher and Caspian both a smile and a wave. Trying to find Mya gives the hostess a small wave as well if she can catch her eye.

Saoirse stuffs her mouth full of food, which leaves Dag and Kestrel to converse for the moment while she's incapable of talking. She wipes her mouth on her sleeve before grinning at her brother. "Oh, I'll tell you 'bout him later," she promises with a mischievous glint to her eye, before giving an encouraging nod towards the game. "Oh, it'll be fun. You get to eat," she adds, as this is no doubt a major selling point.

Mya demands a line, and Dag forms the line -- or, forms part of it -- casting a smirk over his shoulder toward Kestrel and Saoirse as he slides into his place. "She don't owe me nuffin," he points out to Kestrel with a bright grin, "But a smile. Fellow's glad to lend a hand when he sees wot one's needed, ain't he?"

Duke Dorian wanders over to the table when Mya indicates the game is about to begin. "O......kay," he remarks, eyeing the cherry, and then Mya.

Kestrel seems satisfied with that response from Dag and he gives the Head Orphan a considering look and then a nod that seems to signal a general lightening up of his demeanor. And that's about when he starts digging into that chicken he's piled high on his plate and starts over in the direction of the game. "... I don't know if I like that look," he can't help but tell his sister as she gives him that promise. "But food? More food? You officially have my attention." He's half-joking. But only just half. He followed her over here to the mysterious game, after all.

A friendly smile and nod is offered to Katie from Fletcher, who is obviously familiar with the seamstress. "Mistress Fernwick," he greets before his brown eyes turn to the game that's starting. Caspian also greets her, his smile subdued but warm. He stands guard near the doorway, but now seems vaguely anxious as he shifts the weight from one foot to the other.

Mya grins at the Duke, and then motions to the stools. "Everyone who wants to play, have a seat," she says. Once everyone is seated, she will give the instructions for the game. Looking over at Elspeth, she says, "You gonna play, Elspeth? Hey Katie! Glad you could make it. Sign up for the door prizes by the door there."

Someone is torturing kittens. Oh wait, no that's just Solphin's whistling. As the scamp comes in through the door and gives a cursory look around, that whistle quickly slopes into a wolf's whistle and dies off. "Not too shabby, not too shabby at all." Hands in her pockets and attired in some very loose breeches and shirt, something very easy to move in without friction, the scamp walks in with a bit of a stiff gait.

"So /play/," Saoirse suggests with a little laugh. It isn't often she knows something that her venerable big brother doesn't, and she's quite enjoying that feeling. "Ain't chicken, are ya?" she suggests teasingly, in a quieter voice since her aim isn't to embarrass him here, just jest light-heartedly. She gives the current players a grin of good luck.

Stools are provided to be sat upon, so Dag sits on a stool. "Elsie-Belsie!" he calls back to Elspeth, grinning wide and pointing at the stool beside him. "You gotta play, too."

Mya sees Solphin coming in and grins. "Solphin! Get your ass over here and take a seat. But first, sign up for the door prizes by the door there," she says.

Elspeth had just taken another snack, and was considering sitting the game out, until two people call her on the plan. "Well.. alright /fine/. Although the last game I played involved far /far/ too much whiskey.. I'm wary of games these days." Even as she says it, she comes to take that offered seat next to Dag.

"Alright, alright! Why do I get the feeling that I'll regret this?" It's probably Saoirse's enthusiasm at the idea of him playing that's giving Kestrel that sense, of course. But all the same, he moves right over to a stool of his own, still munching on what he's managed to snag from the buffet. He's not about to be called a chicken, after all.

Solphin's smile is easy enough tonight, raising a hand up to wave in Mya's direction "Hey, Inker. Huh? Sure." A quick look around and the scamp hazards a very tentative bow. "Marqui--" she stops herself as she straightens with a cringe. "No. You're a Duke now. Right. Duke, terribly sorry about that, I was there, I should remember." chuckling a bit then turning to scribble her name on said sheet and stiffly lope that a-way.

Katie does what she is told and writes her name on a slip of paper and places it in the bowl that is provided. Staying clear of the food table though goes to look at the art hung and set up about the room. Her smile is still in place but fades a little though.

Once everyone is settled in front of their single cherry inside the bowl, Mya says, "Alright, this game is easy. The first person to eat their cherry first, wins." She grins a bit and says, "Oh! One thing, though. Gotta keep your hands behind your back. And...." she opens a cabinet, and brings out another bowl with a serving spoon. The bowl has whipped cream in it. She plops a huge heaping spoonful of whipped cream into each bowl.

Duke Dorian smiles at Solphin. "M'lady," he nods, settling into his seat and listening to the rules. And watching with amusement at the filling of the bowls with whipped cream.

Solphin's brows raise upward with a slow smile twitching onto the corner of her mouth. "Well isn't that about the most inter--" she paused as the whipped cream is thrown in, the other half of her mouth inches up. "Huh..." with that, she cants her head a touch, then looks straight at Dorian with humor. "Don't tell your sister." apparently more concerned over what Isolde might say than, say, her betrothed or the Duke himself.

Kestrel looks over at Mya as she lays out the rules for this little game and then back to his cherry before him. And then realization hits him when the whipped cream comes out. He shoots Saoirse a look, now clear on why she was so amused to think he might compete, and doesn't bother to stifle his own smirk now. "Great. I've got this one in the bag," he announces to no one in particular.

The game? It draws a grin from Dag. "You think?" he asks aside to Kestrel, eyes innocent, grin growing. "You wanna put a silver bit on it?"

"Just eat a cherry? That's it?" Elspeth looks at the bowl, and then there's a blob of whipped cream covering it. "With.. no hands? Ohh.. this is going to get messy."

Saoirse shoots her brother a winning grin when he looks at her, eyebrows going up, eyes widening innocently. She lingers near to the table, both to watch and to be ready at hand in case Mya needs any help, nibbling at a bit of dessert she'd brought over from the buffet. "Good luck," she offers to Kestrel, though Dag gets a grin too when he suggests the wager.

Mya looks at Saoirse, giving the girl a playful wink. Looking at the contestants, she says, "Alright. Hands behind your backs, everybody! And if I see anyone moving those hands, I'm gonna tie them together!" She gives a wry grin over at Katie and Caspian, then says, "Alright. Ready? On your mark... get set... go!"

Katie glances over to the game and just chuckles. Whipped cream covered cherries, and salutes Mya when she looks over with a grin. That... is great.

Eating without hands? Dag might as well be an expert, as he shoves his face into the whipped cream, as it were, with both hands behind his back. He scarfs with the skill of the lean and hungry.

Duke Dorian is laughing too much to make a serious effort at this game, so while he puts forth the appropriate effort to have fun and not be a party pooper, he certainly doesn't excel. He gets his face slightly messy as he searches around for the fruit, a bit behind the leaders.

Solphin is taking on the route of slow and steady wins the--oh who the hell am I kidding? Solphin's in there from the get go, but with the first lean, she flinches and mutters under her breath, looking up to see Dag's entire face dove into the whipping. "Dagboy, don't they /feed/ you down at that place!?" She laughs along with the rest but really has a heck of a time leaning over for any amount of time, getting up again as soon as she's got a bit of whipping on her chin, trying to lick it off. "uuuuugn."

"Maybe," Kestrel replies slyly to Dag. And then he gives a more definite "Yes. You're on." before things really get underway. Saoirse's 'good luck' gets a nod and a smirk that says he doesn't think he'll need it, even if he appreciates it. And then the game is on! Hands behind his back, he dives face first into the bowl, rooting around in search of the cherry... and somehow managing to get whipped cream in his eye. He gives a frustrated grunt as he tries to blink it out and that seems to hinder his efforts in the game. He's a bit behind even Dorian now but he's not giving up, even if half his faced is covered now.

Well. Now it's a challenge. Elspeth watches Dag dive in with his hands behind his back.. and well.. she follows suit. She's not nobility, she doesn't have to worry about looking the fool, and she's got whipped cream all over her face by now.

It doesn't look like as if anyone else is coming through the door, and so Caspian leaves his post to wander towards Katherine. His eyes are on the game as contestants begin to gobble down their cherries, splattering their faces with whipped cream in the process. Fletcher, who may be the jolliest guard there is when the mood strikes him, laughs out loud, his voice just as booming as one may expect from a man as large as he is. The red-headed one doesn't look as if he could care less. "You're not going to play?" the deputy asks his wife.

Mya is trying to hold back her laughter as she watches the five play the game. "Alright! Keep it up you guys!" she shouts, encouraging them all not to quit. The laugh from the guard catches her attention, and she looks over at him, giving him a bright smile, before looking back at the contestants. Wonder who will win?

Katie giggles at hearing Fletchers hearty laugh and her eyes sparkle as her husband comes over as well. "No, not tonight. I just had some mint tea before coming over."

Dag's going strong trying to devour that cherry, but he has to pause for a moment, head shooting up sharply. "Ah-ah-achoo!" Ah. Whipped cream up his nose. It puts him a little behind, but nowhere from whence he can't catch up.

Kestrel might not be able to see anymore for the whipped cream in his eye but he doesn't really need sight to seek out the hidden cherry now does he? He continues rooting around, really going for the gusto now and making progress!

Caspian pauses as he draws nearer to Katie and kisses her cheek in greeting. The mentioning of tea has him nodding a little, and he faintly tilts his head to the side, fighting against the downward pull of the edges of his lips. "Has it helped to make you feel any better?" he asks, eyes drawing back to the heated game of cherry eating and sneezing and laughing. He glances to Mya. "She sure knows how to create a game, eh?"

Well, Elspeth found the cherry in her whipped cream. That's usually a feature, right? Except when the girl hasn't realized that she's found it amongst the whipped cream and her wariness for games shows itself to be well warranted. She half swallows it whole, and then she's coughing and sputtering and trying not to choke. Whipped cream? She doesn't care at the moment.

Solphin just isn't doing any better at this round, too busy chuckling at Dag's disposition as most of the cream is in someone's face or on the floor, the cherry dancing around the bottom of the bowl. A hand across her midsection for the moment as she strains whatever lays under that loose clothing that's stopping her from totally kicking butt. Really.

"Come on, Kes!" Saoirse urges her brother on, her voice kept low in a stage whisper, so that she doesn't distract him from his all-important work. Of course, she's also laughing at the whole spectacle, and is taking some mental pictures to remember this later. When Elspeth starts to cough, though, she looks over to make sure the older girl is all right.

Katie nods. " I can stand to be in the room with the food so it must be." Then giggles some more as whip cream is everywhere but stops as someone starts to choke. "Is she okay?"

Duke Dorian dives in the second round and....well, not really trying, but he just happens to get lucky this time, and gets the cherry! Woot!

"Alrigh' there, Miss?" This is Fletcher who is suddenly near the choking Elspeth, and a broad hand pats her back a bit roughly. Well, he /tries/ to be gentle, but it doesn't seem to be a quality that he's had much practice with.

Caspian watches on, sending a half-amused look towards the guard, but making sure that he doesn't accidentally break the girl in the process. "If not, she will be.." he murmurs. "I think that man could bend metal if he wanted to," he answers to Katie.

Mya grabs a towel from a stack by the table and rushes over to Elspeth. "Hey, don't die on me. It would be bad for business," she says, as she wraps her arms around the girls' midsection and squeezes.

Digging in swift as soon as the sneeze is past, Dag searches high and low for the cherry in that bowl and-- ah hah! Among the first to find it, he draws it out by the stem with his teeth and flips it up into the air to show off before catching it on his tongue to eat it.

Katie winces a little as Fletcher pats away and Mya tries to help too. " He's always quite gentle when he is escorting me. Though I have never choked when with him either."

Between a guardsman 'gently' patting her on the back, and Mya giving her a squeeze, Elspeth spits out the cherry in her mouth, sending it across the room like the errant projectile that it is. She's still coughing, but mostly she's caught her breath now. "Thank you. I.. found it? Oh but I didn't actually /eat/ it."

Duke Dorian found the fruit initially, but then lost his cherry, and relentlessly set off to try to get lucky again. While he didn't start this with a great deal of interest, the game seems to pick up interest for him as it seems more possible that he can do it. Finally, after getting the cream all over his face, he triumphs.

Kestrel almost has it! He's so close! That much is obvious from the fact that he's nearly out of his seat now as he tries to get at the cherry from different angles. But his fervor is to be his downfall: in the midst of all his nosing around he manages to dislodge the cherry from its whipped cream bed and it flips right out of the bowl and toward the onlookers. He's just moving to get off his stool and down on the ground to worm his way over to get it, oblivious to the fact that he's already lost. He's determined!

Mya lets Fletcher and Katie take care of Elspeth. She has to watch who finally wins the game. She grins as she sees the Duke triumph in finding his cherry! "And we have a winner! Your Grace, Duke Dorian Claremont," she says, applauding. She then goes to hand out towels to the contestants. "Y'all did great," she says to the group.

Oh no! It must've been the showing off that made him lose by those split seconds to the Duke, but Dag's no sore loser. He hops up from his stool, the first in line to shake the winner's hand even before bothering to wipe his hands and face on a towel. "Wot, quick work, Yer Grace!" he exclaims, his grin -- and the rest of his face, up to his eyebrows -- smudged in cream.

Thereafter, he holds out a hand to Kestrel: "Silver," he requires with a smirk.

Fletcher gives one last hearty pat ever after the fruit is dislodged and goes flying. Success! "Welcome," he says, his smile wide as he straightens up to his towering height. "Dangerous game." His work done, he returns to his spot against the wall, watching on with interest.

Caspian shakes his head slightly, but there's an ounce of amusement on his face. "He is ordered to be gentle with you. My advice would be never to choke in his presence," said as he looks over to Katherine again. "..You're sure you're feeling alright?"

Saoirse brings a hand up to lightly smack her forehead as Kestrel sends his cherry flying. She watches with widened eyes as he starts going after it, though she can clearly see that he's lost it now. So she offers him a hand up and a comforting smile.

Duke Dorian seems to have a knack for eating contests. He won a pie eating contest at last year's festival, and now this. The boy must have talent with his mouth. He wipes off his face with the towel provided, shaking hands and laughing with the other contestants.

Solphin is chortling to herself with a lean back against one of the near walls, rubbing the cream off of her chin with the back of her hand. "Not bad, not bad, Mar-Duke." Not Marduke, mind you, just a retraction. With a glance over to Dag as he demands his payment, Solphin flashes a quick grin, folding her arms over her chest and dropping a quick wink to the boy.

PEEEEEEK! An unknown person peeks in with letter in hand. Mingling through the crowd, he hands it to Solphin, winning a copper and leaving. "Oh Fates spare me. Mya? Mya!? Hey Inker!" she looks around, shoving off the wall to find the woman.

Elspeth oofs softly as she gets another 'gentle' pat from Fletcher. She takes a towel to be able to wipe her face off, and grins. "Congratulations Duke Dorian!" She laughs brightly and decides to get while the getting is good, before she ends up choking in another game. "I should get going.. see ya Dag. Thanks for the party Mya."

Mya goes to get glasses of water for the contestants. "Hey Saoirse, can you help me arrange the chairs in a circle? We can all sit and relax for a moment, before the next game," she says. Just then, she hears Solphin. "Hey Solphin, what's up?" she asks. Her eyes glance over to Caspian and Katie and Fletcher for a moment, giving them a friendly smile.

Katie leaning against the Deputy a little as he asks if she is alright once more. " I'm doing okay. Really. Everything is nice and settled still. Don't worry."

Kestrel's not far from his cherry when the winner's announced and that's all the cue he needs to bring his hands back around from behind his back, using one to wipe at his creamy eyes and the other to accept his sister's hand up. And then he becomes aware of Dag's own outstretched hand. "Fine, fine," he mutters with a hint of annoyance -- or is that embarrassment? -- as he roots about and finally produces an old silver piece that he slaps into the younger boy's hand.

"I hope the next game is less messy," Dorian remarks with a grin as he keeps trying to get the bits of cream from harder places like his nostrils.

Solphin is all grins as she stiffly walks up to the Inker and means to throw her arms around the voluptuous creature. "Hey, great shindig." chuckling a bit, after she releases, gesturing with that note "No rest for the wicked, eh? The brother needs me, all of the sudden, but, you think on this, once I'm healed, I want to commission you to do something to pretty up these new marks of mine, yeah?" she winks.

"Of course, Mya," Saoirse agrees quickly, giving her brother one last grin, and a grin of congratulations to the Duke, of course, before she scurries over to help set up the chairs. "I can get these, if you need," she offers to her employer, as Things seem to come Up. Already, she's hefting them about to make a rough circle.

The silver hits Dag's hand and then it's gone -- gone somewhere on his person, somewhere into his neat, intact, but slightly worn clothes. Disappears, and then he wipes his hands and face on his towel and tosses it back onto the bar, his eyes flickering toward the door. "I'll go with ya, Elsie," he replies brightly. "But wot, I'll be back, Mya. You gotta give me that tattoo, still."

It's a solemn reminder before he heads toward the door.

Mya gives Solphin a careful hug, as if she's afraid to break the little scamp noble lady. "No worries, Solphin," she says, "And sure, come by anytime, we'll talk about it." Once Solphin leaves, she goes over to a cabinet, and takes out a wrapped package. She takes it to the Duke. "Your prize, Your Grace," she says, with a bit of a chuckle.

On his way out, Dag does pause to offer a waggle of his ears, a grin, and a few quiet words to Solphin.

Don't worry. Right. Caspian eyes Katherine wordlessly, as if wondering if she actually believes that what she's just told him to do is possible. Pft! But he does nod, which is a good first step, and slightly curls his arm around her hip to support her as she leans.

Solphin grins a bit as she leaves the shop about the same time as Dag, chuckling low with a shake of her head. "Ah kids. I hope to have a dozen and then strangle them all in their sleep, the little joys..." whistling commences as she leaves.

Saoirse gets a parting grin before she heads off to help set up the next game and Kestrel sets about getting a bit more of that whipped cream off his face with the sleeve of his jacket. "Congratulations," he offers with a sincere smile to Dorian. "But why less messy? That's half the fun, isn't it?" And with that he stoops to pluck his cherry from the ground.

Duke Dorian smiles and thanks Mya for the prize, smiling. "I'll enjoy them," he smiles, and stands up as he watches the chairs get rearranged for the next round.

Solphin totally gave Katie a pinch at her side as she walked past, chuckling. "Miss Katherine Fernwick." a nod to Caspian "Miiiiister Fernwick." without breaking stride.

Mya goes to get an ale (FINALLY!), and take a seat in one of the chairs. "Y'all have a seat," she says, "Katie, you too. This game will be easy, not messy and quick. I promise."

Saoirse finishes hefting the seats around, nudging the last couple into place since they got put down on a bit of an angle. And since she has them sorted out, no better place to drop down into as Mya suggests they all have a seat. She flashes the woman a grin before awaiting this next game eager.

Katie giggles and jumps as she gets pinched by Solphin on her way out. " No food this time Mya?" she asks at hearing she should take a seat and play the next game. Leaning up to press a kiss to Caspian's cheek. "I'll be back. Seems I have to play a game with Mya."

"Mmmrm," Caspian replies to Katie as she moves off to play. He watches her, then steps back before he too can be pulled into this next game. Food or no, he's seen what Mya's games can consist of! So he melts back into the safe zone near Fletcher and leans against the wall. He goes back to looking pensive now, ignoring the questioning looks given by his comrade.

Mya drains her ale in one long swig, and lets out an 'aaaaah!' at the end. She then gets up, and brings over small easels, putting them in front of everyone who is sitting down. She gives everyone a brush and one jar of paint, all the same color. Green. "Alright. Now, this game is called 'Bad Painting," she says. She then puts a pair of knit mittens in each person's lap. "Take a guess what you gotta do." She grins at the contestants.

And back to eating he goes. Kestrel wipes off the cherry he's just picked up and pops it into his mouth as he makes his way over to the where the next game is being set up. But before he's halfway over something seems to occur to him and his easy-going smile curdles a bit. "Uh, 'Sha," he starts once he finally makes his way over to where Saoirse has found a seat. "I'm sorry to do this -- I've got to run. Just for a bit but I'll be back. I just realized that I should probably check on our brother. Make sure that he's not getting himself into anything." Because it's his job to get him out of it, isn't it? He shoots his sister a truly apologetic look but he's already edging away in the direction of the exit.

Katie just looks at her mittens and paint and brushes. " Paint while wearing mittens?"

Mya looks around as the contestants seem to be leaving. "Caspian! Really, we don't need three guards on duty when there's only four of us here," she says, "You guys, come on, join in the game."

Saoirse takes the supplies from Mya, not making any guesses of her own. Though she's distracted by Kestrel coming over. She's a little disappointed when he explains why he has to leave early, but the girl does understand. "Right, 'course, yeah. Make sure he's okay then. I'll try'n win this one for us." She flashes him a little grin, nodding as he starts towards the exit. Her gaze follows him a moment, but then is back onto the game.

Kestrel chuckles as Saoirse lets him know that she'll win this one for the both of them. "You'd better! That'll be the first thing I ask about when I come back!" And with that he turns on his heels and makes for the door, disappearing through it a moment later.

Mya gives Kestrel a smile. "Bring that little guy over sometime," she says, "And it was great meeting you, Kestrel. Come around anytime. Oh, and you and your brother are invited to go to Green Fields next week with Saoirse and me. We're working at the Harvest Festival."

Both guards look to Caspian, who looks towards the easels, paints, and ... mittens. The red-headed guard (still) looks unamused. Fletcher chuckles. Caspian ... dismisses the red-head to save everyone quite a bit of grief. And so it's Fletcher and the deputy who take a seat, the latter next to his wife while Fletcher occupies a random chair. "We wearin' these?" he asks, pinching a mitten between his over sized fingers to raise it up.

Mya grins as Caspian and Fletcher join the group. "Yep. Painting with mittens. That is why it is called BAD painting. Now, everyone has to paint the same picture, so I can judge who did the best. Y'all notice that you have green paint. So, the image to paint is a frog. You can make it as big or as small as you want. It just has to be technically the best one. Oh, and...y'all will only have 5 minutes."

Kestrel chuckles as Saoirse lets him know that she'll win this one for the both of them. "You'd better! That'll be the first thing I ask about when I come back!" And with that he turns on his heels and makes for the door, faltering on his way as he catches Mya's smile. "Be careful what you wish for," he says wryly of bringing his little brother by. "I might just do it... And Green Fields. I'll keep that in mind -- thanks!" The woman gets a grin before he turns away and disappears through the door and into the outdoors.

Katie slips on her mittens and plays with how to hold the paint brush in it some, giggling as her two favorite guards join in the fun, her most favorite right next to her. " I don't think I have ever tried to draw a frog before....."

Saoirse's spirits are immediately buoyed when Mya extends the Harvest invitation to her brothers as well. Oh, the red headed girl can surely wear them down about that one, and then they'll /all/ get to go. But she tries to focus on the game now, flexing her hands and then slipping them into the mittens.

Mya takes out her sketchbook, flipping it to a page near the back. She holds it up, so everyone can see it. It's a drawing of... wow, who would have thought! ... a frog. "Just in case you need some inspiration," she says, giving Katie a smile.

A frog? Caspian blinks at the subject that's given to them, and his brows furrow in thought. ....What does a frog look like again? Green with four legs and ... a tail, right? Wait, no tail. Or ... does it have a tail? He slips his mittens on while pondering whether or not frogs have tails. He glances over to Katie and mimics the way that she holds her paintbrush. Sort of. He sort of has it clamped between his two hands. Fletcher looks ready to go and already has his gloves on too. Competition? He's always up for that!

Oh and look, frogs /don't/ have tails. Thanks Mya.

Duke Dorian peers at the frog picture. Small. Round. He looks at his mitten and the green paint. Makes some sort of ovalish mark on his paper.

Mya has a small hour glass (well, a five minute glass). She says, "Alright, begin!" as she turns it over. Luckily, she already took the lids off the jars of paint.

Saoirse's tongue absently sticks out of the corner of her mouth as she focuses on the difficult task of finding a good way to hold that paintbrush in her mittened hand. It takes some doing and a lot of concentration, but she manages to wield it well enough to get it into the jar of paint and then to start laying out some rough form on the paper.

Katie nods a little once she finally finds a good way to settle the paint brush in her hands. She is a seamstress after all and they work with there hands a lot on many different types of things so it stays fairly well as she dips it in the pot and starts making the beginning of her little frog.

Paint time! Caspian dunks his paintbrush into the paint and nearly loses it just by doing that. His 'sandwich' method of holding his paintbrush isn't exactly the most convenient way of grasping it, and it doesn't look as if he's pressing his palms together hard enough to keep his paintbrush from slooowly beginning to slip out of his hands. Paint drips from the tip as he tries to just hold the dang thing.

Fletcher's not faring much better. He tries to curl his fingers around the brush, but that doesn't work. The tries what Caspian's doing, but that doesn't seem to be working for him either. Grrr! The paintbrush goes clattering to the floor, and so he does the resourceful thing. He gets on his hands and knees and picks it up with his teeth. Ha!

Duke Dorian does his best to hold his brush, and does a passable job of it. Considering his lack of artistic skills that do not involve straightedge and compass, it's probably good enough.

Mya giggles as she sees Fletcher picking his paintbrush off the floor with his teeth. "Hey man, teeth are not allowed," she says. She watches as the women (well, one girl and one woman) seem to have an advantage with their more slender fingers. She watches as the contestants paint, dripping some on the floor, most likely. At the end of five minutes, she shouts, "TIME!"

Saoirse isn't exactly an artist, but maybe all this time watching so carefully as Mya works has rubbed off on her? Her frog, at least, begins to resemble a frog, more than just 'a green blob'. A lucky stroke of the brush where she kind of lost her grip on it even gets her an artful-looking arch to the water-dweller's back. She's just eyeing it to think of what next to add when Mya calls time on the exercise. Nibbling at her brush, she looks up, blinking around at the others as if just remembering they're there. She got a little caught up in things for those five minutes.

Katie ends up giggling for most of the five minutes which doesn't help her paint very well. Her 'frog' ends up being little more then a wiggily oval with two big over sized eyeballs on it's head. She doesn't even color him in.

Man, look at Katie and Saoirse go! Caspian glares at them both. He knows they're somehow cheating. They must've glued their paintbrushes. He eyes that hour(five minute) glass, sees the sand dwindling down, and makes a last ditch effort into drawing /something/ on his easel. With his paintbrush semi-secured between his palms, he swings his arms towards the easel...the paintbrush slips out, and in an effort to catch it, he knocks the whole thing over. *clatter!* goes the easel. Kerplop, goes to paintbrush, splattering paint onto the canvas.

Fletcher, hearing the no teeth rule, grins widely and dips the tip of his hand into the paint and makes a mitten-print of a frog painting. "Done!" he laughs, both at his effort and the deputy's clumsiness. These two definitely weren't made for painting.

Duke Dorian may not be an artist, but given something to work from, he does a passable job of representing the curves on the original that he's supposed to be copying.

Mya makes a circuit of the paintings. She stops for a moment at Caspian's easel, blinking a little bit. "Good god, man, what is that supposed to be?" she says, in a teasing tone. She looks at Dorian's painting and says, "Pretty good likeness, Your Grace." At Fletcher's, she leans over a bit, looking closely. "You don't follow instructions very well, do you, Master Guard?" Wandering over to Katie's, she says, "Woman, I thought you would run away with this one, being such a talented seamstress. That's OK, though. You might not be a painter, but I sure as hell am no seamstress." Finally, she gets to Saoirse's painting. "Wow... that is really good, Saoirse. Very good likeness. Have you painted before?" Holding up Saoirse's mittened hand, she says, "We have a winner!"

Saoirse goes pink as her hand is thrust into the air, but she grins happily as well. "Not really much paintin', no," she replies with a shake of her head. "I just ... Well, guess I got lucky, that's all," she decides, but is still looking rather pleased. She sits back in her seat to begin pulling off the mittens, her hands already starting to feel a little warm. "You lot all did good too," is added, though it's more charitable in some cases than others.

"Aw, come one! This is a perfect likeness!" complains Fletcher as he points a green-stained mitten towards his blob of a painting. Theres no seriousness heard in his tone, and his dark eyes twinkle with mirth.

Caspian pulls off his mittens and flexes his fingers. "She hasn't an eye for grand art," he says in the guard's defense, grinning lightly as he moves to eye the others' artwork. He peeks over at Katherine's and smirks. "Mine is better than yours.." he says as he points down to his fallen easel and the speckles of dripped paint on it. As Saoirse is declared the winner, he applauds. "Bravo!"

Katie gives the girl a smile. "Congratulation." then twaps her husband a little. " Mine has eyes at least. Yours isn't even standing anymore." Then sticks her tongue out at him just for good measure.

Mya giggles at Fletcher. He is just so amusing. She goes to get a package out of the cabinet, and brings it over to Saoirse. "Your prize, Saoirse. Hope you like it," she says, with a warm smile. "Anyone want something to drink or eat? I hope y'all are taking some of this food home with you later. I got way too much."

"Regardless, it is still good." Caspian smiles a little as he picks up his knocked-over easel and stands to set his gloves on his chair. "Mya, your grand opening has been a success, in my opinion. I hope you'll feel safe if I release Fletcher from his duty? And myself as well, even though I don't feel as if I've done much work." As for taking food home...he eyes those lemon squares. Can never have too many of them. And that box she brought? It may be surprising how few of those are left already.

Duke Dorian slips off his mittens and smiles at the conclusion of the painting competition. He looks around at the others. "So what were the door prizes?"

Saoirse takes the package eagerly, giving Mya a grateful grin as she feels the package carefully before tearing it open. Her eyebrows go up at the sight of the sketchbook and colored pencils contained therein, but it definitely seems a good surprise! "Thank you!" she replies. She holds the book carefully to her chest. "Maybe I should help startin' to tidy up?" she suggests, since things are definitely winding down now.

Food? Home? Katie eyes the table some. She knows what Caspian is eyeing up already. At least those she could handle. " I'm fine for now, thank you Mya." The question is now, for how long.

Mya nods to Caspian. "Oh yes, of course, Caspian. Fletcher, it was nice to meet you," she says, "And feel free to take some food with you, too." She smiles at Saoirse's reaction to the prize. "You're welcome. And yes, you can package up some food for Deputy Caspian and Guard Fletcher." Turning to the Duke she says, "Oh yes, we should draw for those now." She goes over to the bowl, and pulls out the first name. "To choose any of the paintings on display, the winner is...."


Mya pulls out the next name. "For a free portrait to be done, the winner is...." she says, blinking a little at the winner. "Dag."

And finally, the last one. "For five free painting lessons, whether on canvas or body painting, the winner is... Duke Dorian Claremont."

Fletcher nosily peeks at Saoirse's prize, looking impressed. "Make good use've 'em," he advises. "I know I wouldn'. Can't draw worth nothin'." Snickering, he helps himself to some food to take with him, loading up on the leftover meat. "Nice party, girl. Better for me that I ain't have to knock any heads together!" is offered to Mya before he begins to head on out. He pauses long enough to dip his head to Katherine. "Evenin', Miss. Glad you're back to feelin' better." An awkward-looking bow is given to the Duke, and Fletcher is out.

Caspian, meanwhile, takes a few (but not too many) lemon squares as winners are being announced. "If you wish to stay longer, you may," he says to Katherine. "I've been awake too long."

Katie shakes her head some at that one. " I'm getting tired myself. Home sounds good." But before she leaves goes to give Mya a hug if she'll except it. " It was a wonderful party Mya. The place is just lovely. Maybe I'll have to stop by soon myself and see about being painted."

Duke Dorian chuckles and grins. "Wow, painting lessons? This is great! Can I pass them on to someone who would make better use of them?"

Mya gives Katie a gentle hug. "I'm glad you were able to come," she says to the seamstress. She gives Caspian a smile, as well, and says, "Y'all have a good evening. Fletcher, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Come back anytime." Then, she turns to the Duke. "Your Grace, I am honored that you could attend. And of course, you can do whatever you wish with them." Finally to Saoirse, she says, "We'll just put the food up tonight, Saoirse, we can save the rest for tomorrow. It is getting late."

Saoirse gives a grin to Fletcher, nodding her head as he advises her to make good use of them. "I'll try to!" she promises, before heading over to the table to start bundling the food up for those that want it, and then to start packaging up the rest of it, with a nod to Mya's instructions.

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