505-06-7 Archery Demonstration

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Open Pasture - Northern Gateway Isle The green grass of the pasture stretches on down from the city walls to the road, a white open space dotted by wildflowers that can be used for all manner of purposes, varying from fetes to jousting matches and many other situations. At present the ground seems stable and surprisingly undisturbed by the quake, or else repaired to a point one could not tell there was any. The strangest sight is a row of many coloured doors, apparently standing unaided in the field.

It's fair and mild, with a few clouds in the sky.

Heralds run throughout the castle and village announcing that Archery Demo/Venison Cleaning will be starting at Open Pasture in 30 minutes! (See +event 289 for more information.)

Archery Demo Area(#4851Tn) In the open field, a variety of targets have been set up. At the farthest end of the field, There are stacks of hay bales, with paper targets on it. These targets are about 300 yards away. Closer, there are fence posts with a variety of objects balanced on top of them... tin cans, beer bottles, and a variety of round fruit, including melons, apples, and oranges. These are about 50 yards away. The third area has a large piece of flat wood, upright on two fence posts. There is a drawing of a human figure on it. This one is about 10 yards away.

Taengle is a tiny slip of a girl. She looks more like a wood sprite, without the wings, of course, than a human girl, in the way she moves about the field. There is a pedestal set up close the viewing area, with a large tablet of paper on it. She is NOT wearing her chalkboard for once. She looks about, a bit nervously, as people start to arrive. There's a small girl with her, can't be more than 6 years old, standing by the pedestal with the notepad on it, looking up at her with something akin to awe.

Conrad moves over towards Taengle and he smiles to her, murmuring something. "Stay over with Lady Helena." He nods to the young Lady, before he smiles at her. He whispers something to Taengle.

A dark cloaked man walks silently into the area, he stops and takes a draw from his pipe. The man slowly moves closer toward the crowd and lowers his bag to the ground.

With a Soranus guard tailing her Helena makes an odd addition to today's display for she certainly doesn't seem the sort for such activities. But she is here anyway, light cloak around her shoulders and her pale eyes moving slowly across the landscape. She hangs back a little, noting only a very few familiar faces.

Striding at a brisk pace, Lord Absalon enters the pasture with a cheerful smile, "Hope I haven't missed anything!"

Lily wanders into the area with Conrad, a Green Fields guard following her, bearing the Emerald Hollow insignia. She smiles gently at Conrad and nods, making her way over to Helena and offerring her a curtsey. "Hello," she greets.

There are vendors milling about the crowd, selling ale, sausages on a stick, funnel cakes, turkey legs... everything one might expect at a festival. There are even souvenirs for the children -- tiny bows and arrows with felt tips.

Taengle gives Conrad a warm smile as he offers to announce for her. She points to the notepad on the easel, but then nods to him. She then looks to the little girl, and gives her a sign with her hand. The little girl smiles and brings out a small bell from her pocket, and starts to ring it, to get everyone's attention.

Helena glances over as she catches the approach of someone out of the corner of her eye. She looks a little startled, not having expected anyone to pay her much mind, but there is a look of recognition soon enough. She inclines her head to Lily and produces a ghost of a smile. "Hello. You ... The tide pools, yes? Lily, was it?" Her naturally cool tone is touched with some uncertainty as she hopes she's gotten that much correct. The bell catches her attention and she looks towards the source.

Lily smiles at Helena and nods to her. "Yes," she tells her. "Lily Thatcher. I was at the pools after the... accident. You did quite well helping miss Copper. Did you convince her to take it easy?" She looks over when she hears the bell, looking to Taengle and Conrad.

"Illustrious Lords and Ladies!" Conrad's voice is quite booming for such a young lad. "May I present the esteemed Huntress Taengle, who tonight will not only show you her skill at the Bow and Arrow, but also show you how to field dress and strip a deer, which she recently brought down herself. It is valiant women and men like her that provide food, protection and guides through the wild woods of the isles." He turns to Taengle and applauds, cheering loudly for her.

There's another young figure who appears on the scene, keen -- no doubt -- on the archery demonstration. He pauses along the way, at one of the tables set up with sweets, and with a touch of regret parts with a copper in exchange for a sweet pastry.

Dag chews it slowly, savoring each bite, as he elbows his way into the crowd, and through enough to see. A stray elbow might well catch Lily as he passes.

Helena looks back to Lily briefly after Conrad speaks. "I believe I did. At least she said she would. I can only pray that she heeded my words." As the applause grows louder Helena joins in, politely. Not much for the hooting and hollaring, this one.

Marduke comes to a stop as he peers at Conrad, then Taengle and raises his eyebrows and then offers a smile. Glancing down the field he chuckle softly, "Tests of skill for any marksmans it would appear. Should be a grand show." Folding his hands behind his back as he wonders towards the field looking at the targets.

Kreshnik arrives from the southern pasture lands.

Suraj arrives from the southern pasture lands.

The man listens closely and keeps his eyes on Taengle looking her up and down. He takes a flask from his cloak pocket and uncorks it to have a drink. He takes a few puffs from his pipe and the smoke seems to roll out of his hood.

Lily smiles warmly at Conrad and offers applause for Taengle before she looks towards Helena. "I hope she did as well," she agrees, nodding. She blinks a bit at the elbow and looks down at Dag, watching him as he passes by.

Nick comes on the scene. But he's just doing his duty of making sure all is well here.

There is a rope, separating the archery area from the audience. Wouldn't want someone to accidentally wander in the path of an arrow, after all. Taengle blushes a bit at Conrad's introduction, and gives a bow to the audience. She then nods to the little girl, who flips up the cover of the notepad on the easel. The first sheet of paper says, "Welcome to the Spring Festival. Archery is a well-respected way of the hunt in Green Fields. Today, I will be performing 3 demonstrations. The first, distance."

Taengle then points to the hay bales at the end of the field. Knicking an arrow to her bow, she aims, and lets an arrow fly towards the first target. *ziiiiing*

Suraj follows the knight, though his attention keeps straying back to the archery demonstration. He smiles at the archer's first shot.

Conrad was turning to look towards Taengle's demonstration but as he catches Dag bustle about and he walks towards the lad, frowning sharply. "Oi." He calls out towards the lad, "Excuse yerself, lad." He points to Lily, his eyes narrowing.

Nick is relaxed enough to enjoy what is going on but shows enough attention to keep a critical eye on the crowd.

Dag doesn't pay the look any mind, though he does knock his hat back and scratch at his head as he moves past. Conrad's words? He does cast a look over his shoulder to see what lad is spoken of. "Wot?" he asks with innocent eyes. "What'd I do?"

Helena is quite engaged in watching the demonstration that she isn't aware of anything amiss until Conrad speaks. She's caught between watching Taengle and whatever drama is unfolding closer to her.

The arrow finds it target. It's hard to see from here, though, since it's so far away. Taengle takes another shot, at the next paper target down the field. *ziiing* And so it goes, until all five of the paper targets have been shot at. She then nods to the little girl, who runs down the field, collecting the paper targets to bring them back.

Lily looks to Conrad and smiles at him, looking back to watch Taengle. She's met the girl before, but didn't know she was that good with a bow! Lily's certainly admiring the show.

"Ya elbowed the lass." Conrad points to Lily. "Ya ran into her." Conrad tells him. "Apologize fer elbowin' her." He points towards Kreshnik "Or should I ask him ta ask ya to apologize?" He wonders.

"Oh," comes the lad's reply, and Dag's eyes fall on Lily for a contemplative moment before he offers her a bright grin, and raises a knuckle to his forelock. "Beggin' pardon," he says.

Some strange little man walks close to the stone table then begins to chew on the bucks leg. He looks up blood running down his mouth and cackles insanely before running off.

The little girl comes running up the field, holding the large paper targets, which flap in the wind against her. Taengle gives her a warm smile, then gives some signals to the girl. The little girl starts to hand the targets out throughout the crowd. Each arrow has hit it's mark, in the center or nearly center of the target.

Lily looks over to Dag and nods her head lightly to him. "Thank you. It's okay," she tells him, smiling gently. She looks up at Conrad and grins, tilting her head slightly at him and sticking her hands into the pockets of her dress.

Helena looks to Conrad, then to Lily and then to Dag before looking back to the Fielder lord. "It doesn't appear that there is any harm done," she notes with a nod. "And look how well Teangle has done," she mentions as the targets are brought around.

Taengle lets the targets pass around the crowd. The little girl keeps an eye on them, perhaps wanting to gather them up after everyone has had a look at them. The little girl then rings the bell again, to get people's attention.

Nick is quiet. Looking around the perimeter. Making sure no actions are done against the Imperial family. All looks normal here to him.

No harm done, though Dag does cast a cautious glance Kreshnik's way as his apology's accepted. He knuckles his forehead again for good measure, before he returns to elbowing his way to the front.

Jasil moves closer to view the target and nods with approval as he smiles "Very impressive." He raises his flask to take another drink as he looks around at the others.

Conrad applauds loudly towards Taengle. "Well done Taengle, well done!" He motions. "That folks, is pure ability!" He motions to Taengle, beaming at her.

Suraj also keeps watching the perimeter, though he continues to watch the archery with great interest. "She's a good shot, sir. Did you see the targets?" he asks with a smile. "I was never that god with a bow."

Taengle blushes a bit at Conrad's comments. Seems she's not used to being in front of a crowd like this. She then flips the paper on the easel. It reads: "The second demonstration involves shooting at a variety of sizes of targest, and speed. Watch carefully."

An eyebrow on Lily's face lifts slightly as her hands slide into her pockets and then out again. She walks after Dag with almost a silent step. And she's a bit taller, so her stride should be able to catch up with him before she lowers a hand down onto Dag's shoulder.

Nick listens to Suraj and nods, "She ain't all that bad. But we better keep an eye on her. Just to make sure she's only shooting what she's suppose to."

Conrad looks over as Lily begins to march towards Lily and he moves around from the other side, giving a small apologetic look to Taengle before he focuses his attention on Dag.

There's a glitter of coins on the ground -- a brief glitter, before someone steps on them and they disappear into the dirt and grass of the pasture. And Dag looks up when a hand lands on his shoulder. "I begged pardon!" he whines, and looks back toward Taengle with a frown. "Can't a boy watch a demo -- demon -- demostrantion in peace?"

If people aren't looking, they might miss the next demonstration. Taengle starts with the largest targets, the melons. She pulls arrows out of her quiver at amazing speed, notching them and loosing them in, if someone is paying attention, less than two seconds. She shoots the melons, then the bottles and cans. Each making a unique sound as the stone tip of the arrow hits it. Yes, her equipment is all homemade.

Lily's fingers curl tightly onto Dag's shoulder. Not enough to hurt the boy, but certainly tight enough that it's going to be hard to escape. Her free hand opens in front of Dag, facing palm up as though she's expecting something from him. The healer doesn't say anything, instead focusing her green eyes on him and just -staring-. Waiting.

Suraj nods to the knight. "Yes sir. I won't forget an archer like that."

"Pick the bloody coins up, Lad.. Before I use my noble right and start to beat it outta ya. Or how's bout we just take ya to the city guard." The young man frowns, looking frustratedly at the lad. "Find 'em. Now."

As she had come to watch Taengle's demonstration Helena finds herself focusing more on the girl's shooting, but she cannot completely ignore the fact that Lily's walked away and is now confronting the youth who had bumped into her. She frowns a little and applauds a little late as she looks up and seems what Taengle has done.

"What coins?" Dag's brow furrows in confusion as he looks from Conrad to Lily and back again, jerking his shoulder to try to wriggle out of Lily's grasp. He's stronger than he looks. "I ain't got none, 'cept the ones what I got paid to run messages an' find the shells Her Escellency wanted. An' that's tomorrow's supper," he points out, looking back toward the field, and the demonstration to see what everyone's applauding about.

Taengle makes quick sport of the remaining targets -- the bottles, apples and oranges. The juice from the oranges flies rather spectacularly. Taengle only then turns to the crowd again, giving another bow.

Lily casts a glance to Conrad and she shakes her head slightly, her fingers tightening on Dag. She's a healer. She's used to holding onto people who squirm. Her eyes return to Dag and she leans down, speaking softly to the younger boy.

Lily mutters to Dag, "... know... coins out... I'm... you... give them... Unless you'd... discuss it with Lord Rollins... Knight."

Nick looks like he's bored but he makes an effort to clap for Taengle's actions. Eyes scanning the area once again.

"Fine" Conrad says, moving to stand right in front of Dag. "Lily, go get the city guard. We'll just have him arrested for bodily injury to a commoner and theft." He says, reather flatly. "Sir." He calls out to Nick. "Sir Knight?" He calls out to Nick, flagging the man down.

With a nod from Taengle, the little girl goes to gather up the apples and oranges and pieces of melon, and starts to throw them into the crowd for them to catch and eat. Might as well not waste any food!

Micah arrives from the main road.

"Well done," Helena calls out with some applause, trying to keep her attention on Taengle and offer her support while the minor confrontation continues to go on. Heck, the Purist is even smiling a little.

Nick quirks a brow at Conrad, "You cannot be talking about me can you?" Nudging the squire next to him, "He thinks I'm going to help him?" He laughs.

"I sees how it is," Dag retorts, a frown troubling his features as he stamps a foot in the dirt. "You drops your money somewhere, an' you sees a lad what hasn't got much, and you blames him for it, do you?"

As the girl throws fruit into the crowd, an apple flies his way -- and he stretches a greedy hand to catch it, but it rolls off his fingertips on account of the hand on his shoulder. He curses.

Suraj looks at the man calling to the knight, and then to the knight, but since the knight isn't moving, neither is the squire.

Niome arrives from the main road.

Jamilah arrives from the main road.

There are some paper targets being passed around in the crowd, from Taengle's first demonstration. All have center or near-center holes in them. A little girl is now throwing apples and oranges and pieces of melon into the crowd from the second demonstration. Taengle is standing in the Archery Demo Area (look archery). She gives a smile as she hears some applause.

Jamilah steps out onto the pasture, led by Niome, a smile remaining on her lips, "thank you cousin." she offers to Niome, "I think I may walk around a bit."

Jasil arrives from the main road.

Micah wanders in front of the throng of folks that follow after him and he moves up to the edge of the demonstration, looking to see what exactly the young woman is doing. He heard applause and cheers so therefore had to come see what is happening.

Taengle goes back over to the notepad that is standing on the easel, and flips the page. "Before the final demonstration, I'd like to Introduce myself further," the writing says. "I was raised in Keeper Forest, by my father, Ranger Karl Wildwood. As anyone from Green Fields knows, Rangers are the 'knights' of the duchy, and are reknowned for their prowess at hunting and tracking. I hope to be the first woman ranger someday."

Niome nods, and releases her ward. "Call me, should you need me, cousin," she replies and turns back into the woman's guards. "Could either of you show me how to draw a bow? I don't believe my arms are strong enough for such a feat," she offers with a coy smile. One that is aimed to distract the men long enough for Jamilah to escape.

Lily arches an eyebrow at Dag, her fingers held securely on his shoulder. She is certainly not interested in letting go. "Oh yes. It's my goal in life to hunt down poor lads and take all their coin from them," she says, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Seems the healer is losing her patience. "Just as it seems to be -your- goal in life to steal from girls who help people who are sick and dying. Give it back."

Jamilah giggles and hurries away, moving aimlessly through the crowd, tripping a few times in her attempt, and falling once, but she is so happy to be free, that she doesn't seem to care. Finally she stops, having run into someone, and she reaches out to run her fingers along an arm, "forgive me sir..""

Micah watches as Taengle shows off the writing, seemingly interested. He hasn't seen Lily or anyone else he knows quite yet.

Taengle doesn't seem to get distracted by the little issue going on in the crowd with Lily, Conrad and the homeless waif. She flips the page again. It reads "For my next demonstration, I need a volunteer." She then points to the board with the human target drawn on it. Waiting for a few moments, she smiles, and then turns the page again. "I promise, you will be perfectly safe," the writing says.

Cero arrives from the main road.

Helena steps forward a little to read everything written. She says nothing, but her brow begins to furrow and she actually looks annoyed by something on the paper. She takes a step back and crosses her armd in front of her. That earlier smile? Long gone.

"Right, but I ain't /got/ nuffin!" Dag replies, exasperated, with a hungry eye still lingering on the apple that's evaded his grasp. He does reach into his dirty sleeve and tug out an equally dirty kerchief. There's a knot in the corner, and he proceeds to untie it, revealing a couple of coppers and a shiny silver coin. It's with a look near tears and a sniff that he holds them out toward Lily. "'S all an I's got," he says, "All earned an everyfing, but if you're gonna rob a orphan or threaten 'im like that, you's can have 'em."

Niome soon slips away from the grasp of the guards when it is clear that Jamilah may have escaped. The customary timidness returns to the woman, like a well worn cloak. She heads off towards Taengle, to become another spectator.

"I'll do it." Micah tells her, grinning a bit at her. "I'm not scared." he tells to Taengle. "Just don't shoot me, or Baroness Bella will be very upset with me."

Jamilah pushes herself away from the man whom she ran into, and moves slowly towards the voice, walking carefully, using her stick to feel ahead of her so she doesn't trip again.

Taengle looks up as some giant says he'll be the volunteer. She gives him a smile, and motions for him to come into the archery demo area.

Lily leans down a bit and peers at Dag as he threatens to weep those crocodile tears. "I'm not that gullible, sweetheart," she tells him, her voice near a whisper. "The coins you took are not in your little handkerchief. You haven't had a chance to put them in there yet. Now I'll tell you again. Give it back."

Conrad looks to Dag. "Yeah, you don't have nothin." Conrad says, flatly. "Because right back there ya dropped the coins." He points to a place that's been trampled some. "Ah nah, Lil.. He don't got them now.. but he can lead us to 'em. If'n he don't and right now, he'll get the guards."

Cero strolls into the pasture...not grinning? For once the young man doesn't have that customary curve to his lips, his expression nothing short of grim. He almost looks angry. For those that know him, this is not usual, and certainly cannot bode well. Still, he walks with a lazy gait towards all the commotion and looks around. Naturally his first observations are the archery and such, but he manages to catch a glimpse of Dag and Lily, blinking once at the two of them. Interesting...not enough to make his mood change. Then he spots Niome, followed by Jamilah. Now the sight of them makes him twitch slightly, almost grinning, not quite, though he does start to wander towards Niome.

The giant moves over to the archery demo area and nods, "Here?" Micah asks, standing up against the display. "I trust you." He winks.

Taengle notes that Micah is quite a bit taller than the target she had drawn on the piece of wood. She nods to him, and then goes over to him, the little girl trailing along behind her. When she gets up to him, she gives some strange signs to the little girl, who in turn speaks to Micah. "Mistress Taengle says she wants you to extend both arms out at the shoulders, with your hands palm up, Sir," the tiny girl says, in a high voice.

A giant he may be, but he's far from imposing when he wishes to be. And so he nods, and holds his arms out like the little one asks of him. "Like this?"

Niome finds a place to lean against, watching the archers. She tugs at a blonde lock, her hair loose about her shoulders tonight. She does try and keep an eye to Jamilah, just in case.

Conrad growls. "Let 'em go Lily. He's dropped them already. There isn't anyway to say they are yours." Conrad peers at Dag. "Ya come near me, or Lily I'm gonna make sure that not only you, but any friends of yers never have a place ta sleep, understand?" That last part is whispered to Dag.

Taengle brings her hands up to where Micah's hands are stretched out, upright. She marks it with her finger, and then does the same to the top of his head. Nodding to him, she then signs to the little girl. The girl brings out three objects. Two grapefruit, each of which Taengle places on each of Micah's outstretched palms. She has to really stretch to reach it. She then looks up at his head, frowning. She simply can't reach it. She takes the apple from the girl, and then climbs up Micah's legs and torso. It might look a little... inappropriate.

Nick just looks amused at all the commotion that is going on. He's trying to pay attention to Taengle.

Jamilah wonders aimlessly a little, since she really has no idea where she is going, moves towards where Cero is, her arms out stretched a little.

Arms still crossed, Helena watches Taengle arrange Micah will a hint of unease on her features. The arguing trio gains only a momentary look, the archer is Helena's main interest now.

Cero contemplates things as he moves, his head dipped slightly and his bangs shading most of his face this way. He keeps a surprisingly sharp eye out, however, as when Jamilah comes drifting towards him he turns to watch her curiously. He waits until she's almost on top of him before gently touching her hand with his own. "Careful, there. Wouldn't want ya ta accidentally bump inta anyone." His voice is different compared to earlier...softer. Almost empathetic. ...Odd things from this particular young man.

Lily looks -really- unhappy when she hears Conrad, looking over at him for a moment before her green eyes return to Dag. "I do hope you're rather proud of yourself about stealing from a healer," she tells him. "And then lying about it on top of it all when I gave you an opportunity to fess up. What a shining community example you'll set." Her fingers unwrap from Dag's shoulder and she spins around, stalking back through the crowd, away from... well, pretty much everyone.

"I.. I could of done that." Micah gives a chuckle as Taengle climbs him like a tree. "I wonder." The Guard grins. "Well, ya know, I'm ready when you are."

The lad takes a moment to blow his nose with that dirty hanky. "I ain't /got/ nowhere to sleep," he points out, sniffing loudly as he wraps the coins he offered back into the dirty hanky and tucks it back into his sleeve. But as Lily lets go his shoulder, he ducks down to pick up the apple (now slightly bruised for having been kicked around a bit), polishes it on his shirt, and knuckles his forehead respectfully before he pushes his way back into the crowd to watch the rest of the demonstration. Her unhappy words? They don't seem to phase him as he disappears.

Jamilah eeps and steps back, blushing a little, "I'm...sorry sir." she takes a few steps back from him, being careful not to trip as she walks backwards, and once she feels it's safe, turns back around so she is facing the group once again.

Taengle places the apple on top of Micah's head, then climbs down off him. Thankfully, for the Purists in the crowd. She then places both hands out towards Micah in a 'hold still' motion. Nodding to the little girl, the two of them leave Micah standing there, and Taengle takes her position. Is she REALLY going to try to shoot those fruit off his hands and head?

"Lily, wait." Conrad hurries over to her to help guide her back towards Lady Helena. "Come on."

Niome straightens up, keeping an eye on Jamilah and Cero. Her expression somewhat veiled, thanks to the lock of hair. Though, she studious, as though examining a multiple fracture and trying to decide what to do.

Micah stays quite still as Taengle places the apple on his head. He doesn't move, and he simply watches Taengle, waiting for her.

Suraj watches the mess sort itself out and now turns more of his attention to the archery demo. He's personally thankful there's a healer in the crowd, just in case the wind is off or the man sneezes or something else happens.

Lily scowls slightly and looks over at Conrad. "I'm not going to be good company right now," she mutters, though she lets Conrad guide her.

Cero watches Jamilah head back for the crowd for a moment before lifting his gaze towards Niome, noting that she's looking directly at him. He doesn't smile, but does give a bit of a wave as he pulls a bit further away from the crowd. He remains within earshot of it all, but apparently has decided to take up a seat way from the majority of the people for at least a little while. A nice spot in the grass, the man in the perfect position to watch the fruit-shooting.

Taengle takes her time, as she notches the first arrow, aiming carefully at the grapefruit in Micah's left hand. She has a very serious expression on her face. Then, she looses the arrow! And...

Jamilah reaches up to push some hair from her face, "Niome.." she calls out to the crowd, hoping her cousin will hear her.

Nick looks over at Suraj and grins. "So you think she's gonna hurt him?" Watching as Taengle does her thing.

Jasil walks silently through the crowd with a bag swung over his shoulder, the sweet scent of pipe smoke drifting from under his hood. The man stops in the crowd and looks around at everyone trying to see what is going going on. Jasil turns to look at Jamilah, he nods and smiles.

Niome hops to it, hurrying over to catch Jamilah's hand. "I'm here," she assures to her cousin. "Not to worry." She does return the wave to Cero, before focusing to her ward again.

The arrow hits the grapefruit, splattering Micah's hand with it's juice. Taengle actually looks a bit relieved.

Taengle looks relieved? So does Micah, although he does his best to not show his nervousness.

Suraj shrugs. "I have seen it happen when folks try to get fancy with a bow. Which is why I never tried it. As I said, I wasn't /that/ good with a bow. She's a good shot though, he may be all right yet."

Jamilah puts a hand on Niome's arm, her eyes sullen, "I think I want to go home." she murmers, softly, her eyes downcast, even though it doesn't do much good. Do to her condition however, Jasil's smile goes un-noticed.

The little girl, sensing a murmur going through the crowd, says, "Quiet please! Mistress Taengle must have silence for this demonstration!"

"Doesn't look half bad." Nick continues with his commentary towards Suraj.

Helena didn't realize she was holding her breath until the arrow strikes true and she lets it out with a relieved gasp. She claps again, eyes on the man serving as the human target holder.

Niome nods and begins to lead Jamilah back they way they've come. She offers a polite nod to Jasil. "As you wish, cousin. Did you wish to return to the castle or your brother," she prompts, even as they walk away.

Cero almost clapped for the shot, though the girl's voice calling out stalls his applause. With a bit of a grump he settles back a bit, placing his hands on the ground and letting them support the weight of his upper body. Given no one is nearby he doesn't comment at all, merely watches and mulls his thoughts around silently.

Whispering to Lily, Conrad continues to walk along with her but this time he looks to be leaving.

Jamilah shakes her head a little at the choice, "I'm sure my guards have already notified Jenoch of my escape, I think it will be safer if I return to my quarters.."

Niome moves off with Niome, headed back to the city.

Jasil rubs his head as he watches Niome and Jamilah, he nods as he lowers his left hand to tap the hilt of his dagger unknowingly. He turns to look at the others around him.

Taengle takes a few deep breaths. She then raises the second arrow, aiming at the grapefruit in Micah's right hand. After a long, dramatic, pause, she looses the arrow. *ziiiing*

Lily looks over at Conrad, giving him a slightly perplexed look as she whispers back.

And this arrow... finds its target as well! More grapefruit juice for Micah's hands, it seems.

Micah grins again but he looks serious at Taengle now, watching her close as she readies for the hardest and most dangerous of the shots.

Again Helena claps and looks relieved at the girl's successful shot. She now looks back to Taengle and studies her a bit, slowly smiling.

Nick yawns and stretches. "I think I'm going to head back. If you want to stay I won't hold you back." He tells the squire.

And now, the final, and hardest shot of all. Taengle gives Micah a reassuring look. Like she really believes that she will succeed! Again, she takes some deep breaths, taking aim at the much smaller apple on top of Micah's head. After what seems like forever, the arrow is finally loosed...

Cero watches with mild interest, though shows no enthusiasm for the event. With his eyes shaded by those bangs of his it makes it hard to tell what he's really up to, if he's even paying attention to much. With Niome and Jamilah gone, he has little reason to be here. His head turns to idly survey the area, managing to spot Lily beside Conrad. Apparently he weighs the options for a moment before deciding, the young man rising to his feet and making his way towards them.

The arrow... finds its mark! However, it's a bit close to Micah's scalp. It might have knicked him just a bit.

Suraj shakes his head. "I think I'll come with you, sir."

Nick makes his way out without a care in the world.

Helena winces a little at the shot this time. She waits, again with held breath, to see if Micah shows any reaction to what looked like a very close shot.

Micah feels juice on his head, but some of it is a bit warm as he drops the two grapefruit and he plucks the apple off of his head and he reaches up and rubs it over his scalp, hising a bit. "Just a nick," He grins, showing the small amount of blood on hsi fingers. "Nothing too bad."

Conrad looks over at Lily. "Come on, yer in a bad mood. lets go."

Taengle doesn't look relieved that Micah just got knicked. She should have been a better shot, darnit! She does turn to the crowd, bowing, and then motioning to Micah, so the crowd can applaud for him. The little girl turns the paper on the easel. The writing says, "Thank you for attending this demonstration. The deer cleaning will start in 15 minutes. If you want a signed target, see Mistress Taengle. Any donations will go to charity. Thank you again."

Lily blinks at Conrad and frowns at him. "I'm not a child that needs to be punished," she tells him. "I just need some time to sit and calm down, Conrad." She glances over at Cero as he approaches, nodding before looking back to Conrad. "Why are we leaving?"

Dag returns to the main road.

Micah winks at Taengle. "I'll go see about this." He looks to Taengle. "Well done, young lady. Well done."

Cero schools himself into obedience, apparently, as he manages to thrown on that roguish grin of his whenever Lily notices him. He nods back and manages to catch the tail end of the conversation, unable to keep from asking the obviously assinine thing: "Good question, why are ya leavin'? I just got over here, Lily." He snickers and winks at her, before looking up at Conrad and giving a bit of a wave. "Yo."

Helena does applaud for Micah, though it slows a little as she pauses to read. She glances towards Taengle and looks impressed now. She glances around, searching for someone perhaps, before she moves towards to approach the archer. "Very impressive," she tells Taengle. "I'd like to make a donation, to which charity are you donating?"

Taengle doesn't even get to thank Micah or ask his name, before he runs off! Well, since he's a giant, she's sure she'll find out. How many giants can there be? When Helena comes over, she smiles and curtseys to the lady. At the question, however, Taengle leans down, picking up her chalkboard and chalk from the grass beneath the easel. "COMMUNITY CENTER" she writes, "THANK YOU MA'AM".

"Because she's with me. Or are you as blind as ye are stupid?" Conrad says, already angry about the whole Dag incident. "I'd suggest turnnin' around and findin' someone else ta try and woo."

Helena glances back again and signals to the Soranus guard who has found a place out of the way to observe his charge. Apparently it is the man with a weapon that carries the coin. "An admirable charity. Baroness Bella is doing wonderful work, Providence's work," she says, pausing to take a few coins from her guard and passing them to Taengle.

Lily blinks at Conrad's reaction, lifting one hand to stroke his cheek fondly in an effort to calm him as she looks over at Cero. "Cero, this is Conrad Rollins, Lord Posey Pastures," she tells him, seeming to be the calm one of the pair now.

The little girl hands Taengle one of the targets, and a piece of charcoal. Taengle signs her name, and hands it to Helena, with a smile. She nods at the comments about the charity. Accepting the coin, she tucks it into a pouch at her waist.

Cero blinks once and quirks an eyebrow. He chuckles and nods his head, "Well that does make my night a bit better, seein' a man who'll stand up for his girl rather than treat her like dirt!" He seems to be friendly enough, however an experienced eye will tell another tale as his center of gravity shifts downwards in a subtle motion and his muscles relax slightly. The young man grins at Lily and nods his head, his attention not leaving Conrad for more than a moment. "I see. Another Lordling, eh? Lots of 'em around these days, it seems." He sighs a bit and shrugs his shoulders, "Though I dunno what's got ya all upset. All I did was say hi."

Helena takes the target and grins briefly before her expression returns to its normal state. "If I might impose a moment more on your time, before your next demonstration?" she asks Taengle. "Or perhaps it could wait until after?"

Taengle gives Helena a smile and nod of the head. She writes on her board, "I HAVE A FEW MINUTES, LADY ?".

"It's Lord. As in Lord Conrad." Conrad hms a bit as he eyes up the man some more, "I'm sure you have family or friends you'd rather be talkin ta, right?" He says, leaning over to murmur something to Lily before he motions to Lady Helena. "You should meet the Lady Helena if you haven't. For now, my lady and I will be heading onward."

Conrad mutters to Lily, "... charmer,... a... one. I'm... jealous,... don't... that... stole... coin... a few years, but... one... not his hands."

Helena glances back over her shoulder again and gestures towards Conrad. "Lord Posey Pastures, he has offered me some instruction in such things," Helena starts with a vague gesture around the field, "which is why I am here. He spoke well of you and your skills. I was wondering if you might be willing to join us whenever we might venture into the woods for lessons? I am offering payment, though the lord did decline." She pauses before adding. "I would understand if you are not available, as a ranger's skills are valuable, or so I've heard."

Lily frowns slightly at the exchange, taking a deep breath and leaning over to listen to Conrad as he speaks to her. "Cero, he's upset for the same reason I'm upset, and your apparent lack of respect is not helping things," she tells him calmly, before looking to her beau, studying him for a moment before looking back to Cero. "My apologies, but we ought to go."

Taengle looks quite surprised at Helena's offer. She smiles brightly, and nods to her again. Then writes on her ever-present chalkboard. "I WOULD BE GLAD TO TEACH YOU, LADY. LIVE IN WOODS, SO AM THERE MOST OF THE TIME. WHAT IS YOUR NAME?" it says.

"Lady Helena Soranus," Helena introduces herself. "I believe we have met once before? It was winter then and you were quite cold," she says, hoping that might spark the girl's memory. "I do not know when we shall start, but perhaps Lord Conrad could contact you?"

Cero chuckles and spreads his hands disarmingly. "If ya insist, Lily. I won't be one ta tell ya no." He looks up at Conrad, "And I don't disrespect no one that doesn't deserve it, but I don't use words like Lord and Lady. Doesn't sit well." He shrugs his shoulders and gives a slight wave of his hand. "I'm sure I'll see ya around sooner or later, Lily." He gives her a wink and drifts away, moving with that lazy gait of his.

"If'n ya do, I'll make sure and be there." Conrad says, over to the man. "Why would she want to see filth, anyway?" Conrad offers in turn. "Come on.."

Taengle looks a bit embarrassed and nods, remembering. She writes on her board, "YOU GAVE ME BOOTS AND CLOAK. THANK YOU, LADY SORANUS. SOUNDS GOOD TO ME." She gives the lady a warm smile, then erases the board and writes again. "PURIST? I WANT TO LEARN TO BE ONE. HEARD ABOUT THE DEMONS."

Cero shrugs his shoulders at Conrad's goading, not one to fall so easily. He does turn slightly to watch the two of them go before glancing around again. Finding nothing to excite his interest at the moment he instead turns his feet back towards the city and a good mug of ale.

Now that is not something she expected, the request takes her a little by surprise. "Of... Of course, I would be happy to teach you about Providence's love and compassion for us," she says, practically beaming with joy. "An exchange then, your lessons for mine? Though," she says as the smile dims a little, "I have no interest in actually becoming a ranger." The corner of her lip quirks as she forces herself not to laugh at her own joke.

Taengle smiles happily, and nods in agreement to Helena. She doesn't get the Lady's private joke, it seems. She looks a bit confused, and writes, "HAVE TO BE SPONSORED BY A RANGER. TAKES LONG TIME TO LEARN."

Helena raises her hands, palms to Taengle and shakes her head. "Well then I shall simply be content in what knowledge you can share. All things happen for a reason and I am pleased, twice-over, that Providence has led my steps to you." Her hands falls to her sides. "Please, do not allow me to keep your from your demonstrations.

Taengle gives Helena a warm smile, and curtseys. She then writes on her board, "THANK YOU LADY. I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR LESSONS IN PROVIDENCE."

Taengle then makes her way over to the deer cleaning area, carrying that easel and notepad with her. She starts to set up, and clean her knives and hatchet.

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