505-01-08 Child's Play

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Log: Child's Play
IC Date Ran: 08 January 505
OOC Date Ran: 13 March 2008
Players: Samuel, Phaeton, Afton, Ellie, Vaia, Carina, Resa, Minka
Ran By: Samuel
Location: Merchant's Row
Synopsis: Playtime in the snow becomes a lot more.

"Now, where are we going, little Princess." Samuel says. Deciding to try an experiment, the Lord had released one of his toys to see where it would find the nearest cavalier. That's why he's in the Merchant's Row, as the little toy marches it's way down to the damaged area.

If there were anybody around who knew Ellie's feelings about /this/ area in particular, they might be surprised to see her quietly slipping through the day's shadows and towards a particular alley. Though she also seems to be in no real hurry to get where she's going.

Dressed casually, and barefoot as usual, Baron Forester does not look particularly cold as he walks into the Row, a thick cloak pulled around him. Oddly, the snow seems to start melting in patches where he walks, and as he comes to a stop to look around, a small circle around him begins melting away rather rapidly.

Afton has a snowball in mittened hand, but the oddity of the melting snow around the barefoot man is enough to pull his attention away from the good bits of rubble climbing, as well as the potential good targets, and toys. "How come yer feet aint cold?" He asks in the Baron's direction, not especially politely.

Vaia has stationed herself just on the edge of Merchant's row, near to Keeper West, mounding up a giant pile of snow for whatever reason. Her cap bobs this way and that, packing down snow with both hands until it's about three feet tall...then removing a wooden spoon from her pocket and starting to carve into the small mountain.

As Samuel continues to follow the released toy - others start to appear in the Row. Both from the people arriving, which Phaeton gets a polite bow of his head as the Chamberlain recognizes one of the Foresters from description, to the kids that he notices in the area.

But they are not alone. As the Princess doll continues her march, other toys are starting to appear. A dragon, trying to drag an iron pipe alone - a cavalier with some nails - and a grouping of various dolls that are even carrying a rather nice looking shield that they found who knows where.

Phaeton grins at the other man and shrugs, "I'm a Fielder, and do not find shoes at all comfortable, so I had this cloak enchanted with a fairly potent heating enchantment, and one to repel water." He chuckles and pulls it around him, "Hell of a lot more comfortable for me this way, I can't stand shoes." Then he peers at the toys, though inclines his head at Samuel in return.

Judging by the look on her face, Ellie is not at all happy to be in this area. But, yet, for some reason she doesn't leave either. Wrapping her arms around herself with cold, she does her best to play 'invisible' for the moment.

Resa moves into the area carefully. She's wearing a cloak with the hood up and holding a cane lightly in one hand. She stops well on the outskirts and tips her head in a listening position. Vaia continues to chip away at that small mound of snow she's piled up at the outskirts of the area, leaning against one of the buildings. Chipping and scraping away at snow, the small statue starts to take shape, but what shape? But used to the comings and goings of others, plus concentration, she doesn't seem to see what's happening quite yet.

Afton hunhs with a grunt at Phaeton's answer. "That's kinda cool." He looks at the cloak again and then back to the Baron. "Shoes are okay, except when you get stuff in 'em, and then they're uncomfortable." He shrugs and then.. toys. His attention is caught by the moving bits of shiny, dragging things. "Whater they doin?" He points with a mittened hand at the toys, but not waiting for an answer, moves in closer to look.

Minka strides into the merchant's row, a sleek satchel slung across one shoulder.

"Good morning, Excellency." Samuel greets, pausing for a moment as he chuckes at the cloak. "Think you can provide the name of the person that did that for you?" he asks Phaeton. "I have a friend that may like to have something similar." He tries to keep an eye on the little toy as it rounds the corner. One of the toys bumps against Ellie's leg, then backs up, trying to get around her as the small group with the shield approaches the show creature that Vaia is making. There's a momentary pause of confusion on the little group, their little magical selves unable to really grasp the concept as a cavalier marches out and starts to trying to use his sword to battle away at the snow.

While this is going on, other toys, there seems to be about twenty of them total, head into the large crack created during the earthquake a couple of years back. From inside the darkness of that crack is a few flecks of light, reds and greens and a few blues.

Phaeton watches the toys with interest, and grins at them, though he looks up as he is addressed, "Oh, the cloak itself is an old one, but Master Jesheba Wys, in the Grimoire, enchanted it for me. Not particularly cheap, but I find it must more comfortable and can activate and deactivate the individual enchantments." He watches the toys with a wide grin, "Oh I do need to get one of those for my children."

When the toy bumps into her leg, Ellie reaches down and tries to pick it up as she glances around the area. So many people here now. But she doesn't seem to mind. Still, she remains quiet and doesn't greet any of the people that she does know. Whatever brought Sabrina out into this weather and the like, she wanders out this way with her two guards following behind her. "Sam." She greets warmly as she nears her brother, a polite bow of her head given to the others present.

Minka takes up residence near the outskirts of the grouping, simply watching the proceedings for the nonce.

Carina walks down the street looking about at everything, she curtsies towards Samuel and Sabrina, knowing the former but from what the latter said it will include her too.

Resa lifts her voice slightly from the outskirts. "May I touch one of the toys?" She's looking straightforward, not at anyone or anything in particular.

Vaia is yet oblivious as the toys advance. The top of the mound begins to take shape, the gallant mane of a lion, it seemed. But she did notice when a cavalier marched forward and tried to hack and slash the feline to bits. "Hey! Hey you...s-stop it!" completely confused and a little warry of the toy for some reason, not wanting to even touch the thing. Turning around, noticing the group with the shield now. "What..." the adolescent carver just stared, then tried to nudge at the cavalier attacking her snow sculpture with a toe.

Afton kneels down into the snowy mud with not a second thought of getting the knees of his trousers covered in muck and reaches for a toy that's walking away. "Don't fight snow.. smack the stupid girl." He tries to aim the cavalier towards a princess.

"Oh, sure, Excellency, I can do that." Samuel says to Phaeton. "Lord Samuel Lancaster, Miller's Isle." he greets properly. "I.. designed these toys, but they seem to be acting oddly. I'm not sure if the enchanment I had ordered was done right." The lord frowns as he picks one of them up to offer to Resa. "Here you are, miss." he says, pressing the cold metal of the Princess he just saved from Afton's cavalier in her hand, as he notes Minka out of the corner of his eye.. and he winks at the tax collector.

The last of the toys vanish under ground, especially when Vaia kicks one of them, so maliciously. Taking that as an attack, they all start to retreat, moving away from the girl and into that large crack..

Where there is a creaking of metal on metal, as something starts to stir beneath the surface. Resa lets her hands move over the cold metal, focused on the toy and not her surroundings. There is a slight frown on her face as she turns it over slowly.

Ellie turns the dragon she picked up over in her hands, looking at it curiously. At least, until she hears the metal creaking. She hurriedly drops the toy and starts backing up, away from the crack in the ground, not exactly looking where she's going. Though she doesn't know /what/ the sound is, she doesn't like it.

Vaia rawrs! at the retreating toys after she properly beats them into submission! Booyah! Except not at all, the usually quiet and competant little sculptor is simpl purplexed as she watches the toys stage a full retreat. That was certainly enough to draw her attention, small steps starting in that direction, but just warily eyeing the cracks in the ground. "Whats that sound?" she murmurs some to anyone neaby in particular. not watching where she's going, she ends up sliding past a few others, a wave of warmth hitting a shoulder as she passes the Baron. The warmth goes unnoticed as if commonplace for her.

"Hey." Afton protests as they start to walk away from him, and he crawls along a step or two in the muck before getting up to follow them towards the crack. "How come they're all going down there?" He is, apparently, determined to find out, squatting down at the edge to peer in, utterly unconcerned for the ominous sounds. Those are just a feature for the fearless youngster.

Phaeton gives a wide grin at Samuel and nods, "Baron Phaeton Forester, of the Emerald Hollow, but I rarely stand on ceremony. Miller's isle.. yes, I knew the former Baron, Zachory. A very creative Barony by all accounts, and you do indeed seem to have a knack for toymaking!" He grins as he watches the performing toys, "Who did you have enchant them, out of interest?"

Carina frowns at the ground as the creaking sound happens, but she moves around trying to find it. Curious little cat that she is.

Samuel frowns faintly at that. "I should have checked better - I was running close to a deadline, and with the tax season, I relied on an associate to secure the proper enchanments... and if you do not stand on formalities, nor shall I. Please, feel free to call me Sam, sir." Noticing Carina, she gets a warm smile as Resa is asked, "Is something the matter?"

As Afton crawls down near the hole, the glowing intensifies, as the ground rumbles again, a set of large fingers suddenly rise out, each the size of large timbers and dig into the ground in defense of the attack that came from the 'large' dragon Vaia. As it continues to move, a shoulder appears. Metals are bonded together, lightpoles, fence pieces, horseshoes, and the toys themselves in various areas.

Elian is attracted to the rumbling and such, curiousity getting the better of him, though when he sees the mess that is happening, he stays, what he hopes, a safe distance.

Ellie's eyes go wide and she freezes for a moment as she spies what's coming out of the hole. Not good. Not good at all. She turns and runs blindly, headed for a collision with Samuel or one of the people he's talking with.

Carina smiles a little nervously at Samuel, then her eyes go wide and she starts backing away from the hole and the thing that is coming from it.

Vaia watching Carina and Afton move toward that crack, a frown appears on her lips, features contorted into worry. She neared to Afton first, getting close to that crack as well. "Hey...you shouldn't..." her eyes go wide when she sees just what comes out of that crack in the ground. Alarm, plain and simple. Awe as well, but really, alarm was pretty obvious there. Following those hands that reach from the ground, without a word, she immediately tries to snatch at Afton. By shoulder, arm, hand, sleeve, collar, whatever was nearby and tries to yank him away with all the swiftness of a practiced older sister.

Resa starts to answer Samuel and yelps as the toy suddenly twists in her hand and falls to the ground, skittering off to join the others in the crack. The toymaker rubs her fingers lightly together. "That," she says in answer to Samuel's question.

Phaeton chuckles at that and nods, "Phaeton is fine, or Phae. Yes, that is the problem with Tax season, I've been doing them myself.. If I may suggest, Master Jesheba is an excellent Enchanter for hire, though perhaps not the cheapest." He watches the toys with a soft grin, but then raises an eyebrow at the rumbling, "Er. Is that meant to happen?"

Afton leans in closer at the glowing, whistling between his teeth. "Oooh.. wow /cooooool/." He's right up close, needing to lean back to be able to watch the metallic creature start to emerge from the crack. His eyes are wide as saucers, although not with fear, with excitement and then he's snatched by the back of the collar, half strangled as he's dragged away. "Hey! Legggooletgoletgoome!" He's got the younger brother squirm down to an art, trying to get out of Vaia's grip.

Vaia promptly drops Afton on his rump when she drags him an 'appropriate' distance away. Wordlessly still, the quiet girl drops back to watch the happenings. But decides, for whatever reason that this is too high profile or something and leaves the area completely. No doubt tapping a city guardsman or two on her way out.

Samuel shakes his head, staring in blank shock and awe. "No." he says to Phaeton, using his arm to pull back Carina and get her clear and catches Ellie by the shoulder as she plows into him. With Afton still trying to get to the rising toy, Vaia is definetly seen as the dragon as the head of the creature appears, made out of parts of a grain storage area makes it's apperance. "Carina, be a dear and alert the city guard. Phaeton? You got any suggestions?" Samuel asks in some confusion.

The arm reaches out looking to try to grab a hold of Afton, hoping to protect the boy from the evil girl dragon even after she retreats. That's right, the toy is the cavalier.. and Afton is the damsel in distress.

Boy, is it ever in for a disappointment.

Phaeton steps back from the arm and coughs, "Er... Somebody might want to call a Mage soon. Maybe a couple." He retreats slightly himself, and eyes Afton, "Er... Lad, you might want to step away before you get eaten!"

Caught by Samuel, Ellie's too scared right now to even apologize. She doesn't even really look to see /who/ it is she ran into, she just tries to cling to him for some sort of vague protection. Good thing Ravelle's not here to see...

Carina nods slowly and backs away before turning and running to get a gaurd, but it seams that Vaia actually did that(according to her last pose) anyway, so she leads the ones she finds quickly back to the plaza.

Afton is a ping pong in today's events, and he's freshly grabbed with a startled yelp. The toy might be cool, even at closer distance than anyone older than twelve thinks is sane, but getting grabbed is leeetle too close. Feet kicking out, he only got a moment or two of freedom on his rump before he's grabbed again. "Lemmegolemmegolemmego!" Those wide eyes are still just as wide, although the idea that this isnt such a good thing is starting to sink in.

Elian watches from the edge of the square, not about to mess with anything beyond his ken, and this is way beyong anything he knows, looking at the actions of the people already there.

Resa stays where she is, rubbing her hand lightly. She seems calm, head turning slightly to listen to the sounds with a hint of a frown. Then, grasping her cane more firmly, she starts to work her way out of the area.

With Afton firmly in hand, the golem, seemingly listening to Phaeton to try to 'eat' him. As this is happening, the guard is finally deployed into the area. Staring up at the large creature, the leader stares at them for a moment. "Start trying to take it apart, men!" he yells out as the gaurds start trying to move to protect the civilians, especially the nobles, and try to figure out how to attack the creature.

Samuel frowns, tapping his chin. "...you know, when I first made them.. they're only enchanted from the toys.. if we can remove the toy from the creature.." he frowns, looking over at Phaeton. "You any good with throwing rocks or snowballs?" he asks. "I mean to try to knock the toys away."

Elian shifts out of the way as guards start flooding the area, standing off to the side without any guidance as he simply watches, not really scared as yet, but more curious as his initial startlement subsides.

Carina looks down at the ground, moving towards Samuel. "But if we started throwing rocks at it.. we could hit the gaurds."

Afton is starting to look worried, concerned even, perhaps all the way to scared. "Ahhhh! It's trying to eat me!" He's kicking and screaming in the firm grasp of the creature, to little avail. This might be one youngster who is not going to be overly fond of mechanical toys in the future.

Resa hesitates, just on the point of leaving the square. Then she starts toward the child screaming, her cane held slightly before her.

While Afton is kicking away at the toy, he kicks one of the cavalier toys. It flies off of it's imperfect perch and lands in the snow someplace away from the creature. The gems on it lose it's glow, and the crature's grip on Afton slackens.

The guards don't seem to notice this as they hack away at the creature, pieces of metal flying about as they do so. The creature fights back, smacking one of the guards and sending him tumbling away from it, landing in the snow nearby.

Ellie isn't about to do anything especially heroic right now. She does her best to 'hide' behind Samuel and peek out from behind him, to watch what's going on.

Carina reaches up and pulls a hat pin from her hat and then stoops to pick up a rock.. just in case she needs them.

Afton is too busy kicking up a fuss (quite literally) to notice that he's actually having an effect upon anything. "I just wanna go hoooooome!" Now is not the time to worry about looking like a mature and confident young man, he's been captured by a rogue toy-bot, and that'll inspire the little kid in anyone. "Lemmego!" He'll probably die of embarssment if he actualy gets past whining to tears in front of all these people.

Phaeton looks about, wideeyed, and frowns as the toy goes flying, the grip slackening, "Ah." He raises his voice, "Remove the toys from the thing, looks like it weakens it when they're away from the enchantment!" The baron gives a grunt, "That'll teach me to go out without a bow or stave. Grr."

As he continues to kick at the toy golem, Afton's kicks continue to work off pieces of metal, knocking them aside, but he doesn't find any toys this time. The guards hear the Phaeton's call out, and the main guard salutes. "Got it, your Excellency!" he yells, "Target the toys!" As the team starts to work on that, Samuel glances behind him, patting Ellie on the head as he looks at Carina. "What are you going to do with that, dear?" he asks with a thoughtful glance at the woman. "Got any rocks, Phae?"

Even just the clangclangclanging of feet off metal make Afton feel like he's having some effect, and that helps the lad notice that perhaps the grip isnt quite as tight as it was. "Getofgetoff." He grabs onto the creature's hand that's got him pinned to try and aim his kicks a little better. One wild kick gets his foot stuck a moment, prompting a yelp, but he squirms it free soon enough. Phaeton looks at Samuel then and grins, "Not a bad idea.." He glances around and picks up a few reasonable sized ones, "Been a long time since I lobbed rocks at anything, but might as well give it a go! Though you might want to find out who the Mage was that did this, I think they need a bit more training!" He cocks back his arm, and lets fly at one of the toys.

Carina looks sidelong at Samuel, "It's just in case... " She looks over at Phaeton, "Unlike you two.. if I hit one of the gaurds.. it could be a bad thing for me."

Ellie doesn't react much to the head patting, though she does speak for the first time, mumbling to herself, "Oh... Oh... I knew I shouldn't have come here..."

"If you miss, Carina, it won't be because you threw it." Sam promises, winking at her, and picks up a rock. "I score lower than you, Phaeton, I'll custom build a toy for your twins myself." he says with a grin. Afton continues to kick and struggle, wriggling his leg around and yelping as he does so. Fighting with the metal parts.

The guards continue to battle with the toy golem. A guard gets in a hard strike on one of the toys, sending it flying away as the arm weakens and collapses, dropping Afton uncerimoniously to the ground in the process, as one of the guards moves to drag him back away from the action as other guards and the golem continue to battle.

Samuel sidearms a rock, bouncing it off of one of the shoulders of the creature, and he frowns. "...alright, so it's been a long time since I've thrown rocks at anything."

Carina hmms and reaches back her arm and throws the rock as hard as she can, luckily the thing makes a rather large target, but for a girl she has a pretty good arm.

Phaeton laughs at that and grins, one rock thumping a toy in the head and knocking it off into the snow, "You're on." He winks, "I keep my aim in thanks to the bow, and I'm a fair shot with a dagger in a pinch!" He squints at the dropped boy, "You might want to scoot out of here lad, not safe.

Samuel smirks. "I figured." Just means that Sam wanted another challenge as he grins at Carina. "You nail one of them, Carina, I'll take you out for dinner at your convience." he says with a playful wink as he chucks another rock at the creature, nailing a toy and knocking it loose. "So, Miss Clapton, want to get in on the rock throwing?" he asks her quietly as the guards continue to work.

"If not, you can help lead the young lad over here?" he asks her as he leans down to catch another rock. The guards and golem continue to battle, the golem being widdled down quickly.

"No, oh no..." Ellie replies, wide-eyed to Samuel, "Oh, I couldn't... Oh..." Finally giving into her fears, she turns to run away.

Afton is left in a heap in a puddle of mud and snow and he's momentarily stunned that he's free. Free! He scrambles as he starts to run away himself, at least as far as getting behind someone taller and bigger and more baronial than his youthful muddy self. Phaeton seems a good enough choice.

Carina grins at Samuel, "You're on." She sticks the hat pin back in and bends down to grab another rock. This one she lobs quickly at the golem, disloging a toy slightly, like one does with those claw machines, but it continues to hang on.

The dangling toy gets Samuel to wink with a tsk. "Are you just making it look like you're trying, Carina?" he asks her tauntingly as he sidearms another rock and plinks it off of a guard's helmet. "Whoops!" Samuel calls out. "Eh-heh, I should stop doing that." he says sheepishly.

The golem wobbles, only a few toys left on it now. Metal rains down over the area, landing in the slush and on the ground as the creature is severely weakened by the breaking of the bonds.

Carina wrinkles her nose, and picks up another rock. She lobs it at the same toy, which falls. "What? Are you afraid that I may not want to show that I can out throw you, my lord?"

Phaeton grins at the lad hiding behind him, and throws it at the falling beast before slowly backing away, "Well this has been a rather fun, if unexpectedly magical, afternoon!" He chuckles and hands a rock to Afton, whilst laughing at Carina's quip, "I think you need a spot my practice there, Sam."

Wobbling golem is all good by Afton's standards, and like a chihuahua behind a bull dog, he's far more brave behind Phaeton than he'd ever manage alone. Even if he's quite certain to back away with the baron. "Yeah! Eat rocks!"

Samuel laughs. "I'm a tinkerer, not a combatant." he says towards Phaeton as the last of the toys breaks off, the whole conglomeration comes tumbling down in a mass of metal and dust.

Carina backs up a little as the thing comes tumbling down, she drops the rock she just picked up. And then seems to realize what just happened. She looks up at Samuel with wide eyes, "We could have died?!"

Phaeton grins back and shrugs, "And I'm a farmer! Well. Amongst other things." He winks and then steps back, taking care not to trip over Afton, and chuckles, "Oh, anyone could die at any point. It was a clever display, but the Mage who did the enchantment needs a bit of a slap, I'd say. Still, a few of those toys with a more..safe enchantment would be nice for the nursery."

"Oh, I agree, most completely, Phaeton." Samuel says, a sour look on his features for a moment. "And to fire the assistant that thought that this was a good idea." Looking over towards Carina as the guards begin the ardious cleanup, he blinks for a moment. "Well.. yeah, I suppose so. You okay, Miss Carina?"

Carina wraps her arms in front of her, starting to shake. She nods. "I believe so my Lord. I am alive aren't I?" She smiles at Phaeton, then looks behind him for the kid. "Are you all right kid?"

Afton is, presumably, the kid in question. He's looking at the collapsed mass of metal and dust, a little shell shocked really. Mucky, grubby, scrapes and bruises, but nothing more serious. There's a moment and then he grins. "Wow!"

Phaeton laughs then, "I echo that sentiment. Nothing like a little battle to get the blood running, but I think we'd best get you looked at in the infirmary, my lad." He rubs his chin and stares at the pile, "You might want to tell the Sheriff or Mogur or something what happened before rumour gets back, wouldn't want you getting into trouble!"

"Already drawing up the report." Samuel says, tapping the side of his head with a sigh as one hand gives Carina's shoulder a squeeze. "And of course, the expense report on how much it will cost to fix this mess." he says towards the Baron, and then looks towards Carina and shoots her a reassuring smile. "You're fine, Miss Carina."

Carina closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She opens her eyes again and cannot help but smile back at Samuel. "Well I think I will be. I've just never done that." Her brows furrow together. "Is it going to cost a lot to clean all of this?"

Afton takes a step or two back. "What? Wait? Infirmary? Nuh uh.. my sister'll /flip/!" Oh sure now he thinks of that.

Phaeton grins at the kid, "Just to get you cleaned up and checked over before she sees you." he stretches and looks around with a chuckle, "Eh, could be worse, the Row was already a bit of a mess after the fire anyway."

"It really was.. who knows, maybe we can clean it up and figure out something to do with it, Phaeton." Samuel offers with a smirk. "Shouldn't just be sitting here a mess, anyway."

Carina smirks, "Are you going to try and build a big moving golem now?"

Afton looks down at himself at the mention of cleaned up. "I don't need a bath. I just /had/ a bath." He doesnt specify when exactly.

"Cute, Carina. I like a good sense of humor in a woman." Samuel says with a wink. "Anyway, I'll take care of these reports - and you better get a bath before I send a note to your sister, young man?" he asks Afton.

The poor girl's face turns red, "Thank you my lord." What else is she to say. She looks at Phaeton for a little bit of help. Carina looks about, "I should be going.." She shifts on her feet a bit nervously.

"If you must, Miss Carina. It was a pleasure to see you again and have your assistance against such a horrible creation." Lifting her knuckles, he gives them a light kiss as Samuel winks at her. "Have a good evening."

Phaeton chuckles and grins at Sam, "Leave the poor gal alone." He nods at that and eyes the lad, "You should clean up before she spots you though, you know?" He nods at Carina, "Have an excellent day, other than the slightly crazed golems.."

Afton frowns at Samuel. "You cant send a note. You dont know my sister.. do you? Do I hafta go to the infirmary?"

Carina giggles a little and bows her head to Phaeton, "I hope you both have a good evening as well." And then she tries to rush off but more has to pick her way through rubble.

"Oh fine, Phaeton. It was just a little bit of fun." Samuel winks at the Baron. "But if my lady is nervous, I do sincerely apologize." then a wolfish little grin is given towards Afton. "I could post art of you all over the city until I find your guardian, m'lad."

Phaeton winks at Afton, "He probably would. If I were you, I'd just get yourself checked out and pretend nothing ever happened."

Afton ohs, having clearly nto thought of the resources an adult would have to find out infomation. "I.. uh.. I'll go .. uh.. right now." If he was edging in the right direction, this would be a better bluff.

Phaeton snickers at that and looks at Afton, "Yes, I tried that myself. Well, you could go running off, I'm sure you don't need all your legs anyway." He winks at Samuel, "Friend of mine got one of his scratched up and didn't get it looked at. Dropped off next month."

"Oh yes. You better scrub it good, and have it treated. Warriors lost their whole arms over such minor untreated scratches." Samuel says with a solemn nod.

Afton looks between the two men, squinting as he tries to work out of they're just pulling that soon to be falling off leg, or are actually serious. He frowns deeply, and there's a note of uncertainty as he says. "You're just /saying/ that."

"Deadly serious, m'lad. Turns black, and they it gets all shrivled, and falls right off!" Samuel says. "Saw it happen once to one of my apprentinces, and if you don't it treated, it /spreads/." he says, deadly honest in tone.

Phaeton gives a smile and chuckles, "Actually, I'm not." He shrugs and nods at Samuel, "Mmhmm. Seen the same myself, best to get it checked and cleaned up, otherwise it might happen to you. Your sister'd kill you more if you lost an arm like that, I imagine."

Afton looks back and forth and back and forth between the two men. "Black? Fall off?" He didn't take much to get nudged into complete gullability. "Okay! I'll go see the healers. I'll even have a /bath/." Noble noble sacrifice on the part of a ten year old boy. A bath.

"You better hurry." Samuel peers down, and nudges Phaeton. "Is it just me, or do I see a little black in that wound?" he asks. Sure, it may be dirt, but it is black.

Phaeton grins at Afton, "Good lad, sooner rather than later, I think. The good Lord may well be right." He chuckles and nods towards the town, "The Castle healers can take a look at you, just tell them I sent you. Or you could go to my wife's clinic of course."

Afton looks even more horrorfied at the idea of something already going black. "Where? No it aint!" He shakes his head at the thought of going to the castle and then looks up at Phaeton. "Yer married to the nice healer lady?"

"Right there." Samuel says, pointing in the vague direction of the wound. "...if Phaeton is offering his wife's services, you should get that, unless you wish to rush home and take a bath first to make yourself presentable to her Excellency."

Phaeton tilts his head to the side, "Bella? Yes, we're married, and I'm sure you'd feel comfortable in the Clinic. You've bet her before?" He chuckles softly then and shakes his head at Samuel, "Neither of us are particularly formal people, and given that she is a midwife, a little dirt won't phase her."

Afton lifts his arm to look closely at one of the worst of his scrapes. "It.. kinda feels funny I guess." Only because Sam told him it should, in effect. "I aint met her, but lotsa people says she's real real nice."

"I should get going to get this report written. Do have a good evening, both of you." Samuel says with a smile. "A pleasure to meet you again, Phaeton."

Phaeton nods his head and smiles, "All mine, Sam. Let me know if there's anything I can do to assist the clear up." He grins at Afton then, "Well, she is, and runs a good clinic actually. She's helped a fair few people into the world too."

Afton nods to Phaeton, giving his arm a prod where it's going black. Well where it's dirty. "Does it fall off, like right away?"

Phaeton shakes his head, "No, you usually have a couple of hours until it rots through completely." He winks at the boy, "Bella'll take care of you though, I'm sure!"

Afton goes back to prodding at it as he wanders off a little absently. "Kay!" He's still prodding at the scrape as he goes, and he's nearly around the corner before he remembers finally. "Thanks for not letting me die and stuff." And then he's gone.

Phaeton laughs at that last goodbye, "You're welcome!" he calls after the boy, before pulling his cloak about him and himself heading off into the town.

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