505-06-7 Deer Cleaning

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Duke Phineas arrives from the southern pasture lands.

Duchess Aileana arrives from the southern pasture lands.

Aileana smiles as she looks up to the sky even while adjusting her baby several times to nursing, "It is lovely. Can you bring me to a tree to sit by so I can nurse? Or a bench?"

Taengle is just getting set up for the deer cleaning demonstration. The rope separating the crowd from the archery area has been taken down, so people can get closer to the stone table where a rather large buck is laid upon.

"Yeah, let's go get a place over here. You able to wat..." And then, Phineas espies someone through the crowd. He immediatelyturns his back toward Taengle and lowers his voice.

Phaeton arrives from the southern pasture lands.

Bella arrives from the southern pasture lands.

Aileana looks up to her husband and blinks a few times before she looks into the crowd as well. She then nods as she reaches for his hand to squeeze it gentle, "Good night, love."

Phineas dips his head and kisses Aileana soundling on the lips, a stolen moment of affection, before he walks quickly, quickly away.

Duke Phineas returns to the main road.

There seems to be a good crowd gathering around the deer cleaning area (LOOK DEER). Taengle has a small girl with her, about six years old, from the look of it. The little girl has a small bell in her hand, and rings it. "Deer Cleaning starting!" she shouts in her high-pitched voice. "Come see the Huntress Taengle Wildwood clean and skin a deer in record time!"

Bella and Phaeton come into the area, and Bella looks a bit curiously at Phineas as he leaves. She does spot Aileana, and makes her way over. "Oh, deer cleaning. That should be interesting," she says, "Glad it's at night, so my morning sickness doesn't get to me during the demonstration."

Deer Cleaning Area(#4852Tn)

There is a large buck laid out on a large stone table. The table has a deep groove cut in it, to catch blood. Also on the table are a variety of instruments... knives, a hatchet, and fishgut string.

There are several vendors milling about the crowd, selling ale, turkey legs, funnel cakes, sausages on a stick, and the like. They are even selling some miniature bows and arrows (felt tipped) and some stuffed toys that look like deer for the children in the crowd.

Aileana smiles up to Bella as she nurses her little one, "I'm so tired, I think. Newborns are difficult, you know?"

Taengle waits a few moments more, then begins her demonstration. She has the little girl turn the page on the large notepad sitting up on the easel. The writing on it says: "Proper deer cleaning is very important, so that meat is not tainted. I will do these steps fast, but the steps will be written here." Taengle nods to the girl, who turns the page again.

The next page says, "The first step in gutting a buck is to remove the testicles. We Cut them free to where they emerge from the pelvis. Cut a circle around the anus and partly free both connecting tubes from the pelvis."

As the next demonstration begins Helena is approached by her guard and listens as he whispers something to her. His eyes are leveled on Taengle and the dead buck while his lips move near her ear. There's a brief frown followed by a shake of her head. "No, this is nothing inappropriate here," she tells him, even as she winces a little as she reads the description.

Aileana's gaze snaps to the deer demonstration or more accurately the description given, "I didn't remember the part about removing it's nuts."

Taengle picks up a large knife. It looks very sharp, and a little wicked. A flash of metal, and then the huntress is cutting, removing the testicles and cutting the circle around the anus and the connecting tubes. There is not much blood.

The little girl lifts the page again. It reads "Now, we knife point under the hide only and make one long, single incision up the belly. If you're going to mount the head, stop this incision at the bottom of the rib cage to preserve a sufficient amount of the cape for mounting. If you don't plan to mount the head, continue the incision all the way to the hollow, fleshy junction of the neck and chest cavity."

Taengle looks out at the crowd, and then nods to the girl again. She lifts the page. "Does anyone want the head? Any donations will go to charity," it reads.

Helena cannot help but look a little horrified as the cuts are made, but she tenses her jaw and clenches her teeth to still the worst of it. The offer of the head is met with raised brows in surprise. Helena makes no charitable offer this time, the target was enough.

Bella looks on, but doesn't offer to take the head, either. "Yeah, I forgot about that part too," she says to Aileana. "Nice buck though. Is that a 12-pointer?"

Aileana looks around those gathered, waiting for someone to volunteer that they want the head, but one thing she knows is that someone has to take it if it's for charity. She clears her throat and offers, "If no one else wants it, Green Fields, would of course, love it."

Taengle smiles brightly as her DUCHESS, of all people, offers to take the head. She curtseys to her, and nods. Then goes on with her demonstration, making short, repetitive strokes with her knife, to crease the skin, fat and abdominal muscle tissue. As the tissue separates, she uses her fingers to enlarge the opening. This exposes most of the organs of the lower abdomen. She then severs the diaphragm to complete the opening.

The little girl turns the page. It says: "NOTE: Do not plunge the knife through the skin. Otherwise, you'll likely pierce the intestine and spill its contents into body cavity, which could contaminate the meat."

Aileana mentally makes a note that Lin and Liam now have a new wedding gift! Who doesn't want that for a gift?

Taengle has finally gotten the cavity opened. She then changes tools... to a hatchet and a sledge hammer. She uses them to break open the pelvis bone, and is extremely careful not to pierce the intestine or bladder because the contents of either will taint the meat and make an unpleasant mess. She wedges the hatchet into the opening she's created and rocks it and twists it from side to side to open the pelvis, making it easy to remove the lower intestine and bladder.

She nods to the girl, who turns the page again. "It's very important not to knick the intestines or bladder. The bile will ruin the meat very quickly," it says.

Aileana does offer a platinum for the deer's head and then gives instruction on where to bring it.

The little girl is the one who accepts the platinum, her eyes about popping out of her head. She places it in a coin purse, and nods to the instructions. "Yes, Yer Grace!" she says, giving a cute little curtsey.

Taengle then works her way up to the viscerals... stomach, liver, kidneys and other organs in the mid abdomen. These, she removes carefully with her knife, and separates the liver from the rest. Good eatin', deer liver. Finally, she gets to the upper chest, where the heart and lungs are.

Aileana just watches the demonstration with wide eyes before she looks back down to her baby, murmuring to Bella, "I am really glad I'm not still pregnant right now."

The little girl turns the page again. It reads: "At this point, if I don't plan to mount the deer, I use a hatchet and a small sledge hammer to separate the rib cage and pelvis. I wedge the lower edge of the axe into the sternum, then pound the back of the hatchet with the sledge hammer. The force of the blows will drive the edge of the hatchet through the ribs easily. I then pull the ribs apart to enlarge the opening in the chest cavity, but am careful not to cut myself on the sharp rib edges. I would now have easy access to the lungs and heart."

But she is not doing that. Instead, she is reaching up inside the cavity, cutting them out delicately.

Bella can't help but grin at Aileana. "And hopefully, you won't be pregnant AGAIN for a good long while," she says, in a teasing tone. "I still have those herbs, you know. Just sayin'."

Aileana laughs now, "I was on herbs with this baby." She smiles down at her infant, "You know...look at her. If my herbs weren't sabotaged, I wouldn't have my little Ainsley."

Taengle carefully removes the organs, and places the lungs, heart, liver and kidneys in one pile, and the others in a different pile. She then starts on skinning the deer. Taking her hatchet, she removes the legs of the deer at the knee. Then, she makes incisions on the front side of each leg to the abdomen with her knife.

The little girl turns the page again. "Use a hatchet to sever the deer's legs at the knees. Then, use your knife to make incisions on the front side of each leg to the abdomen.

"Peel the hide away from the legs and use your knife to begin separating the hide from the carcass. Once you get a good opening, use one hand to continue peeling away the hide while your other hand continues to slice through the connective tissue between the hide and the carcass. Once you've removed a sufficient portion of the hide, gravity will help with the rest."

Bella smirks. "Well, you shouldn't have told your husband about them," she says, in a teasing tone. She turns her face to the demonstration, and watches as the girl skins the deer.

Taengle does get the skin off rather quickly and easily. Then, comes the gruesome part. She picks up a larger axe, and separates the neck from the shoulder. The deer's head falls off the table, onto a tarp that has been laid out to catch it. She nods to the girl, who turns the page again....

"I will now cut the meat out, although that will take a long time. So this concludes our demonstration. Anyone who wants free venison meat is welcome to stay and get some. Thank you for your patience and for attending."

Aileana laughs now, "Oh, he knew anyway. He...got them for me, and was kind enough to prepare my tea."

"Kind enough, huh?" says Bella. "I always knew Phineas was a sneaky bastard." She gives Aileana a playful wink. At the finish of the demonstration, she says, "What ARE you going to do with a deer head?"

Aileana chuckles now, "Support charity and give it to Lin and Liam as a wedding gift."

People start gathering around the table where the cleaned deer is. Taengle cuts out slabs of meat, and wraps them in butcher paper, handing them out to people, with a smile. The little girl comes up and gives her the coin the Duchess gave her, and then wraps up the deer head. She then signals two of the Festival workers to deliver it, as instructed.

Helena has held out until the end, watching quietly with the occasional grimace that she struggles to conceal. With a few words to her guard she nods and the pair slip back into the ground and head back into the city.

Bella looks at Aileana, a bit dumbfounded. Then she laughs. "Oh my... what a wedding gift," she says, "Do you think they'll replace our portraits hanging over the mantle in Phailin's apartment with it?"

Taengle stays and butchers the deer, giving away all the meat to the growing crowd. After that, she cleans up, and is seen 'speaking' with Baron Phaeton Forester for a time, before she heads back to the deep woods. She survived hosting two events in front of a huge crowd. Maybe she's not as reclusive as was believed.

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