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IC Timeline: 505 AG
January 4. Phaedrus Forester named first Baron of Landry.

January 24. Imperial Council with Empress presiding.

Empress Philomena holds council and announces the withdrawal of the Emperor. Phineas Ashlan is pardoned his murder sentence and reinstated as Duke Green Fields. Azurios Erastothenes turns in his Unity Coin in turn for the legalization of the art of Necromancy within the Empire.
Log: 505-01-24 Empress Holds First Council

February 17. Isle of Beer burns down. Again.

April 10. The Accoucheur Clinic and Community Center opens.

Baroness Emerald Hollow, Bella Forester, opens a new free clinic and community center in the village, providing, among other things, midwife services and free meals to those in need.
505-04-10 Community Center Grand Opening

April 23. Sared family slain.

Entire Sared family in Sentinel Spire slain by Dux Bellorum in relation to a plot of sedition and treason.
Rumour: 505-04-23 Rumor of Sared Family Demise

May 2. Necromancy legalized and Drusilla Conway knighted.

His Majesty comes out of seclusion, appearing at a public council during his time in seclusion in order to make the legalization of necromancy final, and make Drusilla Conway the first female knight of the Empire.
Log: The Knighting of Drusilla Conway

June 3. Duchess Aileana Ashlan gives birth to Ainsley Ashlan under the mechanical bull at the Isle of Ale.

June 9. Baron Eamonn Kilgannon weds Lady Ysora Maritus.

June 11. Lady Phailin Forester weds Lord Liam Conway.

June 23. Sir Faustus Wolsing named First Knight.

June 25. Zipporah Gilat murdered.

Zipporah Gilat announced as murdered after going missing four days earlier. Rumours claim Baron Ethos as the culprit.

June 29. Baroness Miller's Isle and Lord Samuel Lancaster die.

Baroness Sabrina Lancaster and her brother Lord Samuel Lancaster die in an explosion on a boat just off the Gateway docks.

July 22. Decree of intolerance of future violence and crimes against humans by the hands of vampires is posted by Duke Regent Raziel Devonshire.

July 23. Card takes over leadership of the Thieves' Guild.

August 2. Lady Marike Esper weds High Mage Elymas Borak.

August 15. Drake Ravensford dismissed from post at the University.

Princess and Chancellor of the University Eleanor Caprios dismisses Master Mage Drake Ravensford from his position as Dean of Magic.

August 16. Phoebe Forester loses duel to Amatrice Lejune.

Mage Amatrice Lejune defeats Baroness Phoebe Forester in a duel at Sorcery's Crest. Eight mages die in murder-suicides afterwards.
Rumor: 505-8-16 Mistian Duel Aftermath Rumor

September 5. Garett Lytton killed.

Garett Lytton, Baron Consort Crescent Coast, dies in a demon attack defending Phoebe Forester.

September 15. The Empire celebrates the Double Eclipse.

September 27. Order of Revivification wiped out.

All ten members of the Order of Revivification are discovered dead in Medusa's Graveyard on Mists.

September 29. Liriana Montanari disappears.

Liriana Montanari, Lady Heir of Gryphon's Rest, reportedly disappears without a trace.
Log: 505-10-13 Mistian Salon

October 21. Raziel Devonshire ascends to Duke and Dorian Claremont and Firenza Caprios are betrothed.

The Empress declares Raziel Devonshire as Duke of Mists and announces the betrothal between Marquis Dorian Claremont and Firenza Caprios during the open council.
Log: 505-10-21 Open Council

November 12. Trahearn Conway, Dux Bellorum and former Baron of Trebachas, dies.

November 16. Baron Philip Barca of Guardians declares his intention to reclaim the ducal seat of Guardian.

November 26. Avery Lytton wounded in ambush.

Avery Lytton, Lord Knife's Edge, takes an arrow during an ambush upon Guardian isle during the rebellion. He later dies.
505-11-26 Guardians Skirmish

December 1. Eadric Conway abdicates ducal crown.

Duke Eadric Conway abdicates in favour of Philip Barca following several baronial appointments.

December 5. Philip Barca declares himself Duke Aaric Barca and Delora Lytton dies.

Duke Philip declares himself Duke Aaric Barca. After a brief illness, Delora Lytton, Lady of Knife's Edge, suddenly passes away.
505-12-05 Lytton Curse

December 6. Phoenix Forester and Helena Soranus betrothed.

Duke Phineas Forester announces the betrothal of Phoenix Forester to Helena Soranus.

December 7. Kyrie Mezelien, Lady of the Fang of Imperius, delivers the badly burned baron of Ethos to the castle infirmary.

December 8. Phoebe Forester announces her betrothal to Matthew Wyndham.

December 9. Prince Tomas Caprios born.

The Empress gives birth to Tomas Maximillian Phoenix Nicholas Caprios at 12:30 AM.
Rumor: 505-12-09 Early Morning Blessings

December 17. Duke Draught dies.

For reasons unclear, the former Duke Draught, Rhyse Claremont passes away.
Rumor: 505-12-17 A Draughten Lost

December 18, 505: Princess Eleanor breaks her betrothal with Lord Tarrant Conway

Rumor: 505-12-18 Unbetrothal Announcement
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