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IC Timeline: 506 AG
January 15. Oliver Dukane, Lord Tel Girade, dies of a suspicious headwound.

January 28. Baron Cael Kilgannon of Smithfield is betrothed to tax collector Minka Mathos.

February 7. Baroness Linette Barca of Caerdach is betrothed to Lord Leon Maritus of Gwencalon.

March 7. Duke Mists appoints Lord Joseph Starling as temporary Regent of Mists and mysteriously departs the isle.

March 9. Delita Lytton, Lady Knife's Edge, passes away.

March 13. Duke Guardians announces the betrothal between Lady Fen March and Guidhael Fiedach.

March 26. Duke Mists and Duchess Green Fields, with their party, are escorted under knightly guard to the castle and later released.

March 29. Lady Kraken Shoals expires upon the stage during an opera.

March 30. Ambassador Pais de Leuvier and his wife have twins, Sydnei and Sebastien Chevalier du Soliel.

April 6. The Emperor and Empress name as their Imperial Chamberlain Wendy Erastothenes, daughter of the Nex Ingredior.

April 8. A cloaked figure attempts to assassinate Athar Soranus, Baron of Ethos, in castle courtyard. Attempt fails; assailant escapes.

April 10. An unknown, cloaked man commits a string of attacks upon young women in Gateway, provoking a concerted effort to bring the perpetrator to light.

April 29. The Emperor and Empress confirm the betrothal of Duke Guardians and Shayne Locksley of Guardian.

April 29. The Imperial Family announces a surprise wedding due between Phaedrus Forester, Baron of Landry, and Noele du Orianne, younger sister of the Leuvian ambassador.

May 4. Duchess Draught quells a broadsheet-posting campaign speculating on the replacement as Baron Miller's Isle.

May 6. Solphin Acaran, Lady Moria, is betrothed to Tobias Branridge of Mists.

May 9. Aquilarco dispatches an apology for its vacant embassy.

May 11. Baroness Burgundy Terrace places Tiege Soranus under her protection.

May 12. Duke Mists presides over suprise wedding of Baroness Crescent Coast and her consort.

May 16. Lord Gwencalon passes away after an extended illness.

May 8. Coibran's Chandlery burns down and Healer Paggion narrowly escapes death.

May 19. Baroness Crucible and her daughter, Asha Justine Rosemarie Kilgannon, survive early labour.

May 24. Assassins orchestrated by The Phantom strike at the funeral of Lady Kraken Shoals. Baron Moonshadow appoints Angiel Winter Lady Regent of Arden Vale.

May 25. Magic fluctuates wildly on Mists as the Breath of Imperius turns chaotic.

May 26. Petrova Kordheim animates a statue in the University, causing mayhem for weeks.

May 27. A wraith perpetuates numerous attacks for the next fortnight

May 28. The Keeper fluctuates the currents between Mists and Gateway to dispense aid to the isle.

June 9. Mildryth Lachlan of Rayder Pass declares a marriage tourney.

June 14. A "devilfish" attacks the beach and the Sheriff finds the drowned body of Healer Corbaine.

July 5. Athar Soranus is declared chancellor of Draught.

July 6. For reasons unknown, a large sinkhole forms in Rayder Pass, killing scores.

July 7. Duchess Green Fields bears twins, Jobediah and Jillian, in the Laguna Grotto.

July 9. Phillip is born to Phailin Forester; his twin sister is stillborn.

August 2. The Wild Hunt ravages Gateway.

August 21. Purists accused of drug smuggling.

In Green Fields, a ship allegedly hired by Purists on Draught is found with contraband drugs on board, and Purists sects on Green Fields are accused of supplying the drugs to children. This begins a long and arduous investigation that slows shipping to and from Draught.

August 31. An investigation begins into the death of Duchess Draught.

September 16. A note is posted that denounces the practice of nobility, which in turn sparks a rebuttal.

September 25. Council Meeting.

Dorian Claremont is named the new Duke Draught, with Princess Eleanor Caprios as Lady Regent Draught until his 17th birthday, and Catelyn Claremont's death is ruled accidental.
Ethan Locke is named Baron Miller's Isle of Draught and Addison Brandivere is named Lady Gryphon's Reach of Mists.
Baroness Crescent Coast petitions the Imperials to have the flow of currents between Mists and Gateway to be redirected from Polaris Port to Diuturnal Cove.
Shortly after Council, Baroness Khalani Paggion of Amphorae is betrothed to Mathis Cardiff.

September 27. In light of the proposed Current change in Mists, Athar Soranus writes an open letter of appeal for Phoebe Forester to withdraw her request.

September 29. Athar Soranus resigns as Chancellor of Draught. Lucian Acinthas renounces his fealty to Draught, resigns as Consul.

October 3. Baron Regent Bailey Guybrush and his brother, Lord Shadrach's Folly, are said to have been found dead near Folly Hall, apparent victims of some horrific sacrifice.

October 5. Lord Shadrach's Folly seen alive.

Rumours begin to fly about sightings of the supposed Late Lord Shadrach's Folly when Duncan Guybrush is spotted by more than one person in the swamps. He is later confirmed to be very much alive.

October 11. Princess Meg, age five, is accidentally trampled to death.

October 16. Duke Guardian weds his bride.

Duke Guardians and Shayne Locksley of Guardian are wed in a ceremony at the Coliseum. The bride's begemmed gown causes quite the stir among the guests.

October 23. A wereshark tribe takes hostage a village in Fen March.

In the rescue attempt, Baron Trebachas, Baroness Trebachas, Lady Fen March, and Lady Trickling Dart are all killed.

October 25. Legions are marched into the barony of Trebachas by General Conway to maintain order.

November 10. Arcadius Athelstan, Lord Copper Run, confesses and is sentenced to death for illegal mining in Rayder Pass and being responsible for the consequential collapse of a mountain.

November 18. Arcadius Athelstan's execution goes awry.

The execution of Arcadius Athelstan goes awry when tribesmen from Rayder Pass storm the execution platform seeking vengeance for those lost when the mountain collapsed. Nearly thirty are dead in the wake of the attack, among them the Lady Rayder Pass.

November 21. A second letter lambasting the nobility of the Isles appears in Gateway, Mists, Draught and Guardian.

November 22. Duke Draught abolishes all 'mind-altering' drug use amongst landholding nobility on Draught.

November 25. Election campaigns begin for the new Guildmaster of the Merchant's Guild.

Candidates include: Gavan Locksley, Emmaline Sheppard and Guy Fitzwater.

December 11. Emmaline Sheppard is elected Guildmistress of the Merchant's Guild, making her the youngest Guildmaster to ever hold the position.

December 30. Lady Moria, Solphin Acaran, is announced to be married to Tobias Branridge, making him Lord Moria.

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