505-04-17 Execution at stake

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Execution at Stake
RL Date May 05, 2008
Players Philomena Caprios, Broderick Salazar, Execution Audience
Location Audience Chamber -- Gateway Castle
Crossroads Time and Weather
IC Date April 17, 505
Season Spring

Starting in the Audience Chamber, Mena's primary knight, Sir Brody, gives her some last minute support before going to the execution

Brody eyes the Imperial outfit critically as he steps into the chamber. "You look good."

Mena stands in front of the fire where she has been practicing her speech. At the approval in outfit, she nods. "Thank you. It feels strange to be going out officially dressed like this."

"I imagine so. When was the last time you wore pants?" Brody saunters toward the door to lean against the wall beside it.

"To an official function?" Mena asks, then shakes her head. "Never."

Brody's teeth flash in his grin. "Well, it will send a message, then. Though doubtless there will be many who don't get it."

"Doubtless," Mena agrees, looking back at the flames. "Some subtleties are just lost on people."

Brody says with a chuckle, "Remember to be angry, Empress. Remember to be angry."

"Yes," Mena says, then nods and takes a breath. "Yes, indeed. Shall we start off, then?"

"Absolutely," Brody agrees, growing more formal as he straightens from his lean. "Hold on to the anger."

You walk into the Plaza of the Keeper.

It is with four knights that surround her that the Empress makes her appearance. One of the knights is carrying a lit torch. Mena is dressed in a very different fashion that she has known to take, the fancy gown replaced by vest and pants in a more militaristic flair. There is confidence in her step as she moves to stand next to the set up pyre.

Duchess Arianell arrives in the plaza along with her guards, and Mathis and Khalani. The duchess looks a bit uncertain, tensing when she sees the set up for the execution. If her steps falter, she soon regains them, making her way through the crowd toward where other ducal figures stand. On the way, she tries to offer reassuring smiles to the people she passes.

Princess Eleanor comes in with her own knights in tow. Her head held up high and there is no falter to be found in her stepping. A nod given for those she passes along the way as she makes her way to where it is she's to stand, watching the others and the set up.

Anne's gaze follows the empress as she enters with the grouping of knights. Clasping her hands in front of herself, she watches everything interstedly.

Escorting Arianell to where she needs to be, Mathis offers a faint bow of his head to those that it is required of, a small, grim smile gracing his features before he seperates from the Duchess to walk with the Baroness to join those that they need to be with.

Brody stoically walks next to the Empress, the flame of the torch he holds dancing in the breeze.

Garett makes his way along the crowds, nodding politely where possible even though he regards the platform with a neutral set to his features.

When Empress Philomena is seen, Phineas loses his smile and bows deeply in the direction of his sister.

Aileana curtseys in time with Phineas, her wavering smile falling away to a solemn lip-pressed look. Her hand settles at her stomach.

Eamonn wanders out with a likely-unfamiliar blonde woman at his side, skirting the edges of the crowd that's gathered. He finds a position not completely at the back, with a decent view but also an exit route, as the Empress appears. "So, who's your guess?" he asks Corsair, "Any ideas?"

Briony moves on over to where Phineas is standing, since he did wave. She curls her head around to watch the empress, trying to keep from running into anyone, but not doing too well.

New to the city and already something of note to witness! With a single guard at her side Liriana hangs back from the crowd, choosing to watch them as much as she watches the main attraction. With one foot crossed over the other in a casual fashion she her shoulder against a wall and lets her curious gaze wander about.

Khalani dips curtseys in the directions of those of rank, watching the people more than the pyre for the moment.

In the middle of her knightly accompaniment, the Empress's gaze does sweep the crowd, nodding succinctly here and there in silent greeting. It is with a fierce look that her attention moves back across the plaza toward the castle's entrance, awaiting the arrival of the condemned.

Corsair quirks a brow at the stake set up, walking next to Eamonn. "Beats the hell out of me," she murmurs, brows furrowing slightly as she clasps her hands behind her back and lowers her voice.

The Mogur Imperius follows a respectful distance behind the Empress, his clothing normal and staff of office held firmly in his gnarled grip. He takes up a position nearby, looking impassively at the stake before leaning slightly upon his staff.

Eamonn watches the stake and the dignitaries around it, and then glances back at Corsair, whispering back with a faint frown.

Nick and a few more knights are seen bringing the prisoner in. He looks beat up and his mouth firmly closed. Nick is quite business like and his sole focus is on the stake, making his way up the stairs and to his destination, bringing the prisoner with him, towing him actually. Once the two reach their destination, Nick starts to fasten the man to the stake. Another brother in arms helping him to make sure there is no escape.

Duchess Arianell lets her guards pick the appropriate position for the duchess of Guardian, her hands held together in front of herself. She looks quietly between Mena and the knights around her, a hint of tension visible in her shoulders as she waits for the explanation. Or charges.

With the knights remaining in formation around her, the Empress steps in front of the stake and raises her hands in a bid to quiet the crowd and gain their attention as the prisoner is fastened to the stake.

Brody watches the prisoner brought in with a cold, deadly expression.

Macsen and the knights lined up beside him is as still as the stone on which they stand, backs to the platform where Nick binds the man to the stake. Their faces are without expression, but eyes are alert, alive, and watchful-hard as they face the Empress and the crowd.

Briony frowns, watching this all with a detached expression, like it is hardly reality. The wind picks at the fire of her curls, dragging them spinning from her face.

Phineas gives a dark-eyed glare to the man brought out, apparently well aware of who he is. He mutters something under his breath to Briony.

It takes Nick a few minutes to make sure the prisoner is secured. When he is satisfied with the job he gives a nod to the other brother and steps back. Looking over at the Empress to see what is next. Waiting.

Cambric is just another one of the knights present, though his duty tonight is crowd control. He walks a slow perimeter of the plaza keeping an eye on things.

The crowd shifts and murmurs, but most quiet as the arms of the Empress are raised. There's a good deal of curiosity as the man's brought out.

"People of Gateway!" Mena starts in a confident voice meant to carry, looking over the crowd as she speaks, her hands lowering to her sides. "Today is a day for justice, and today, justice will be served. This man stands before you, one of your own, for his actions on the night of the fire that claimed the Isle of Beer. /This/ mage, as seen by the eyes of his own people, assisted others in setting the building aflame, endangering all inside, and killing two knights in the line of duty protecting and saving Our life from such an end." The Empress pauses there, her gaze hard, her words unforgiving.

Duchess Arianell frowns slightly, tipping her head to one side at the accusation. She doesn't say anything, but she does shift her weight uncomfortably from one foot to the other, looking to the accused.

Card chuckles a little. Its not appropriate, he knows, but any time the words 'Isle of Beer' are used in a paragraph he hears, the general seriousness of that entire statement is compromised. Sort of like the word 'fishstick'.

Princess Eleanor turns to give her attention to the mage that stands to be excuted. Listening carefully when Mena speaks.

Brody only spares a moment's glance for the accused, but that look clearly says that he'd love nothing more than to light the pyre and send the man on to eternity.

The man fastened to the stake does not struggle for freedom from it. He knew this day was coming. He knew it was a possibility when he took on his cause. Perhaps he just realizes there is no escaping his fate this day.

Mathis looks towards the condemned. Some part of him, the part that has spent most of his life in the service of the Keeper, turns hard and cold towards the mage that threatened that which he was once completely sworn to protect. And he doesn't just back away this time, either, he just keeps his eyes towards the Empress, and the condemned beyond.

There's some murmurs in the crowd, remembering the night that the Isle of Beer burned, the magical fire and lightning, the call of one of the knights who died warning everyone about the mages. Some remember those who were caught by city guardsmen and citizens, and there is some anger that underscores the mutterings.

Resa stands at the very outskirts of the crowd, head tipped to one side, listening silently. Her face is pained, although she isn't looking toward the Empress or the condemned.

Khalani listens to the pronouncement by the Empress, her gaze flickering a moment to the mage at the stake and then her attention falls away, to watch the people of the crowd again. Her expression is just blank, watching everyone else.

"Let all be aware that such acts will not be tolerated!" The Empress continues, her voice only gaining in strength as she continues with conviction, the presence she gives off regally official. "As the appointed representative of the Keeper himself, We will have all hear that those that prove themselves as enemies of the Empire shall find no quarter, and no mercy here!" With that, she turns and faces the man tied to the stake, her voice lowering slightly in pitch, but not volume. "Master Rassilon Omar Francis Gyrdaos, you are guilty of High Treason and murder for your crime of attempted assassination upon Our Imperial Personage. Your attempt at creating political chaos in this time of perceived instability has failed. We hereby sentence you to death by fire. May Providence have mercy upon your soul." One hand extends toward Brody, who yet holds the already lit torch.

Anne listens to the empress' speech quite interestedly, as if she were listening to an interesting lecture on something or another and not someone's death sentence being carried out.

At that Nick and the other knight get off the platform. It wouldn't do to be caught in the lighting of the pyre after all. Nick moves to join the other knights that are already on the ground.

Brody offers the torch to the Empress with a smooth motion, then steps back from her a pace. His eyes remain upon the crowd, not on the woman who will spark off the executing fire.

Duchess Arianell frowns slightly, biting down on her lower lip for just a moment, then draws in a deep breath. She holds it for a count, then lets it out slowly, reaching up to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear. There's a moment of pity across her features, though she makes no move to intervene.

Valentine is here, but she doesn't stand out like the folk in fine attire.

In the history of Gateway, executions have traditionally been performed by the Emperor, with those guilty being drawn and quartered via the Currents at the beach. This is new, this burning thing, and clearly some people are as repulsed as they are interested.

One shout goes up of, "Death to traitors!"

"Fresh roasted sausages, get 'em here!" calls a man at the edge of the crowd, clearly capitalizing on all these people in one spot. "Hot sausages, got a kick to 'em!"

Ygg shows no pity. His odd eyes are a bit distant, but he's staring straight at the pyre unwavering.

Remaining next to Khalani and near Arianell, Mathis remains quiet as he glances towards the young baroness, a frown creasing his features, but as any good Guardian lad should do, his attention returns back to the pyre.

The line of knights divides at the center as the men there step out in one pair, then two, creating an opening through which the Empress can approach the base of the pyre. Macsen, at the end of the line, does not move but stands, eyes on the crowd.

Princess Eleanor remains where she is at. No expression on her face. Simply waiting. Her dark gaze on the condemend man.

There is anger in the eyes of the Empress as she accepts the torch, her ire burning as hot as the flame passed to her for those close enough or attentive enough to see it. There is no hesitation before she lowers that torch, catching the oil-doused wood on fire quickly.

The Mogur watches without any particular emotion or facial expression, piercing eyes fixed on the former mage condemned to death. He stands quietly behind the Empress, one hand grasping staff, the other resting behind him as he observes the procedure with an air of detachment.

Garett's eyes regard the man being secured on the platform with an impassive watch, no hint to the thoughts that may be mulled over his mind. Though his ears listen to the words and the proclamation, and even an absent shifting of his eyes towards the call for death is noted before turning his attention to the pyre.

And the fire does spread among the abundance of wood quickly, surrounding the condemned in flames in a matter of moments. By some means, obviously magical, the smoke from the pyre spirals up into the sky, and not out among the crowd. This is a controlled burn. The flames lick high, obstructing most of the mage's form from view as his punishment is carried out.

Phineas watches impartially the man about to be burned, until he hears the words of sausages. He glances that way and says something to one of the ducal guards. Obligingly, the man goes to purchase a sausage for the duke.

Resa's nostrils flare at the smell, her hand going over her nose and mouth.

Phaeton grimaces faintly as Phineas orders a sausage, and mutters something under his breath.

Eamonn keeps his eyes on the platform, the empress and the condemned, as he whispers back and forth with Corsair beside him. The call for sausages draws his eyes for a second, and he snorts, and then looks back as the pyre is lit.

Phaeton mutters to Duke Phineas, "I... you... eat..."

Duchess Arianell waits. And waits. And waits. Too late. Yet she steps forward just after the torch touches the wood. "Your majesty, the mercy of a swift death," she asks, raising her voice to be heard. "As the Keeper has offered even those who betrayed him in the past. Shoot him. Please. Let us be the children of Providence, and show mercy in death, at least."

There is no smell that permeates the plaza. Some mage is out there, apparently directing all the smoke and aroma elsewhere from the execution.

At the call for sausages, Addison wrinkles her nose. Somehow sausages hold less appeal when she's about to watch someone get roasted. As her gaze returns to the pyre though, the expression turns to one that holds little pity or sympathy, or even disgust as the mage begins to burn. It's more one of a person who has been in this sort of situation before and is just waiting for it to be over with.

Kaya turns her head aside, her features pale. She does not look like she would throw up, but it is very clear that this is a new moment for her. For where would a hunter from the Field's see something like this?

Phineas smirks slightly at his sibling, unrepentant. "What? Man deserves ta die, and I'm hungry." He looks over at Arianell.

The Empress steps back as the fire grows hotter around the burning man. At the call from Arianell, that hard expression returns to her features. "There will be no mercy for traitors to the Empire, Your Grace."

Godfrey seems to have come at just the right time. His face is stern and unforgiving as he watches not the burning man, but the crowd around him. He cleaves through the crowd in silence, or as silent as a guardsman in chain mail can afford.

He does slow down a bit when he hears there is a vendor selling food.

There may not be an actual smell, but Resa's hand remains covering her nose and mouth as if there were. Her face turns toward the Empress at that pronouncement and sadness dims her eyes.

The burning mage can be seen somewhat through the flame struggling as the fire starts to consume flesh and bring his death upon him. There are no screams.

The man with the sausages gets a few takers, trading coin for hot links wrapped in buns. "Enjoy! Best that the Isle of Ale has to offer. They're the best around. Thankee. There you go, another. Thanks. Enjoy!" The vendor cheerfully tucks money away.

It is one of the knights in the crowd that gives the first call of, "Long live the Emperor and Empress!"

"Not even a swift death? The Empire does not burn people alive, your majesty," Arianell pleads, her cheeks flushing with combined embarassment and emotion. "The punishment for high treason is the currents, not flame. Air and water are Providence's instruments, fresh and cleansing, but fire...Fire is not." The duchess looks to the stake, pain crossing her features. "Long live the Keeper. Long live the mercy of Providence," she raises in counter to the Knight's cry, turning to depart with her guards.

In hearing that call Princess El is soon heard repeating it. "Long live the Emperor and Empress!"

Phineas takes the sausage he's handed and bites into it, chewing and swallowing before he gives the bellowing call, "Long live the Emperor and Empress!"

Nick and the men around him take the call on to. "Long live the Emperor and Empress! Huzzah!"

"Long live the Emperor," Mena repeats as her gaze follows the departure of the Duchess of Guardian. She does not call out in any reply. Her decision is made and final.

Anne simply watches the spectacle, too enthralled to do any cheering at the moment. Whether she finds the whole thing distaseful or not is difficult to judge.

Weath looks towards his sister, apparently sympathizing with that point of view, as he also turns to head back into his shop.

"Long live the Emperor and Empress. Long live the mercy of Providence." Mathis says quietly, looking back towards his liege and Duchess as she leaves, and his frown expands.

Baron Phaeton echoes the call to the Emperor and Empress, but with a faint frown upon his face, as he watches the Empress through the flickering flames.

Brody's voice is hard as it is lifted in support of the Keeper and Empress. There's no softness in him for the man feeling the flame.

Aileana's voice wavers only slightly before gaining strength with the Long Live's. Her eyes stay locked on Mena and her arm around Phin's waist.

Though Macsen gives that call with the others, there is no relaxation of his stance. To stand is a business of itself, to be a brick in a living wall that stands, backs to the pyre, facing front toward the Empress and those beyond. Guarding the living from that threat, now dead.

Eamonn doesn't join in either cheer, just watches the duchess and the Empress for a few more minutes, and then sweeps his eyes over the crowd. Then he turns back to Corsair, whispering again and jerking his chin as if to suggest an exit.

Valentine finally finds a familiar face and asks her She mutters to Anne, "... know... Who... to it?"

Khalani lifts her voice is a quiet call. "Long live the Emperor and Empress." She glances briefly to the pyre, and then away again quickly. Her voice is quieter as she leans in to murmur to Mathis.

It is with a hard and solid gaze that the Empress's attention turns back to the burning stake and criminal within the flames. And there it stays for the duration. At least for now.

Godfrey's attention from the crowd drifts for just a moment to the man burning alive before the roused crowd. "Punishment fits," he rumbles to himself before moving between two more citizens to continue his crowd control.

The crowds are mixed in some things, having never watched a burning at the stake before, and some do seem squeamish at the means and slowness of the form. There is little variation in the sentiment of support for the Emperor and Empress, though.

Lazarus had wandered into the area as he understood there was to be an execution this day. He watches the purifying flames lick upwards, ambitiously performing the task that had been left to them - that is, the task of ridding the empire of one more threat to peace and prosperity. "Long live the Emperor and Empress."

Anne looks up in faint surprise as she's addressed by a familiar person. Her attention fixes on Valentine and she shrugs slightly, "I do not know."

Rather than raise her voice Liriana keeps hers quiet. There's been tension in her shoulders ever since it was mentioned that the traitor was a mage. She leans over to the guard with her and shares a few words with him, her eyes watching the departing Duchess and swinging immediately back to the pyre.

Resa listens to the cries for the Empress and Emperor, but shakes her head slightly. She has yet to look in the direction of the fire or the Empress.

And the rest of the knights present still do keep an eye on the crowd. Intently.

Valentine replies back to Anne "I am certainly curious. I know murder is a crime and all, but usually there is some sort of cause, especially from a magician. They're not dumb, you know. They do things for a reason."

The licking flames flicker and dance over the struggling form, creeping rapidly over him as they glow brighter, white-hot now at their heart as the bonfire begins radiating intense heat. The fire blazes faster as it eats into the fuel source, the burning flames obscuring even the man within as they form almost a column of fire, the smoke curling up into the sky in a thick, dark plume. Thousands of sparks stream upwards, playing up the wind as they climb in a dizzying dance within the smoke.

Phineas finishes the last of his sausage as he watches the pyre. "'ey Phae, ya talked ta Kaya much yet?" He waves toward the Fielder Lady who is looking rather ill at last notice.

Corsair nods to something Eamonn murmurs, speaking in a low voice in return as she gives herself a little shake and moves to follow the baron.

Phaeton does not move his eyes from the Empress, though he inclines his head, "We had chance to renew our acquaintance a few days ago, yes. It had previously been rather a long time since I last met her." He finally looks towards his twin before nodding his head at the mentioned Lady

Anne shrugs slightly to Valentine, "I was not even here. And this is the first I have heard of it, really. Except a few vague rumors."

Eamonn smiles faintly at his companion and nods, turning to head out of the plaza.

There is another step back away from the fire taken by the Empress as the pyre grows hotter and higher. Her eyes narrow slightly, speculatively for a moment as the flames grow and consume the man within.

Valentine just accepts that for now, resigned.

Card starts to make the rounds of the crowd, following the progress of the sausage man, so that he can get a good idea where people are keeping their purses.

The crowd shifts and dwindles a bit as the burning man is consumed. A few more calls of, "Long live the Keeper," war with the call of the sausage cart man, "Sausages for sale! Get 'em good and hot, they'll warm ya up on this cold day. Sausages, almost gone!" He continues his trade, likely helped by the fact that there is no scent.

Watching until it's clear that there's no denying that the man's death sentence is quite under way, Garett finally glances about to take note who else is in attendance. It may be then that he takes note of the Fielder Duke and his brother. Stepping past some of those remaining, he offers a nod of his head in silent greeting to both men on his approach. "Evening, Your Grace. Excellency."

"Stockton... Orly..." Godfrey says to two city guardsman as he slows down his gait, acknowledging their presence. Out of politeness, they respond by addressing him in the same perfunctory tones. "Be a while before we eat at the Fire Pit, hunh?" the first guardsman jokes. Godfrey replies with, "Can't handle it? Be glad ya can't /smell/ what's happenin'. You would forego your dinner."

Nick remains on duty. Now that his job is done and the man he personally brought out is burning he looks about the crowd and helps in the crowd control.

Phineas gives an easygoing grin at Garett. "'Ey Garett, how ya doin'?" Considering that it's an execution, he seems rather relaxed.

Macsen and the original line of knights at attention do not move but stand, silhouetted dark blue and black against the white-hot of the pyre.

Kaya raises a hand to her brow, as though smoothing away the vision of what she had seen, and turns then to approach the Forester party. She bows her head in greeting to all present, and still looks vaguely nauseated.

"Y'Grace, m'lords...m'ladies," she murmurs her greetings.

Anne leans closer to Valentine for a moment to say something quietly. She mutters to Valentine, "Perhaps... bit..."

Princess Eleanor continues to remain where she is at. Looking at Mena and than back to the fire. No matter what the crowd is saying she still shows her support even if its in silence.

Resa turns to walk away, a cane held lightly in her hand, occasionally jostling one person or another.

Ygg was hoping for perhaps a bit more gore, so finally he turns away from the scene and slithers off towards the castle.

Valentine replies back She mutters to Anne, "Thanks. I... in time.... have... feeling very... people... actually know.... of... the... the... among..."

Anne nods slightly to Valentine and shrugs.

And until the condemned man is well and certainly dead from his punishment, the Empress's gaze does not leave that pyre. When it is assured, only then does her eyes move from the scene and over what remains of the crowd. Quiet words are exchanged with Brody.

Phineas glances at Phaeton and gives a slight shake of his head, whispering something soft before he looks over at Kaya. "Ya okay, m'lady? And do ya know Garett here, marryin' Phoebe? Garett, this is Lady Kaya." He takes care of introductions with his rolling Fielder accent easily drawled.

Like the city guards peppered here and there, Caspian keeps on the fringes of the crowd, watching the people more than he does the burning person. On precautionary patrol, he slowly works his way around the perimeter, quiet.

"Can't say that I have much to complain about," Garett answers Phineas with another glance towards the inflamed pyre still burning hotly until finished. With a tilt of his head, his attention is briefly tugged away by the approach that Kaya makes towards the group. Offering a smooth bow on the introductions, he replies, "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Kaya."

Brody glances at the Empress and tips his head to her. He glances off toward the castle with a dark glance and says something in a low voice.

"How much do you want to bet that this has somethin' to do with the alarms we heard?" asks Godfrey of his fellow guards, whom he stands by idly while watching the crowd. Stockton, the more talkative of the two, replies, "You can't prove anything, why don't you just drop it?"

Mena nods to Brody, then looks over the crowd once more, her voice lifting. "With justice served, let the blessings of Providence find each of you!" she calls, some of the edge falling from her voice as she offers such to the crowd. The knights shift around her a bit, as the retinue seems to be preparing to leave.

"An' you," Kaya replies, colouring returning to her cheeks a little now, "I never liked fire." She admits quietly, "Always been a fear o' mine. I 'ave seen first 'and the destruction it does ta the forest, and the notion of it burnin' me 'as always sat uneasy."

Valentine replies to Mena "And to you, your majesty." but that might not be heard over the crowd.

"Yeah, any day I get up in the mornin' is a good one," Phineas drawls to Garett. "I know what ya mean 'bout fire. Ain't no Fielder too comfortable with it. But right fer a man who tried ta burn the Empress alive."

Caspian watches a small group as they depart to other parts of the city, then turn his attention vey briefly to the Empress and her entourage of knights. his pale geae then skips to the burned man, then finally settles upon a small congregation of city guards. Godfrey and the other two are approached, and his head tips upwards a little. "As smooth as can be for an excution."

"Slow and painful," mutters Alaric with some satisfaction, a hollow agreement with Duke Phineas' comment. "But not slow and painful enough."

Brody gives a short gesture to the knights nearby, one finger pointing as his wrist circles. As the burning at the stake begins to dwindle, he steps in close to the Empress once more.

Nick looks to be part of the knights heading back with the Empress. Looking about as he begins to move out. Making sure the crowd doesn't get to close to Mena.

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